Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Channeled Guidance from the Ascended Masters

Via Aruna, 9-3-2014

My Dear Ones.

In the next days many changes are going to occur. Some will be even more dramatic than what has come before them. Please prepare to ascend. Are you ready?

Here is some guidance to help you:

1. Observe your mental activity.
·      Can you be fully present and aware most of the time?
·      Are you clear of unconscious negative attitudes?
·      Are you able to hear messages from within?
·      Can you ignore your mind’s concerns about daily life?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” are you willing to spend one hour each day without thinking?  Call it being quiet, or being meditative, or no thinking time. During this time be totally attentive to what is happening now.

2. Ask yourself this question: Are my concerns about daily life making it any better?
When these dramas begin you will see that what concerns you now is not going to change your future. What can change your future is to not be concerned about anything happening outside yourself, or what will happen in the future.  Instead, make your inner world a most caring, delightful, loving mode of deliverance. Direct your attention to your heart, and let worldly things be much less important. Cancel your concerns with love. Love everyone you come in contact with. Love is all you need. Nothing will defeat you when you are thinking loving, appreciative thoughts.

3. In your day-to-day experience, think about nothing but what you can do today to share your love.

Everything will work itself out. You need not complicate it with your concerns. As each challenge appears, do your best to maintain a not-concerned condition. Act spontaneously from your heart to help with what you can, but stay in your heart so you can receive inner guidance. YOU ARE BEING TAKEN CARE OF.

No disaster will close off any location from ascension. When the love in your heart overrides your mind, ascension can occur. Flee nothing. Change only those clouds that appear in your head.  Truth is only available when the clear voice of your divine source can find its way through those clouds. This voice will guide you through everything about to occur.

Prepare to ascend. 

Ascended Master Saint Germain 


  1. This blog has been quiet because its channel has been supporting spiritual awakening in Japan and internationally via Skype. If you are interested in knowing more about this you can check out Saint Germain has just asked for this message to be posted, so I suspect that more messages will follow. Blessings and love to all, Aruna

  2. Its' great to hear from you and St. Germain again, but we've heard this before more than once and nothing happened, so how can we know for sure it will really happen this time around?

    1. Once awakened ascension is the next natural step, ascension or no ascension the inner state will not change, it will always be there and shedding its perfume. The quiet state will bring the joy and non attachment.Ascension will not be a concern, because awareness will then already be ascended

  3. thank you
    saint germain

  4. yaiiii !

    Toni Armione from Italy

  5. Thank you ... I've listened to you all year. I learned self defense, I've come to Jesus, and I've changed my diet. It's Been a crazy road but I've changed so much concerning my mental state. Thank you for your guidance.. -Joe a from Hollywood Florida usa

  6. Thanks S.G and Welcome back...indeed a different frequency reality emerging now. And on behalf of all 3D adepts, initiates and light workers we thank the company of Heaven...for WE KNOW WE ARE BEING TAKEN CARE OF and CARED FOR by invisible energies...always watchful.. when we are trying to make ends meet and looking to manifest amidst the maze of a falling world civilization suddenly like A-SUN coming over the dark and grey clouds above the mountain something emerges and your reality is shifted by COSMIC LOVE and WE ARE TAKEN CARE OF and we are thankful to all Angels and Masters for this in these last hours and days...l may probably hold the records for a western adept who has ascended several times in the Luminous Light body over Peru and the Canadian Rockies and keep returning to 3D because of my crusading ego for the new earth. l am soon ready for Ascension but the costs are significant in winding down where you are dug in for 10 years and someone who is dependent on you is difficult.
    Responsibilities have to be met before ascension...