Friday, October 25, 2013

Are You Aware of Your Distractions?

Change is coming. In all of my messages there has been content about undesirable drama but your news of the day never discusses these dramas. What comes to your attention distracts most of you away from what actually needs your attention. Access to information about what is really happening is often presented as “conspiracy theory” activity.

All of these negative threats to life itself I speak of are not theory, they are the cause of more than you are able to consider acceptable. Less theorizing and more of a call to action is appropriate.

Who is causing all of the destruction? One group calling itself the cause is not in active mode. Many are in active mode, just not calling themselves a group. The controllers are not a draconian organization, nor are they one group as the One World Government was once deemed to be. Only individuals, not groups, are draining your control of your life. Your world is about to collapse, and one of the dramas being used to control it is coming in the dream of money access. All of the money will disappear as currency. No money means there will be no charge for anything. No money also means there is nothing to charge for. What will you do? Can you chew on the controller’s might and get nourishment? Can you devour their meals and get energy? Can you drive m to a community action that accepts your needs as their own? Consider this to be a non-existent dream.

All of you, including those who are very wealthy, will not have anyone to look to for longer than just a few weeks. Once the money dries up, what will come to you to eat? Not much. Birds and other animals will be able to be devoured as food only until they are gone. Fish is not consumable in most areas. Are you in an area that has nature’s bounty? No? Cleared areas for buildings do not allow any areas to grow your edibles. Are you now able to conceive of the drama that is about to unfold? Are you able to see the immense nature of your dilemma? What can we of the non-physical world do? Teach you how to give up food. I’ve attempted to do this once before. I’ll try one more time.

Call on all the dear ones in the human world to do this as their own course of action NOW.  If you wait until the reality of no food sets in, no one will be able to control the malnutrition about to be appearing in all countries.

One day at a time, add a little manna to your diet At breakfast, add what you would call nutrition in your mental activity, not actually what you eat. Practice fasting on this choice—no food, only manna. Allow the body to adapt to this mental activity. Use the mind to detail all the activity it would take to consume this category of nutrition. Mentally add to this choice of food the memory if its taste and the added memory of its moisture content, the chewing needed and consumption of its quantity, no actual food is needed to do this. Morsels of food in the body will only distract from the mental attention that is needed. Give this a try for one full day. Only consume water. This will help you adapt to an initial need to take in less food. You can do this.

Can you become detached from all food this way? Not immediately, as the body is not able to let go of its desire instantly. You can, however, give up all consumption with a goal of doing so. Am I calling on you to do this? Yes, if you are able to.

Choose the way you are going to exist when money disappears. Are you able to consider this way of living? If not, do what you can to collect food or move to a place where you can grow food and collect what you grow. Give away what you can now, because your excess will not be wanted in the near future. Give away things that are not needed in an emergency.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Wow! this leaves me almost speechless, but I've been ready for this for a while... I will till my little garden, and stock up on what I can... fasting will help me get ready, and I am looking forward to the end of this dream. Looking forward to seeing my friends on the otherside. peace and blessings.

  2. Dear St. Germain,

    May we know what would be the indicator, sign or event which would trigger the financial crisis? As so much has been spoken in the past, but there has been no indicators or probable events given to watch out for it, it could next year, or even take a few years for something to happen.

    By the way, could St. Germain please give us an indicator of how Comet ISON would affect the Earth planetary system? Is is a Galactic Federation spaceship of some sort?

    Thank you very much.

  3. Therefore it seems that the only way to advance
    is attracting a new type of souls that will comprehend better the mission of the soul

  4. anyway i am still the soul

  5. Dear Ones,

    You have been facing the ego / mind creation/s for eons of time as you would call it, few has found the truth inside the heart, the game that is played in this reality / dream keep on distracting the attention away from the self. The distractions keep the awareness in the dream, attached to the manifestations and creations of the ego mind. It seems real every moment you play in this sandpit, Not realizing that is just a dream and illusion, with all its special affects as you would call it in your movies.
    Dear ones the time has come to pinch the true natural self inside of your heart to awaken Me within your heart. The pinch might hurt at first but the bruising would heal when the I AM THAT I AM presence flows through your heart. Dear ones "I" am bring forth the change to make you see that it was all a dream and that you must find peace , joy and unwavering love inside that will never change. Your mind will want to play in the drama and dream but do not take its offering, ignore the mind stay quiet and find your true heart inside. The Hand of Grace will take care of the being, know this and do not trust mind and what it brings to your awareness. Fear, suffering, confusion will be the minds path and it will not bring you freedom. Can the mind be ignored to its submission?


  6. i am trying to see more light and i am not able to so sad the currently situation of the universe
    maybe i done a dis-error
    but i know it will soon change and more light will come

  7. So
    is st.germain related to anorexia?
    (according to this message)

  8. It would be nice to hear again from Saint Germain about what's going on.

  9. I always like St.Germain's message. So I'm looking forward next message.
    Love & Light

  10. i read this today only... WHAT A WAKE UP CALL for all those non believers... we are all aware about the GCR that will happen soon... a good question i have been asking my own family and friends .. 'what would you be doing if there is no more money/ currency ? Solar flares are about to scrape past or jit earth too... can easily cause distinction of many life forms... how about the 'mini- ice age' now? Gaia is shifting her poles.. vulcanos erupting too and we dont see it on tv news either- much is kept from us...prepare and read and learn as much as possible right now- yes we ALL live in a dream world of wishing our lives away because of the desire for money... or because we want to use it to help so many others too.. yes change is upon us... drinking water mostly is very healthy, detoxes AND wash away illnesses too... can only be good for you.. thank you St Germain- I AM MY MAGICAL I AM PRESENCE.. ( i have felt this prompting about drinking water mostly... i will start tomorrow.. its bed time for me.

  11. Saint Germain, don't forget about us! It's been too long since your last message!

  12. I've definitely become aware of my distractions aruna thank you to you and St Germain. Is there any current messages from St Germain? I've been perusing the master messages and decrees for more direct contact with like minded individuals. I don't want to feel persuasive toward my peers, friends and family. I face the difficult challenges of BEing. Anything new would be welcomed. Thanks, blessings. Amanda