Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happiness is Moving Ahead

Wonderful delights are now making their way into the consensus. Non-divisive conversations and anchoring of light have increased. Acts of giving and clear channeling have also increased. When we began these messages only a few were aware of them. Now they are in many mailboxes and considered a gift by many. We are now ready to amplify our contributions that make a difference.

Many of you have accepted these messages as an ongoing guide. Give up that idea. They are not going to be available when matters get difficult and the internet is no longer open to revealing the cause of the difficulties being mentioned. My comments could be censored. May we all deepen our direct contact ability. No more energy for learning from my dialogs? Then get yourself capable of direct contact with me or your own angelic guides now.

Face the controllers with open hearts that don't give rise any anger because of their attitudes. Love them, and don't act like they are the answer to your dance of Leela. They are not—YOU ARE. When you can accept that they are needed to bring more awareness to the dance, you can give up your anger and fear, and dance the current mass consciousness to the next level of awareness. Give me your controller anger because you need to negate it now. Freedom is not actually anything more than an act of declaring: I AM FREE and making this your mantra. I AM FREE of anger, desire, negativity, darkness, fear and all other "me against other" attitudes. Being FREE then becomes available. Cast them away, as none of it is worth keeping. Keep only what is love.

Practice this attitude changer when you notice you have some negative attitudes that are attacking anyone or anything: Declare I AM FREE and discard the attitude that has appeared to be discarded. Declaring I AM FREE will not eliminate your golden dreams and caring thoughts but you may still have some contractions that need calming and care. Treat them with chuckles and anecdotes. Allow them to consider themselves FREE to expand and awaken with new aliveness. Picture yourself as a living generator for caring. Give, give and give. When man gives without demanding compensation, a new consciousness becomes available. Eventually you will notice that the old control consciousness is gone.

When your control consciousness has been eliminated, the controller inner controller, your mind, can do nothing dark; it will just bring happiness to the world. Get on with your growth of awareness and consider contact with your guides as the most attractive option for guidance available right now. Frame a calling for yourself such as, "I AM a change agent." Do not make a list of all the details that this title might include, just keep giving from mastery and your non-controlling awareness. This is enough.

Ascension consciousness needs more candidates. Are you opening others up to your newly discovered awareness? Are you distributing grace wherever you go? Allow laughter and your other creative abilities to erase the darkness that remains in you and those around you. Face any disturbances with  your attention only, and discard any negative attitudes that may appear as a test of your clarity. If you appear interested in them than more of this particular lesson is needed.

Maybe total FREEDOM is closer than you think.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. What happiness
    i feel so alone and sad and so bad
    how can i get out of this movie

  2. "May We Pass Every Test!"

  3. alone and sad?
    me too.
    going straight ahead anyway.
    continuing to clear emotions as they arise.
    i think they are gifts.

  4. Erase is a great word and a key element for us to find our inner peace. Thanks!