Saturday, December 22, 2012

About Change

Now that all the misunderstandings are out of the way, my dear ones are getting the latest channeling about ascension We will call when the dross of non-aligned energies are absent. Today there was a major heart contact made with all who have been acting out the dross parts in your movie. Now we wait and see how they change, or don't. Choice will always be in the world drama, so we cannot coerce anyone to become more caring. When we are able to determine their answer to this latest contact, whether that will be ending current conditions or changing into the dynamics of new beginnings.we will decide on what to do about the next days' concerns.

As soon as the drama about the Mayan calendar clears the lands of man, a new flow of human domination must begin. Will it be ascension and days of darkness OR conscious beings caring about others? Today's efforts to complete the caring change were grand, and much opening has been done. Instead of calling now on the dear ones who are to ascend, we will await another day for more, before we give the call. When the dense ones make their decision between heart or death and destruction, we will close the door on destruction with an ascension. Not today. Keep the faith, it will come—when it will make the most impact. But not before the data has been collected about what has been done today (and the day before) towards closing the door on death and destruction. When we have that data we will again consider the next approach.

May the days of darkness not be the cause of an ascension. All can move to ascension by opening their hearts to delight as they free themselves from mind's disturbances. All humans have the ability to ascend. Now we have an opening to do it with more of you when the time actually comes. Many more  are opening their hearts and deleting mind's control. Having a world of awakened awareness is what we've always wanted on our end. With this now a greater possibility, we will ask that things continue in this direction. Face your fears and delve into the dross now, and when ascension time comes we will contact many more who were not ready yesterday. 

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Q: Was there a dimensional shift? 
A: Yes, the next attempts to control in the same ways will fail.

Q: Will the controllers become defunct:
A: No, but they can be overcome with caring decisions that come from the masses.


  1. amazing message, thanks so much! I can't wait until we get all of humanity on the love train.

  2. there is a lot of dross and uncomfortability c
    can saint germain explain on how to drop it?


  3. Thankyou for clarification . I will keep the Faith and Trust all is in the Divine plan. I am happy to delay to bring more on board.


  4. Blessings to you all who held so much light in the last days!!! Let's keep the momentum going and bless as many as we can. LOVING YOU!

  5. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    Could St. Germain talk a bit about the energies and what's in store for next year 2013?

    Thank you very much!

  6. It is time that everybody will go with their twin souls

  7. oh lord
    i have done tremend errors, i wish i could be back and choose the right path
    now i have lost the opportunity and nothing to do
    only wait for the twin souls reunion

  8. We are very thankfully with the masters and we hope they will continue giving a hand, Thank you!