Friday, April 13, 2012

Improving Health is the First Step

First, let me congratulate those who are agreeing to eat less food. We in the 7th dimension want to give you a gain in awareness, as well as more comfort during ascension and the new dangers that are about to come into the human experience. Many controversies are about to collide. Change in all that is manifest will occur, so purifying your consciousness is more needed now than it was one month ago. Trust in God's will must become ingrained in your mind before these critical mass changes begin. Believe me, they are about to occur. When you are able to defeat fear and do not need to control your diet, you will be less contracted and more valuable to others.

Your questions are good. Here are my answers:
Body changes when fasting are negligible. Only the desire to eat must be dealt with. When a commitment to eat less follows one day of fasting, there will be a positive alteration to the body's health, as less consumption decreases the work that digestion requires. When a lessor amount of food is consumed, more health can deflect non-aligned energies. Good health has many benefits—mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Spiritually, diet is causative, i.e. eating animals can act as an energy containment of that animal's mental condition when death approached. It gives the animal's energy to its consumer. Sad, dejected, abused animals make their consumer embody these feelings. When not eating meat, a human is able to feel only their own emotions.

Wheat is not the same as it once was. Today's consumers get almost none of this grain's beneficial attributes, but rather, all of it's corrupted derivatives. The complete grain is gone, and only a distorted composite of the nutrients found in original wheat is left. What pesticides have done to grains is a complete destruction of the germ so it now is just a false representation of the original. Even organic wheat has been depleted of its goodness. Many of you have done great harm to your bodies by making bread and noodles too common as your food. Bring more fresh and alive foods to the body to avoid getting sick. What is a wheat noodle made of? Nothing that adds vitality to your energy needs.

Please do not be concerned about the body's ability to adjust to less food. What you feed it makes more of a difference than how much. What you eat fresh will more than compensate for the death creating items you are giving up.

Mana is an energetic concentration of nutrients with no material form. It can nourish man with vitamins, minerals and other positive elements from nature. Just asking for this can bring it forth.

What I have asked you to do is first decrease your intake, not give up food entirely - yet. What the body needs NOW is good, health benefiting nutrition. Ending meat and grain foods will keep the body extremely well fed, better fed than the diets many of you now eat. Free yourself from food addictions. Give up whatever you crave, and consume more fresh, raw foods. This will delete your desire for coffee, sugar and wine. Fresh food will nurture you and make quality changes in the body. Then, and only then, can you delete more food. Most of you are not healthy enough to go fully into no eating. Don't do that.

Fast one day, and then eat less, but more nutritious food. When the time comes to go to the next step your own body will give up food without any health concerns arising. Mana will aid in the beginning and get you accustomed to being content with its dramatic conversion of free energy into health supporting deliveries of nourishment.

Please do not do anything like cutting your child's growth momentum with less eating. You can cut out meat, dried food and all things containing toxic chemicals, and introduce the child to mana for general use only. No children were being addressed in these messages. When children are affected by current events they will need to be well fed before they take the next step. Give them only nutritious food now and they will be able to adjust more easily. Stop giving them food not made with consciousness. Eliminate candy, cookies and colas. Give them more quality food, not chips, candied cereals and microwaved popcorn. Get them to care about their food choices by understanding how food effects their bodies.

Material objects must be considered attachments when you are not able to give them away, but unless you are moving out of your present home, you need not divest yourself of anything. Use and detach emotionally when you notice there is an attachment. Giving away can be done when you feel disturbed or distracted by an object or have not shown any interest in it for awhile. Sacrificing is not necessary.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Saint Germain, does one need to be on the path of ascension/awakening for us to share this information with them? I have talked about this eating protocol with people who have shown interest, and shared the blog site with one person. There lives are very busy. Info was given to them, so now I wait. It has not been easy to find people who are open to listening/reading about the changes coming or ascension. Some seem more open to the idea of awakening. Community is not easy to find, yet. Thank you Beloved Saint Germain and Aruna.

  2. Thank you Aruna and thank you St. Germain for addressing material attachments and wheat. This is a gradual process for me but I am picking up the pace. I also agreed to have memories deleted in order to have more focus on my ascension process, however they don't seem to be completely erased. Is this too a gradual process? These memories are painful and distracting. I would like them gone now. How do we accelerate these deletions? Does this new diet and daily meditation play a role? Thank you

  3. Dear St. Germain,

    I wonder since the Great White Brotherhood is now providing Mana (quasi-food from the 5th Dimension), can we also request for medicine/remedies from the 5th Dimension to be dispense into our bodies similar to Mana? Or is the MAP session the only way to do so?

    Thank you very much.

  4. This is really hard. But i know in my heart it has to be done.

  5. Anonymous I know how u feel. I share and share and share this blog, but it is up to the individual to seek awakening. You may at this time only be a positive influence and try to resist feeling like it is your job to bring them to it. In my own family they know what my path is, that i seek awakening and they simply see me as a radical. however when i do small things like forgive easily, go through the daily motions with less and less negative emotions they simply rise up there with me. I see my sister, who was a very heavy meth user, rising to a sober mature state of being. It is a lonely path sometimes not having close friends and family who can relate to this exciting time for us. But remember that as chelas, we are naturally drawn to this info and those ready to awaken will also be naturally drawn. Feel great that you can and will be the most positive influence in ur friends and families lives as you awaken. Waiting patiently and without judgement is the best thing, the angels are proud of u of this im sure.

    1. thank you for your kind and loving message.

  6. Saint Germain my question: is it just me or do vampire movies seem to have ascension principles? vampires in the movies like Twilight seem to have ascended master characteristics... aside from blood sucking LOL. Example, their bodies are made from diamonds they dont eat and they dont sleep and they are immortal. Is it coincidental? Or are enlightened (yet supressed) individuals in the media trying to communicate with the masses? or is more of trying to put ascension in a "feared" light?

  7. Thank you saint germain and aruna for providing such important information. I have a question regarding vitamin and mineral supplements and protein shakes. Are they good for our health or is that something that should be given up and mana will provide what our bodies need?

    Jessica, Kansas

  8. Dear Saint Germain. my husband and I take a lot of supplements. I have been clearing mine with energy. In a couple of weeks my plan is to muscle test them, and see if the new way of eating allows elimination of all or some of them. Would you give us information about taking supplements. Thank you Saint Germain and Aruna.

  9. I am thinking about giving my agreement for the Manna based
    way of eating but have concerns about losing too much weight
    as I am rather slim now and don't have weight to lose.
    Please advise.

  10. Go onto supreme master television's website and look at the videos on breatharianism. They have a TV series where they go around the world interviewing different breatharians. Each breatharian describes the process they went through to become a breatharian. Prana is our true food.