Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mastering the Use of Decrees

Today's message will begin an overview of the current conditions in all of the areas my guidance has been directing. First: the consciousness of being a Master.

On 11-11-2011 many of the ascension candidates were given the additional nudge they needed into ascension awareness. This nudge did what was necessary to make them more aware of the controlling dynamic they have been using to effect change with their mental activities. We did not actually make them more aware, just eliminated the mist they were engulfed in. They are no longer deceived by the mist, and they have acquired a new ability: the ability to decree and have that decree created. Man has always had the ability to decree, but most have done it incorrectly.

Decrees are not demands,  nor are they a natural way to manifest unless they come out of love. When they are not love content they are ignored by the angels who assist in their creation. Calling on angels to assist is not as effective as a decree because they do not come just to answer a man's desires. A decree is fulfilled when a master clearly asks for a change that benefits all, not just one individual. A clear awareness of Oneness gives a decree the opportunity to make a major alteration to the One drama that all are effected by. Asking for change in this way calls on more than one angel's causal ability, they can collectively assist in the next advancement of man's healing and consciousness goals. When this kind of decree comes we all go to work.

Nowhere is it clearly described how a man can achieve his own desires. This has caused many "authorities" to appear as gurus of an obvious outcome that all would admire. Yet none of these ways of making an advance in life conditions has any accurate details in it. Only the content of man's mental density effects his ability to create another choice in the absence of a clear intention to act on behalf of his own desire. No amount of mental activity, be it affirmations or visualizations, or thinking towards that goal can change the current details UNLESS there is no choice specified in how the outcome will be. To ask: "Please bring me this amount of money" will generate no action to assist because it comes with a very specific outcome. Had this been decreed it would have been for all who can benefit without a total amount designated. Make these distinctions please:

1. A decree comes from the One consciousness that "knows" what is needed and decrees it to be done.
2. A demand comes from man's mental capability that lacks the awareness of the total picture.
3. Manifesting a change to cause and effect is not done by demand, this approach does not cause the angels to make this their option. It occurs when no personal desire is present in the one asking that "God's will be done."
4. Choosing a direction the mind decides on will not make a dent in the way things happen. Only when the way requested is completely aligned with divine awareness does the change occur. This is  because divine awareness is the creator of all and the mind is just deciding on what it wants from it.

Now, with these distinctions available, decide how you will live in Oneness. Can you accept that #1 and #4 are the same? Both decree that the divine is the creator, not the manifester calling things into form. Emptiness makes a more causal decree than a different mode with mental desires attached. Pure love of the One needs no control.

Once decrees that come from love are declared, there is no need to decree this same thing again since the divine is the decree giver and the angels always act on divine calling. Heart and mind must be together in love for material choices to be effectively created. YOU are not the creator, God is. When a personal desire is totally aligned with a caring human who can ACT on the cause of change, the content of the mind has much more impact in the big picture.

Can you accept these concepts? Can you give decrees that can be acted on with new dedication to the One? Are you decreeing with divine consciousness? It is now in your hands. Change can come when your desires and God's desires are One.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Saint Germain AM 8)

    I would dearly appreciate your response to this decree:

    "I decree that humanity shall become aware of its true relationship to Nature, and shall grow to develop empathy and care for All - living and otherwise. I decree that in time, humanity will live in love, health, balance, harmony and Oneness with the Earth and itself (indeed the Universe), and that no animal shall suffer at the hand of man. I decree that this happen, with the blessing of Divine Love from God, our Creator, and the help of all."

    Do you think it is suitable? Too wordy? Not specific enough? Happy to take suggestions.

    Warm regards,

  2. Thank you team. For the second straight post - I feel you words are written exactly and precisely for me. Much love!


  3. I believe that putting myself into a meditation state, activate and center myself on the heart chakra, and then being quiet and simply asking God's will be done, and keeping that consciousness will produce more than any words "i" can muster. True?

    The previous decree by anonymous sounds great, sounds like what we all want, but words, i believe are not as important as the state of consciousness we can put ourselves in.

  4. I have found helpful the


    2)The Science of the Spoken Word – by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

  5. I decree that, in God's Will and time, human kind lives in and acts from Divine Love.

  6. Thank you Saint Germain. Out of your great love, you have given us so much information about changing and preparing ourselves in the Light of God. Am trying to focus on what can help me, and therefore, others most. That being clearing, developing more light and anchoring light. To awaken fully is my dream in this play. To work with/on the mess man has made without triggering fear is noble/courageous; and requires more time than this one can afford. Choosing to be in love and with Divine Beings in the creation of God's Will. I Am.
    Thank you Messenger Aruna.

