Monday, October 22, 2012

Message About Channeling

My dear ones. We are not able to deliver these messages regularly now due to the controller dieties who are committed to preventing this contact. We tried numerous times this week to deliver a message through Aruna, but our attempts were blocked. When there is a delay in this way it is due to maximum chaos in the controller's dimension that we cannot penetrate. We warned of this happening in the Master Messages.

Close contact may be eliminated and this is why my channeled messages have always emphasized a need for creating your own direct channeled contact. When those who are clear are not able to give guidance it is because they are being attacked, and they can only avoid these attacks by not being open for channeling. As my dear ones are now aware, a cosmic contact needs the love matrix fully enabled. My absence for a week or more means this is not a co-creative arena I can move into. Aruna is fine and able to function very well without my contact. Blessings on those who are delivering the chaos, as we will all become more discerning as a consequence.

My message today is: don't accept any channeling that comes with predictions, none can be checked and we are not making any right now. Allow those who channel the freedom to refuse contact when what is being received doesn't appear to be accurate.  The next time I can make contact I will be more candid, but at this moment I must ask Aruna to meditate instead of channel. I'll be doing what I can to connect again. When this happens we will do our best to give you the latest news.

I Am That I Am
Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank you dear St Germain and Aruna. All is well, as it should be and as predicted by you. Blessings to Everyone.

  2. Thanks S.G. is it not time to clear the
    hordes of darkness from the subtle dimensions with the Legions of Light...enough is enough.

    We call upon Lady Astrea and the Legions of Light and the Swords of Blue Cosmic Flame to Clear, Clear, Clear the negative energy from the Astral planes, THIS IS DONE I AM THAT IAM

    LADY ASTREA image

    1. why are we here? mastery. includes: not against anything and gratitude for ALL.
      love to you.

  3. Question S.G.

    Why is it taking so long to clear the Astral Planes and
    Sub astral Dimensions from the Sinister Force, the Archons and negative principalities, hoards of negative parasitical entities, shadow beings, dark magicians from post Atlantis and probable negative ET's, that continue to want to influence humanities emotions and mental plane in a
    negative way particularly those people who are weaker and can be influenced. l have spent much time in my higher bodies in sleep at times in the clearing of these places with Light...but it still goes can we come into balance in this dimension with these constant dark influences. Does the ancient battle of Light versus Dark never end..will there ever be a synthesis between the light and dark. We want peace, sharing, the sacred earth, music, inspirational art, dance, family, communities, higher philosophy and love. They want none of these things, and never will. They influence the greed and control in the elite that never ends. We live in a modern day economic war every day here in this realm much it influenced by these forces.

    They should be removed from our world so humanity can have balance of light and dark in a new age of faith. We are tired of these cosmic battles and wars. Why has this not happened. What is the law and energy holding it back.

    1. EGO, both individual and collectively is the dely. seeking knowledge is egotistical. trusting that what consciousness isnt aware of, the higher christ consciousness has always known.

  4. Archon influence may be the case. My perspective is that, when geese migrate they form a V, and they take turns being the lead goose. So now although we are all still moving in the same direction, it might be time for another goose to have some experience taking the lead. As difficult and foreign as this may feel, soon it will be instinct. In this way no goose will get exhausted, and the migration will be successful.

    Honk! Honk! :-)

    For those who wish to further explore intuitive gifts, whatever those might be, but were too afraid to do so... now might be the time to start exploring. The "archons" are nothing compared to you. Namaste.

  5. Is there still no clear channeling to be delivered? I also feel interference in my head, a lot of chatter and density that im trying to clear but meditation seems really difficult. I dont know why. I'm also going through both big bursts of joy and energy and overwhelming spurts of misery and sleepiness.

  6. gratitude for ALL. big bursts of joy Rob

  7. aruna are u able to give us any sort of message?