Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Look at the Controllers

Can you continue to allow the light to flow into the human density matrix with a learning attitude? All of us will be observing the changes that take place in the ongoing drama, as none of us have gone through anything like this before. When the money collapse occurs we will be waiting for those who are ascending to come out of their homes to contribute their vast mantle of grace to the masses. Some who do this will be those who are not quite able to let go of their loved ones, as they will be drawn out of their confined spaces to watch the glow.

 Some who are ready to ascend may say no at the moment of ascension. They can do this. If they make this choice it is because they do not understand how much their ascension can aid those who will be needing assistance during the transition into what the ascension will create. We need more to ascend than we are now assured to give the material world a concrete demonstration that cannot be ignored, but we can act like we are all ascending and maybe more will leave their entertainment in form for a new kind of entertainment when the moment comes. All are welcome. Are you going to join?

Can you give up your mental concern about those needing another lesson? They will continue to receive the acts of grace that you are presuming the ascended ones will be taking with them. Many who are nearly ready for ascension will take the place of the newly ascended ones. This will not necessarily happen in your own home, but in the consciousness matrix that determines how things will go. But first there needs to be closure on what has demanded such a major change in the world's make-up.

The consequences of the ascension are to be great, and those who will attain the awareness that this was done to create will lead the way to a mass conversion of ney-sayers and negative thinkers. Some who discount our messages will look upon them in an entirely different way. "Praise the lord" will become a clear mantra among many who are now unaware. The change that is coming could only occur in this way because the darkness was so dominating it was impossible to eliminate greed and do-nothing attitudes when others were hurting. In this clear demonstration of God's love (ascension) we can once again create more appreciation for what God created and how this creation must be developed in the name of God—not with a claim by someone in charge, but by the love of all that God delivers to cause new attitudes.

Peace and caring are new to many in your realm. We want this for all men, women, children, animals and the entire natural world—all need more attention. Can we count on this happening? When the ascension occurs this will be the next mode of human consciousness.

Seldom do I mention the cause of this ascension being the change that is needed in the matrix of materialization. This is because we didn't think we could manage a full blown alteration of the controllers attitudes without one. We need these attitudes altered if we are to make a world that is more loving. When the ascension occurs we anticipate that this alteration will be possible because we will be delivering a very different cause for the controllers to be in charge of: with a totally different congregation to manage, one world government won't be anything like what they have designed. It won't even be conceivable because their banks won't open and no money will be changing hands. What can they control with? Nothing but their feet, hands and collective conclusions. Will their families be better off than other families? Only in the short term. Can they damage anything major? Yes, but why? When they realize they cannot have control over what God wants they will have to accept their chosen destiny: collapse of their dream.

What is next for them? They will be the ones needing to meet the demands of their creditors—not the credit masters they once were. Karma is their administrator of debt and conciliation. When the currency collapse occurs their banks and debt collection organizations will also collapse. No debts will be collected. Continue your debt payments until this occurs, but know that all will be changed in the next configuration of currency matters. This will happen after the controllers are deprived of the organizations that operate their companies.

While we are celebrating the ascension they will be considering their next moves. What will they be thinking? How to take out the last remnants of their manageable cash before the banks close. We will not let them do this, and they will be in the very same condition everyone else will be—needing a community to work with to create a new human experiment. Will they be in charge? Only those who are clear enough to get a new character will be able to manage in these new communities, because the guidance of our realm is to lead, and all can follow this guidance if they choose—or not. The controllers are not used to being out of control, so groups who accept their dictatorial attitudes will not thrive. Selling out one's inner guidance to be directed by others is the second thing to go in this matrix of materialization. Show me the money will be the first.

Will there be a New Earth with no controllers? Yes, but when and how will be the next human dynamic to be generated. Freedom needs new leaders, not old game controllers. When we conceived of a mass ascension the leaders we were depending on agreed to ascend. This is good, as young new ones can emerge as they came into bodies to do. Many are very conscious and will not be ascending. We are counting on them to be the leaders of the future. Money, race, class and gender will no longer determine who will be in leadership roles. Caring will be the most important qualification. Create the New Earth with love and no differences will matter.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Wow...sounds like a blockbuster movie...

    l think it is a little more complex but lets see..
    GOD Speed. Maybe beloved Emmanuel is on his way in a few years as he declared long ago...but what would our Lord return too, an exhausted earth and an exhausted in peoples hearts and minds but the needs of humanity at an overwhelming level of complexity, and what about the rule of Law if it starts to get crazy..and it will..we will need massive galactic assistance and intervention. l can only refer to two classics.

