Monday, February 20, 2012

Drink Lots of Pure Water

My dear ones. What my channel is asking me today will give you a teaching about great change. Not Gaia change, but change of the human condition. I've given other teachings about ascension preparation making a different DNA configuration, but this question has another direction to consider: Anchoring light, channeling and awareness change, what are the physical changes associated with these?

Many of you are now feeling the heightened frequencies, and they are causing other effects besides a good feeling. These effects are from the fluid needed to energize the new vibrations that are caught in the duodenum, the feet and legs, and most important of all, the nervous system. These waters are grounding the vibration that needs to be anchored into Mother Earth. When the energy comes into the crown chakra it needs to be carried by water throughout the body. There must be a noticeable fluid gain to increase the conduit's ability to anchor light, far more than the tiny amount an average news flash would require. Much more light must be moved through a body for a difference to made to the mass consciousness. Channeling massive amounts of light can be maintained for the short time that is needed to receive a channeled message, but light anchors are now being used constantly, and this frequency delivery can dry up a normal body like a dehydrator. So, a lot of water must be added to the body or the body will respond with  fluid retention that expands the body's dimensions in its key draught areas.

Water, not any other answer, is the only corrective remedy. Major amounts of pure, clear water must be taken in to move the lymph on and out. Parking the body in one position during your day adds to the cause of dryness and dramatic corrective attempts must be made by the body to preserve its health condition.  New channels need to be told to drink and control their diet. Adding more grains to the food they normally eat will add weight, as the weight gained contains matter that also delivers aid to the dry, parched areas inside the body.

All bodies need support now due to the new contact that is being made between man, the earth and the cosmos. Fifth dimension bodies are not the same as 3 dimension bodies. Fifth dimension bodies contain more mass and more ability to ride the waves that are flowing through them. Will the increased fluid go away? No, not as long as the body is anchoring light.

Smoking, chewing tobacco and taking in other content that contains chemicals will deteriorate one's ability to anchor light—these draw the light to the body's dross areas instead of the areas needing continuous power for delivering a new direction for Gaia. Torches are among you, opening doors for your ascension. Give them gratitude.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. * Man Oh Man...IAM...*

    Been thinking about this very subject today and on the
    weekend....makes sense.. parched areas inside the body...
    wow my poor l give me and my feet and toes a drink or more foot baths ? : ) sometimes l think l drink too much water how many glasses a day for a big IAM guy.
    ; )

    Thanks... SG

  2. When, Where, What and How do the Aquarian Pure Waters lift up and transform this exhausted world...

    This video says it all how lost our world system and consciousness and system is:

    A rare INTENSE moment of TRUTH with MAINSTREAM Media

    Lets face it SG you were there at the declaration of independence. Now in 2012 we are no longer a nation state that you inspired none are we are a corrupt Central Banking Corporate Market State...that's it...the peoples ideals and democracy for the pure waters of living life has the the corporate banking ponzi scheme state...we never got organized enough to prevent it...some groups are, in the cooperative movements in Europe, India and South America but not us here in the

    We are tranced out on TV, movies, Latte's, super-bowls, Facebook and Twitter, iPads and sports, comforts, hot baths, useless meaningless news, paycheck to paycheck getting smaller each stars who say nothing, governments who do nothing about social, economic and environmental issues that means anything to the people and the future of humanity.

    In short SG it is just business as...USUAL. The destruction of a planet and the slavery of the people by a class warfare oligarchy state system that has no vision for the commonwealth of humanity and the earth.

    SG its hard too be a Founding Father/Mother of a new Aquarius era...we had horses back in 1776...we could live in the woods and cook on a stove...barter or make friends with comrades..spread the word by horseback..take a nap on a hill...take a day off and just breath and play.

    Now we just want and need our dwindling paycheck, TV, beer and pizza and to be left alone...while the Monolithic Corporate State surrounds us and defines everything and who we are and how we should feel and think and what we do as they monitor our every move and thought.

    What we have to do now we cannot do...we do not have the means and resources in this modern time to create a tribal exodus out of a lost Babylon society...we could do this 200 years ago even 1500 years ago...pack up the Caravan and start a community...grow some and start again.

    l wonder what the shift is about anymore if an Aquarius Renaissance is even possible. Its like so many realities exist now how can world Unity emerge.?

    If anchoring the light body in form is possible, if Ascension is possible we should get ready and get started much more does the Galactic and Planetary Councils expect us to go this lost place.

    We light-workers are born with Gods dreams and ideals but little means and environment to express and support the vision.

    Spirituality and the possibility of Ascension is the last frontier of freedom left...l hope.

  3. Is brita filtered water better than bottled water? I def feel the heightened frequencies, I wonder how many people feel these feelings and know not the divine energy surging through them. Are you, Saint Germain, saying that water retention and weight gain are common symptoms of channels and anchors of light?

  4. many mediums and trance channels seem to gain weight this is well know..

  5. I find the absolute best light work I do, is smiling and giving caring to all. So even in this world that WhiteFire descibed, and he's spot on, we can care about those people. Think of the absolute greediest person, the one who puts money over values, THAT person needs an open heart. THE ENTIRE system need us not to attack it with anger, or to sign in despair, but to say hey each person in that corrupt self-serving system is a child of god who learned a closed heart was safer than an open one. I thank every person who experiences a different facet of life than me, who suffers when i dont, who laughs when i cant and who loves when no one loves them back.

  6. If a lot of water is not added, "the body will respond with fluid retention..." So we need to drink lots of water to keep it flowing... That's the key.