Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Door to Ascension

Consistent with all of my messages, are we doing what we can about man's distractions from awakening? Yes, we are. We want the mass awareness to be Oneness, without the controllers in charge. We want you to awaken from all of the drama that keeps you dense, containing dross, and not recognizing the reality. Are my words clear? Can you see the connection between conscious love being the divine light, and your mental drama being the corruption you must navigate through to realize what is real and what is not?

Are we asking you to go to another area for health or mandating it? Yes, because draught and drugs are two controller led obstacles that can dim your divine light. Are we asking you to give to the care of those not able to care for themselves? Yes. We are also asking you to find new ways to enliven your levels of caring. The masters are working to open doors for you to other dimensions, and we are calling on you to support these conditions. We are not asking you to do things that are against the controllers.

It is the caring of togetherness that can alter the mass consciousness. What does the control of the banking system mirror to you? Your money consciousness. Control of anything will deny the flow. Control of money in your own life is what is making the conditions that are being magnified in your controller drama. Making money more available with credit is not the answer. Making more debt will only delete the management of conscious use of money. Control of your own desires is more impactful than getting into more and more debt. You must accept the fact that debt is giving away your own sovereignty.  No man is the controller of his debt, only charlatans offer to do that. No man who denies his own ability to thrive is making his contribution to mankind as his contract calls for. Being driven to get is not conscious. Giving to get (even a tax deduction) is also not the loving model of giving. Giving to give is using your gifts in appreciateion of the divine attributes you already own. Making a contribution to mankind is not about giving away money. It is about sharing your divine attributes in all that you contribute.

Self-love is the way. Self-love makes the attributes you came in with more available. Self-love is not about narcissism, it is caring for a divine creation in the form you chose to operate it in. Are your divine attributes available now, in these days of crash and burn? Absolutely, and needed in every daily encounter. Are you able to love the content of the earth changes? No? Then realize that the love in you can change this content. Is this still possible? Yes, but the changes you are experiencing is a manifestation of the mass consciousness, so more caring in the mass consciousness, not just a few, is what must happen to alter that content.

Self-love is one thing that is needed. Another is acceptance of all of the changes that occur without being negative about them. Can you do this? Can you accept all as divine and not complain? When changes occur they do not come without cause. All of these downgrades to your life conditions are the consequence of the human management in your own active matrix of materialization.

When we close the door to ascension no more denial will be able to remain in your minds. Those who are capable of ascending are going to leave the material world and those left will need to depend on their own matrix of materialization to live. Will they be able to do it? Of course, as all are able to get divine assistance when needed. However, should they not ask for it, they may die without ever knowing what they are capable of. There is no magic to being able to ascend. All who decided to look for God found their way to ascension. God is inside each of you, not just a few. Finding God was your mission. Can you go to  your death without finding God and still ascend? Yes, but only when you ask for God at the moment of death and are able to accept that who you are is a divine being.

Self-love is the consequence of going within and accepting your divinity. Are you capable of doing this? Yes, but no one can expect a door to open if they don't go near a door. Open one and claim that door's entrance to the future. Only one door of the multitude of choices will take you to ascension. All the other doors are closed to this. Are you opening a door that claims your future is in the hands of others? It is not that door. Are you opening a door that claims the controllers are in charge of your money? It is not that door. Are you opening a door that gives your mind the choice of direction? It is not that one either.

The door that leads to ascension takes you to the heart of the One God that actually controls all human/divine actions: the God inside of your own heart. Now, most of you who read my words on this blog are already on the threshold of this door, and all who are not can still go looking for the door that will take them there. But will they? Are they able? Not as many as we had decreed, but enough to complete the ascension. Self-love is the key to that door. Are you on the other side of it yet? No? Then do whatever you can to look for it and cancel your negative attitudes. Blessings come in many ways, consider this message one of yours.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank You for this message Ascended Master Saint Germain and Aruna.

  2. Although i have credit card debt and health bills debt from the past, about 6 thousand, I am still pursuing my education, and hence more student loans, so far about 15 thousand (with two more years to go). Is it more advisable to drop all education goals than accrue more debt? I am 24 y/o and trying to decide between the importance of a university degree versus student loan. Without a degree the current loan debt would feel pointless.

    1. In case you haven't read it. To you from Melchezidek(Masters and Mankind blog):In the case of one inquirer who has many debts and is attending college, I recommend a temporary debt reducing college break and then a search for money to continue that does not accrue debt, say a grant or scholarship. Having less debt will not only decrease your cash dilemma when the dollar drops in value, you will also need more money to clear the debts you now have if you delay payment for another few years.

  3. Thank you St Germain and Aruna. My dilemma along these lines of "credit" is that although I understand the message presented here (it reflects my feelings in this area) my wife does not, and feels I am being miserly with money. She has racked up around $8k in credit card debt feeding an internet shopping addiction. This is scary for me because my financial well-being (and my 2 son's) is tied to hers; without her addiction we would certainly have enough to pay the bills every month, and have no debt. It is a crisis created out of an illusion of desire.

    I have offered a solution of creating a separate account that she can manage that receives $x every month (for example $200) that covers her needs, and would also help reduce that "controller" debt. But this is a hard sell because why accept a small portion of a paycheck when she can have it all? It is because I love her that I haven't forced the issue, but it is also hard to watch a downward spiral without doing something to try to prevent further debt. And whatever I try to do is seen by her as my being "cheap." Detachment from the problem doesn't seem to be a solution. I have even tried blocking certain websites but there are always more web sites to shop at.

    Regarding the college student question: It doesn't matter what school you go to so long as you get your degree. My advice would be to find an option that doesn't cost so much money, which might involve a local community college, and/ or reducing your living expenses to where they're more manageable. You can also decrease the expectations for your degree - maybe there is something you can do that would take less time to complete, in a different field? Also, do what you love, not what you're told to do. This is key to future success. I joined the army reserve and this helped pay the bills (in addition to being a contractor), but I understand this option isn't for everyone. Good luck, my friend!