  7. Wonderful...meaning and message Violet Brother. We have collectively designed somewhat of a progessive society but a civilization built
    on a deep social engineering on the existential philosophy of the doctine of the individual ego..the self, to have, to acquire, pursue only the interests of the self. It is systemic to our society and built into the very fabric of daily life.

    There is nothing wrong with a desire for ownership but it has turned into domination, extraction and exploitation for the self as the way of what we define as success. And yet in our society 70% of people over 40 will never be able to retire...our we a sucess l think not.

    How much of the whole of life do we serve each month we could ask ourselves. So of course when we Decree we Decree for the self instead of the whole of Life...the service too life.

    I have to say some of the most enjoyable times of work in my life were when l was helping
    non-profits and societies as a Volunteer and when l did provide services much was in kind. The Christ Consciouness is the way of...Service.

  8. ~ Change can come when our Desires and
    the Desires of the Divine...are One. ~
    - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This is a most fascinating insight and statement for it is a statement of Non-Duality...and quite possibly non duality
    is the perspective of the Divine the Absolute.

    A dialectic perspective might seem the greedy rulers of the systems of the world should be thrown out...a non duality perspective would
    be that we are all in this together and we actually need them and maybe now they might begin seeing.. that they need us...and a common synthesis may now be possible. l am sure the divine would like too see the healing of the whole planet of all of humanity moving out of the dialectics of duality and into a process of seeing the whole of life...that all beings can become peace in the world all humanity feels a new oneness and cooperation and connection with resurrecting ascending life then a new reality emerges quite ambient revolution.

    As we move collectively into this divine shift of ages...we can clearly see it is always a higher consciousness first a transformation in our consciousness and vibration and frequency beyond polarity that can take us to new levels of awakening and manifestation. As the vibrations and consciousness raises the old polarities, egos and duality will just fade away and be redesigned into a higher level of models and consciousness that serves the whole of life not just the secular interests and egos. One step at a time. Stone by Stone.

    This shift of ascension and the divine descending into our realm is very subtle and now emerging on the ground in the old earth.

    The Sufi`s say...when God shows have two choices...go with the ways of God...
    or get out of the way. The ways of God are not the ways of Man....we need to become humble open vessels to receive the divine intentions and process in our lives...then a new more hopeful reality and future for tired humanity and the sacred earth can be on the fields and hills of gold just ahead of us all....


    Just a simple question Master Saint Germain. There are more and more of us who have been on the front lines of spiritual, social, environmental and political transformation for decades wondering are we on the same playing field with the Hierarchy? What is the tipping point to of the Shift? This civilization is collapsing, 46 million people are on food stanps in the states millions homeless.
    10 Trillion buy out of pirates on Wall Street and nothing done. A university has just done a study stating half of the USA will be uninhabitable in 50-70 years, there will be a desert from California to Florida, Texas had 40 days of almost 100 degrees this summer. The oceans are dying 1,500 dead zones, we are in the middle of the sixth extinction. The austerity debt system is destroying nations around the world. Corruption is everywhere. Every year the G8 meet and nothing happens in solutions for humnaity and the earth. Yet solutions are everywhere. We are now living in a global medival techno economic corporate plutocracy that has hijacked the top nations of the world. Clearly we have to gather the family of light and the family of the earth and form an alternative world tribal Aquarian system. There is no means to do so. We are not running out of time. We have run out of time. There is no economic organizing system for the Aquarian Age. Many people are giving in to hopeless feelings for the future of humanity and the earth in the real world we all must live in.

    What is the intervention for common good people of humanity and the crashing earth.
    Whats next in the Shift thats is hopeful many do not see it? l am sorry to ask some tough questions but that is how many are feeling.

  10. YO S.G. can you discourse the violet flame and ascension!

  11. Dear Master Saint Germain,

    Woud you please give us an example for decreeing?

    Tank you

  12. I decree, I AM THAT I AM, I AM THE MASTER OF DEFIANCE. I AM here to help huminity Ascend.

  13. hello

    can someone please define decree for me? i've looked it up on the internet and found several meanings but i still do not understand its basic concept. thank you!