Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fasten Your Seat Belts

Now that I have given you the most critical details of the days after the ascension, my colleagues and I want to describe what can occur once the beacons of light that ascend are no longer available to anchor that light on your planet. Instead, those not ascending must awaken in consciousness quickly or chaos will follow. Awakening contributes to balancing that crazy kind of negativity that often appears when no clear answers are available. Suddenly, many anchors of light will no longer give them any direct awareness or new cautions to live by. Only an aware being can stay content in the midst of chaos, and they aid the others.

So when many of today's anchors are no longer around, men and women will act differently than when they were able to make their way to the light in the aura of others. Many got close to ready for ascension and then the control mentality gave them a distraction. Self-awareness was not yet complete, and desire for material world objects distracted them. Want to ascend? Give up all desire for worldly niceties. Instead, look inside yourself for gratification. Can you work and do things that are normally done? Of course, just don't make goals that you can't live without. Instead, go for your dreams without caring whether you complete them or not.

Self love and desire are opposite concepts. Love of oneself means caring and giving all that one needs for happiness. Desire means your happiness depends on acquiring, not on being. One's physical needs are few: food, water and shelter. Making yourself agreeable to local conditions is the difference between a need and a want. You can want more and get it by being open, without caring whether you get it or not. Not needing it makes you grateful for what comes, and you do not become disturbed when what you would like to have does not appear.

When disasters hit most of your material things can disappear. To be attached to them more than the fact that you were not harmed cancels your ability to thrive again. Get out of desire and change the "needy" quality of your attitude, then grace will take care of those things you truly need.

Portals are about to open and I don't want your goals or your current life attachments to keep you from walking through them. First and foremost, give yourself permission to leave. Ample time has passed to help you get complete with your life.

Many of my chelas will not ascend. They have not been able to accept the concept or my direct contact to inspire them. Self control is not their best quality, so they do not meditate. In this condition ascension will not occur for them. So what my messages contain about the future is for these chelas. Can they do enough now to still ascend with this next wave? No, they don't have time, so making the next ascension wave is not possible. Instead, my hope for them is that they awaken as a result of their awareness of ascension and they are able to get on with their lives in a more awake condition. Their next ascension gateway will be the moment of death.

Pure awareness is needed. Pure clarity that their inner voice can provide. We are only able to communicate to clear channels. Are you one of them? If not, you can still become one. Practice this daily to prepare yourself to live without my contact through others.

Fasten your seat belts, because things are going to get crazy very quickly. The "next days" are not far away. Instead of asking me about them, ask yourself, can I be ready for chaos? Only when you are centered and clear inside. Otherwise you are going to be at affect of what is about to occur. Center yourself daily with meditation. Conscious breathing will center you momentarily if you put your attention on the air going in and out of the body. Ceremonial breathing is not what I'm talking about. You can count the breaths, just don't try to control them.

When you are getting near the ascension call you will be tired and not able to sleep. It means you are consciously in more than one dimension. Are you having this experience? If so, ascension is near.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. For me everything is good

  2. Thank you dear Ascended Master Saint Germain and Aruna for your guidance through this blog during the last couple of years.

    See you both soon at home.

  3. Thankyou ..I am doing my best practice . I just hope it is enough!

  4. no matter what, ALL is well. love you All.

  5. you see

    is important for everybody that things wil happaen now
    not in some future

    but you dont know to help us

  6. S.G. My seat belts unfastened about 5 years ago...
    no matter how many people face to face l talk to about Ascension Science...even though it is well described
    in Sacred Text over 3000 years ago and on an on...
    continuously by great teachers for centuries...people fundamentally even wonderful spiritual people in the west are not into the practice of inner light work awakening...they are into 3D 3rd dimensional spirituality and if they happen to have an experience of higher cosmic energy or an advanced Light being...they run for the hills screaming. I HAVE GIVEN UP ON IT. l think maybe only 3 people l have connected with now understand and practice the self ascension practice work..raising your frequency etc etc. Though l think maybe a lot of people are in practice now. People even wonderful spiritual people do not believe they are anything more than a bag of bones...that all is form and human mind or human intelligence.

    We are conquered by the glamours and trappings of
    form illusions. Yes l am Divine but l'd rather not
    experience my vast greatness..please.. is the attitude.
    l'd rather continue being a wonderful little acorn on a tree.


    It has be decreed by the Solar Logos that this planet is now in Ascension...please udnerstand this. We have held back the solar system by thousands of years of cosmic evolution. Anyone wanting to continue here over time will be in Ascension evolution or you will be getting a nice comfortable Light ship ride at the end of the lifetime to a 3D Dense body planet at the end of the galaxy or universe to continue your free will desire to expereince a 3D dense body evolution. When that is l do not know...maybe as soon as 3-4 generations or sooner thats 200-300 years from now. Thats how l feel..but l do not know for sure only the
    Solar Logos knows.

    l think we are entering a period where hundreds of thousands of awakening people will be having extraordinary experiences but the problem is we are not connected well
    or organized. Which needs to happen.