Saturday, June 9, 2012

Message from Archangel Michael

My name is Archangel Michael. Saint Germain has asked me to comment on his blog regarding news of the not so delightful kind. My comments are for all to consider, not for discussion.

Past days are now over. Once they have been completed they have no answers for the future. Some of you have been thinking of Saint Germain as he was in another century, or as an archetype of an Ascended Master for his dialog now. Neither the Comte, nor the dictations given to Mr. Ballard or  more recent channels, can be considered for the data needed now. We of the Great White Brotherhood are counting the days until the end of an ascension cycle. Master Saint Germain was assigned by the Creator to aid in contacting ascension candidates, gathering them together in groups, and asking them to choose one of three ascension waves to disappear on.

Neither of the first two waves have disappeared, due to an insufficient number being willing to do what was necessary to join. So now there is just one more opportunity. Are we going to deliver a mass  ascension? Only if additional candidates are able to get on with their collective destiny choice. What do they need to do? Become fully Awakened! Considering oneself awake is not adequate. You must act awake in every day of life. Are you awake? Let's see. Here are some signs of being awake:

1. Giving no concern to material acquisitions.
2. Choosing love in every circumstance.
3. Non-attachment to all things.
4. An ability to lead with the heart.
5. More concern about all who are alive, not just a few.
6. Change in conditions are quickly adapted to.
7. Answers to world problems are not a concern.
8. Choosing the answers of others over your own choice has no interest.
9. Control over anyone is not done.
10. Smiling is normal.
11. Giving is always done freely.
12. Presenting truth is common.
13. No hiding of any details.
14. Service is number one in your daily actions.
15. Negativity does not exist.
16. Practices for aliveness and devotion to God are natural and done often.
17. Prayer is always gratitude.
18. Another day comes as a delight.
19. Money is not more important than consciousness.
20. Alive and well means another day to celebrate life.

Maybe this list is not what you are complete with. Those who are can comment on this post. Those who are not can decide to get complete.

What needs to occur is more vessels of light beaming that light to the cosmos. When we see many of these lights we will activate ascension. Not able to complete this list quickly? No ascension. Are you ready to ascend? I want you to be. Saint Germain mandates this for you, and all the Angels are cheering for an ascension. You are (collectively) close, but not there yet.

Another cause of my channeling today is to bring more awareness to the challenge you are receiving now to outmaneuver your attitudes about the cabal and Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama was elected to lead in another direction. He has not done so due to another director's call on all of his actions. It has been difficult for him to say no because of his desire to protect his family from harm. So we are now faced with a coward, as far as we are concerned. So where does this leave the destiny card? In the cabal's hands. Choose to go along with their agenda or ascend. Are you going to give them the opportunity to cull this living collective so they can control less challenging dreamers? Can you do anything to create a different cause and effect scenario? Yes, you can align with my 20 mentioned qualities and ascend. We can assist you when you get stuck. Ask for help and trust it will be there.

Archangel Michael
Channeled by Aruna


  1. What would happen then, if not enough people are ready for the third wave?.....will ascension be aborted all together? or it will take place with whomever is ready?.....Thanks!

  2. I am ready to ascend! Let's all take a moment, if you are reading this comment, please visualize Mr. Obama, see him in your mind's eye, connect spiritually to his heart chakra and send him love and courage. See him stand tall and fearless, knowing deep inside that his family is protected by I Am That I Am.

  3. #18 is a bit of a struggle - as I often awake with a readjustment to the vessel/earthsuit thingee... Thanks Michael! Let's go Team Ascension! Sending you all love - let's get out of the illusion of separation and rejoin the Oneness...

    Much Love!


  4. released much emotional junk lately. I am getting ready


  5. Knowledge of and confidence in God’s complete and utter acceptance of each and every one of you is something that has remained buried at the depths of your beingness ever since you built and moved into the illusion. That knowledge is now seeping into your consciousness and cannot be hidden for much longer.

    You have become so accustomed to the misfortunes, disappointments, and inadequacies of that illusory state of existence that you have all but given up hope of the possibility of a heaven, a paradise, a place where all your trials and tribulations will be over. Many religious belief systems have offered the prospect of rewards and redemption after death for those who conform to certain kinds of behavior, accept certain dogmas, and follow certain rituals.

    The authority figures upholding these beliefs and dogmas declare that if you will follow the rules that they have made, then you may become (barely) acceptable to a god that they tell you watches you at all times, keeps a very precise record of all your thoughts, words, actions, and omissions, and who will, at the moment of your death, judge you as either acceptable or undeserving of eternal happiness. And as no one seems to have returned from death to report on what actually happens, you remain unknowing, anxious, and fearful.

    However, you will awaken and move from an environment which has become so familiar that it seems absolutely real, into an environment that in your present unawakened state is beyond your ability to imagine and way beyond anything you believe could actually exist. It is your destiny, your divine heritage, a place of endless bliss created by your loving Father and promised to you at the moment of your creation. And that promise will be honored in full, and your eternal joy will delight Him unceasingly.

  6. Thanks Mike, we appreciate your assistance, and I allow you to provide any assistance I might need now and in the future. It will be nice to simply let go when the time is right. I look forward to seeing you again! :-)

    Dedication to the task at hand is perhaps another way to describe current events. I see what you're saying about the cabal, but "they" are "us", so I think many of "us" are here to ensure a smooth transition. If that means no ascension for us, but it does for them, that is God's will. This is another mode of consciousness, but that's all it is. It is not a greater or lesser choice from our current or future existence, or to put it another way, choosing one over the other does not make us more or less of a person. Having said that, my choice would be for all to choose to ascend, when they are ready to do so. Namaste

  7. An awakened awareness, creates this list naturally, no concern about ascension will be experienced! Complete the inner seeing and ascension will not matter. I AM THAT I AM!

  8. Dear Arch Angel Michael: Thank you for the 20 characteristics, I just need to smile more. Still doing my clearing. However, I read all 20 volumes of the I AM DISCOURSES, and I wanted to ask you: Have you offered Mr. Obama the absolute protection and assistance needed to fulfill his tasks that he came here to do. In the blogs, Saint Germain said many of these leaders are threatened, especially harm to their children. Humans are not geared to put their children in harms way. If I may, I decree that President Obama and all his loved ones are absolutely protected in every way, eternally sustained. That he is assisted in the fulfillment of his mission and that the dark is blasted with LIGHT!!! Let's turn on the LIGHT in the WHITE HOUSE,SENATE and CONGRESS.... I would also add that many light workers have been attacked by the dark. WE NEED PROTECTION TOO!!! Please shield and protect those people dedicated to the LIGHT so we may turn this planet in a good way. Eternally sustained. Blessings on your walk