    Childhoods End by Arthur C. Clarke
    "The Overlords appeared suddenly over every city – intellectually, technologically, and militarily superior to humankind. Benevolent, they made few demands: unify earth, eliminate poverty, and end war. With little rebellion, humankind agreed, and a Golden age began. In essence Childhood's End is about transcendence and the next step in humanity's evolution."

    The book has earned a place in the SF pantheon and remains a brilliant vision of mankind's potential in the next level of evolution and perception.

    Another view is the movie 'Children of Men' which l strongly recommend you view and many people have not seen it. Children of Men is a 2006 film about when our post modern dystopian society collapses. There are parts of the world like this now Greece, the Middle East etc.

    But S.G is right if the Ascending paradigm of society and the personal Ascension paradigm evolution becomes wide spread it could lead to the tipping point of a new world evolution and redesign....we hope.

    God Speed.

    1. Some days l wonder S.G. with hundreds of billions of galaxies and billions of stars just in our own all evolving young worlds like ours on the galactic edge of nowhere, go through this kind of chaos history in 3D. Even before a Golden Age and mass Ascension is there no harmonious way of evolution on a 3D Planet to become an ascending golden age planet.

      Lately it seems l look at people as sleepy robots and drones on an alien world landscape in the higher heightened state l am in this year. Most people don't care they have enough problems surviving each day in this lost synthetic economy to think that an evolutionary leap of ages is coming in just 79 days or less. l had a dream last week of Star Gates of Light opening in store front windows.

      l think most Light workers would agree with this.
      l feel at times like a Divine Secret Agent on an alien world behind enemy lines and all l got is a walkie- talkie of channeled messages from the home base.

      No supplies, no resources, little or no backup,
      protection or logistics, no rest, no vacation, little light, no local advisers, no economic support, no equipment or provisions, a spiritual hug now and again and a message of inspiration that says Heaven needs Light-bearers who are ready to sacrifice for humanity and the earth, to bring forth the new energies of Aquarius.

      We are all dead tired and battle weary exhausted and broken down here from the indifference of everything and everyone who is anyone in this global dystopian plutocracy SG.....there is no working person l know that is not maxed out in 2012..

      l sure am. How an evolved Universe allows a place like this to happen to wonderful common good people and families and precious children of God ..all l can say there is something wrong in Paradise Management that a massive galactic intervention is not occurring by now...l do not blame the common good people of humanity at all anymore we have made our voices known to the elite and the galaxy by the millions for over 10 years now and nothing no intervention on anything.

      l am sorry to rant but that's the way a lot of us are feeling down here.

      The idea humanity needs to go through evolutionary learning when Dark forces run and have infected a whole planet and it's resources and systems for so, so, so long is beyond me anymore. This sure ain't Star Wars. What we say means nothing to the Controllers every year they meet and nothing happens for humanity and the earth...nothing...they have no ideas for anything at all.

      l could fill this blog up with every solution for a new world for humanity and the earth in 7 years and it means nothing to them. All they want is control, greed business and usual and the slavery of humanity and the earth. Where is SHIVA?

      The social, economic, environmental and geopolitical chaos crisis is at levels beyond words..the world system is totally lost and sinking fast...broken people and families and precious children by the hundreds of millions and billions. 1000 people who have a greater net worth then 3 is insane. Does harmony come from chaos ...maybe who knows. Can a synthesis happen with the controllers
      l do not believe it.

      We have done all we can as Light Workers Earth Workers and every kind of worker and servant of humanity and and the earth many of us need a lifeboat home soon...
      how are we expected to keep the battle lines of Light going with what we have to work with. What does the Hierarchy expect us to do when we have so little to work with. You can say anything you want from 5D but we have to do the work in 3D with nothing to work with compared with the enemies of humanity and the earth.

      l have never wanted to abandon my beloved family of Humanity in their time of great Cosmic need but
      there is only so much you can do so many battles you can fight so many wounds to mend, before retreat to maybe another day another future where we can do more with maybe some help next time.

      >>>> 2012 Countdown to what, who knows: