Sunday, June 9, 2013

Awaken your Inner Chooser

My dear ones. Face each day with laughter, and don't get caught up in the news, as it is mostly controller dialog. What the world needs now is calm, clear and aware minds, as this is what is needed to dissolve their control. Notice how all of today's "'news" cancels these mental qualities? Even your alternative news condemns and degrades those with opposing points of view.

A major feature of the drama being planted in mass consciousness today is the cost and availability of those things that are needed to gain independence. We want you to pay no attention to these manipulative declarations. Deleting man's ability to grow and maintain life will not occur. Do not let this fear tactic be a cause of duress or a reactive answer to the controller dialog. One day these conditions will be over.  Bees will be available again, your food will not be destroyed by corporate decisions, and those companies destroying lives and cohabitation with nature will cease their delivery of nutritionally defunct corn, soybeans and other crops. Government agencies approving the degraded, cancer causing diet additives will have their control cancelled. Food will be cleared of its destructive additives and once again the natural maturation of God's divine grace in all of man's needs will be allowed.

Be aware of the choices you make and only chose love in all of them. This will defeat the contamination programs of these offending companies. Cancel the effects of deceptive advertising by following the nudges of your inner voice when you make your choices. Carefully adapt your diet to loving foods only. Face the fact that a great many things you've been choosing to buy are not good for anyone, other than the companies that make them. Choose to counter their market by deleting their ability to sell you their products. Say NO to all the drugs they advertise too. Go for only God's drugs, natural things. God's medicine does not have dramatic side effects.

When we ask you to make these choices, it is to gather together mass attention and action towards  answers to these unnatural conflicts within cause and effect. Your cause is health of man, beast and Gaia. Your effect will be a natural environment that continues to exist. Freedom of choice will always be yours, and choosing this health decision is calling you to action. Ignorance and apathy can no longer cancel these aggressive attacks on God's creation when we work together with divine love.

Please paste this comment in an area you often look at:  I AM CHOOSING LOVE!  Whenever you go to the grocery store, act on this love. Only choose the things you know are created with love.  Please do this for the health of your entire earth family and the health of your colleagues in all the other dimensions. May this light bring health and healing to the corrupt attitudes it now has to cope with.

Bless your food, bless the humans it was delivered by, and thank them for making their love a choice in your life. When the masses choose to come together, alterations can be made according to their desire. Non-alignment with them advocates chaos. Making choices against anything is also creating chaos, because being against something attracts to you the very thing you are against. Being for something, en masse, attracts that which you call for. If you change your approach from being against to choosing only what you want, this will make a huge difference.

Inner guidance can let you know what the loving choice is. No need to carry equipment or even read what's written on the container's label. All codes for mass consumption are misleading. Test with any device that makes you comfortable, but using your intuition, gut feelings or kinesiology (and choosing to depend on these tools alone), energizes these abilities and calls your attention to them when a decision needs to be made.

Factor in the mistakes you might make while getting started, and let that convince you of the need to get your personal testing meters into active co-creation. Bring these dramas to an end as quickly as you can by simply choosing love over all questionable options.

Give this guidance to all who are against. Make love, not war. Be the change.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Excellent S.G.

    It was just about 3 years ago l told my environmental friends...please transform your unending worrying about the sacred earth.

    Our mother earth has been thorough worse than us. Mankind cannot destroy the earth that is a Cosmic Law, it is not our earth we are just tenants the earth is leased too us for our evolution from cosmic councils. A new Earth is in evolution whose physics is regeneration at a 5th dimensional level beyond our comprehension.

    I said the same thing to people getting frantic over chem trails and GMO that sooner than you think these things will pass and be transformed as a higher dimensional new earth emerges. Look how fast the anti GMO movement is moving all over the world. When we collectively choose LOVE as you say...Love is in the Air its on the street, love is in the play of children and the families going for a stroll...there is a new caring in the world emerging as you have said for so would be nice if those in power in the world would open up to this Love and Caring combined with Wisdom and Power then a New Earth and a higher planetary reality could emerge very quickly.

    It seems we are in the separation of souls and worlds and dimensions to me some days, those of us choosing the higher evolution of love and light and others just emerged in 3D consensus duality reality. There are not too many people you can talk too when you are in a 3D body but straddling the higher 5th dimensions some days at the same time even in the waking state.
    Its all very subtle indeed.

    not in my lifetime have l ever seen this...
    the will of the people for Freedom is... UNENDING

  3. The bees and agriculture are one of my greatest concerns. Thank you for delivering such a message fo hope.