Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Fresh Food Diet

Fancy concepts abound about your daily choice of foods, and many are contradictory. Changing the diet need not be confusing. Allowing the natural mechanism of mind choosing what the body's needs, and not going against those needs, must take precedence over naming the "correct way" of eating according to one food guru or another. Most of these food advisers don't understand the most important information available on diet: the body "knows" what it needs and what it doesn't get good digestion from. Why keep making yourself ill over and over again when all you must do to avoid these diet aggravated symptoms is drop these foods from the menu. But what do you do? Give up other things instead because of food fads that are touted as good diets when they are not.

Low calorie diets are a disaster, as good nutrients are usually replaced with less nutrients along with less choices. One diet guru teaches no fat, another disaster, as all fats are not alike and good fats are needed for healthy bodies. Making up a fancy diet is not my goal. Good eating and mana combined will add to your functionality, not deliver you poor quality nutrition.

Fasting can aid the beginning of the fresh food diet. It cleans the body of non-aligned diet content before adding new choices. Patience is key, as addictive foods have an active pull on the body's instincts. Noticing these pulls and choosing another delicious option cancels the addiction. Please give notice whenever you "must have" anything. No "must haves" provide the correct balance needed to feel good.

What is felt is the key to good health. Are your days full of thoughts about certain foods? Give these thoughts away, along with the foods these thoughts are about. Want, covet and desire are all addictive, controlling choices, not fresh food diet choices. When the body is receiving good, nutritious ingredients, these cravings are not active.

First, pick the most "natural" whole foods that are not cooked. Add good compliments for color, not taste. Your taste choices are not necessarily what your body needs. Consider wheat "death content." Eat NO wheat. Other grains can be cautiously used. Oats, in particular, offers good fiber and good nutrition. Spelt, amaranth, quinoa and rice are good additions for those unable to eat only fruits and vegetables.

Change your diet gradually, noticing cravings and deleting these diet destroyers. You are not dieting for weight control, rather, health control. Fresh, not cooked is more active in delivering good nutrients, although some cooking adds more taste and acceptability to many good foods.

Please don't go totally raw. This is not necessary. Good soups are great additions to your body's choices. Add beans and the above mentioned grains to them and they will be loved by all. Seeds and nuts are also needed. Use the unsalted varieties. When buying nuts, choose raw when you can.

Marijuana is not a negative for ascension, and neither is cigarettes, but both are addictive and damage your body as a consequence of using them. Give up this addiction, as your goal to ascend means you must become "not attached" to anything material.

Can you do the fresh food diet without any organic content? Yes, bless what you are about to eat with your mind, and deliver divine light through your hands, before consuming the food. Grow food when it is possible, but don't be disturbed when this is not an option.

Are you becoming more accepting of my request? No time limit has been decreed. Choose when you are able. I am not demanding this—only offering an important alternative to the controllers' agenda. Answers to your questions on this topic would be considered good additions here.

Be a teacher and caring friend by telling others about this diet in your conversations. Cheer up a neighbor with some good food choices and diet guidance. Imagine transported and warehoused food being discontinued in your area, could this diet information help? When you are an example, many will be grateful for your aid.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    Could you please comment about the bodily changes that one may experience during the process of giving up food and the intake of Mana? Is this taking in of Mana the same concept as taking in of Prana/Chi (in some Eastern practices) to sustain oneself? As I was under the impression is that one need to undergo some form of training and have some levels of practice (e.g. martial arts, meditation, yoga practice, etc.) in order to be able to live on just chi/prana.

    Also, is this another way of the Great White Brotherhood from the 5th Dimension (and above) intervening and helping mankind in this 3rd Dimension?

    I also have a small concern that this could also mean outside/external interference with Mother Nature's way of human biology without us humans understanding the full context and implications of such a change. Because all this time, St. Germain has mentioned that changes must come from within and not from the outside, so in this context, perhaps St. Germain can address that as well?

    I'm game for this change but yet I don't have a full understanding of its implications/effects and big picture of such a change.


  2. St. Germain, could you please comment on Wine, Coffee and Sugar

  3. Hi: I started several days ago. I'm happy that I did. Thank you for providing this information from St. Germain.
    For some time now I have been asking for a way to take care of the situation and how I would handle it. This has
    been a needed blessing.

  4. I needed this message thank you aruna for delivering it. When st germain asked if we have a hard time agreeing that giving up food is a health enhancer, i shook my head no and then almost cried when he wrote that those willing to give up food are those able to ascend. I resonate with every word of every post and STILL find it hard for ego to give up control. But today was nice to hear St Germain encourage slow changes because I am hard on myself. I feel wonderful after fasting and drinking water and I am actively and ambitiously constructing a big veggie forest in my back yard. I used the food4wealth method and everything so far has been easy, fun and affordable. I am eating fresh lettuce and spinach already but by the end of the summer i hope to be feeding my whole family and all my friends. who knew that pluckng fully mature leaves inspires new growth? its win/win. god bless and good luck everyone. we all live in an era where we should be excited at our opportunities to advance consciousness.

  5. Dear Aruna & St. Germain,

    Is this intake of Mana the same as some eastern practices (e.g. meditation, yoga, etc.) of taking in Prana/Chi from the environment? Is it the same thing? I thought one needs to have reached a certain level in such practices in order to take Prana/Chi as sustenance? Could St. Germain please comment?

    Also, would using MAP session help in the intake of Mana and reconfiguration of the body's digestive system? Is that the only part of the body that is affected by the reconfiguration to facilitate Mana intake?

    Thank you very much.

  6. I am very grateful for this information, but I dont know what mana means, and I also would like to know why "no wheat". Thank you very much, Saint Germain.

  7. hello all,

    when st. germain says that we must not be "attached" to anything material, does this mean a "mental/emotional attachment" or a literal "physical attachment"? for over a year now i have wanted to throw out all of my clothes and only keep what i would wear in nature or traveling. i also have what i call my "warrior looks" which include highly functional all weather wardrobe pieces, boots and a durable hiking backpack. i have collected many band t-shirts and vintage pieces throughout my journey that all carry an energy signature that really makes me happy when i wear them. so i am "attached" because i resonate with my material items. is it being suggested that we LITERALLY let go of our material possessions? as in, should i donate all "unnecessary" clothes (only keeping the basics), all my books that i have collected that inspire me, and all other material items i hold dear to my heart? (family photos, art projects i made as a child, baby blankets, my dads baseball glove, etc.) if so, what should i do with all this stuff? burn it? or am i allowed to physically keep it as long as i am not emotionally attached? when i feel the desire to get rid of everything i feel slightly liberated but i also feel fearful. fearful that i am planning for some "end of the world everything must go" scenario. is anyone else going through this? i was diagnosed with OCD as a child but i am no longer taking medication. however, i will admit that making a decision regarding this matter is making me neurotic and not at all aiding me in my ascension. i have made drastic decisions like this in the past (where i get rid of everything) and i am left with nothing so i have to start over. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

  8. in response to the previous post i have also wondered the same thing about material possessions. without knowing exactly st germains opinion on this, i go by the following: if i am so attached to something that i cannot see myself giving it away to someone who comes along that truly would need it or want it, give it away. only keep the things that u could easily give up. be ready to walk away from it all IF u get the call to ascend. (the ascension call could come at any time, and dont worry, you will hear it. it comes from ur heart). unless u feel like u wud stay on earth in order to be with those things, id say go ahead and get all the joy out of them. but when ur asked to leave this dimension, u dont want the emotional or physical attachment holding u here.

  9. What is Mana?
    Thank you