Thursday, February 9, 2012

Preparing for What's Next

When Metatron delivered a comment about the need for more conscious gathering together, he did not intend to give the impression that immediate earth alterations are about to begin. No, it meant that what is about to begin needs your attention now. There is no cause to panic at the mention of getting ready.

Many of you are not doing anything that will make a difference when there are many challenges to face. Even creating mental detachment about what arises is doing something. But those doing nothing while awaiting an airlift to another galaxy will not be able to deal with the next correction to the earth's crust.

More than ever, the need for coming together in community is considered to be the best way to get prepared for the next dramas on the continents. Full life expectancies will become a rare thing, and being with friends can be the answer to having a good life. Choosing the community to be in can now be done. After the collapse of money this will be much more difficult. Be a comrade to the ones you are most connected. They will be the ones you can count on. Stillness within can greatly enhance these relationships. Meditate together. Change the way you disagree as a big first step. Agree to disagree on big issues, but when minor arguments begin, give them up immediately to the divine to decide. Always ask for inner guidance and follow that. No differences will appear. Surrender an attitude that does not create peace and good feelings. Nothing is more important.

Holding onto goals that are not able to be realized can also be a negative drain. Ask always to be led from inner guidance and be willing to change direction when so guided. People who are not able to follow their divine awareness will get on the negative side of human life experience very quickly when the mass disturbances begin. False pride will degrade the harmony.

Freedom from the dream can be yours. Not in another life, now, in this one! Only deep grief can bring on the dream's end for many of you. This is why these last few years have been so difficult. Grieving opens the heart to more caring for what the heart has to offer. Breath and drama go together when the dream cancels. Give the light to the drama with inhales and good clearing exhales. Face your fear with deep, clear awareness of their added challenge to your lifting of the veil. Breathe through the mental distress as well as the matrix of control that will be developing. Free your own brilliance by breathing into all the negative feelings that appear. Don't give them any mental energy. Only deep drama completes the level of detachment needed. Give it the freedom it deserves. Don't engage in the drama in an emotional way.

Place your own desire for control in God's hands. Fly with the angels when they appear. When this occurs, dream the dream of almighty God opening the door to heaven. If you don't have this mental dream in this life, than give the most delicious healing to the heart with a big happy breath as you detach from all the mental attitudes in the cause and effect dynamic. Be free as the wind in the heart and the mind with your own happy decision. I AM THAT is your new identity after you let go of the mind's dream.

Channeling will be an advantage for those that can. When you can add this to your deep awareness it gives you the most handy choice of what to believe under any circumstances. If you cannot,get the breath to elevate your energy from dense to light, the channel can add this ability to the mix. Can this be done by anyone? Yes! No one is unable to have this ability, but getting it needs your attention. Make this another method of getting prepared.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank you for your great and abiding love, Saint Germain.
    Thank you Aruna.

  2. So, M.St.G. is preparing us for the economic crash and the likely pole reversal leading to earth changes. One thing seems unclear, however, maybe Aruna can explain: "Breathe through the mental distress as well as the matrix of control that will be developing". Would this be the control or our own mind (Ego), or the Illuminati matrix.
    If it is the latter, it would not make sense as the Illuminati matrix has been in place for a while now (certainly not "developing" now), and hopefully be removed soon.???!!!!

  3. I'm confused about one part which is giving up the dream. The dream being ego's NEED in order to be happy in the life? Because i may be confusing the dream with mandates for the new earth. I've been using decrees, one in particular and it feels so good. I'm constantly stressing about finding a life partner and it's dumb I want to give up the dream. I actually love being single but I have the stirrings for the beautiful unconditional love that I actually feel toward many friends so part of me isnt even sure I "should" be longing for love. So my decree is: I decree that anyone looking for true love will find it with just the right, in just the right place at just the right time. Then i breathe into it and smile.