Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is There Going to be a Mass Ascension?

Welcome to a different collective consciousness. When the newly transformed children of divine grace are fully able to  deal with news of disasters, they will be able to make a major difference when they occur. Many disasters are expected in your next days, as we will not be able to divert most of them. They appear eminent in a drama that was created in the minds of man, and they can become destiny or not, depending on the healing that is done within the mass consciousness. Allow the changes in you to grow. Welcome all the pending dramas with open hearts. Responses to your collective energies will come when you are not anticipating them.

Souls are now clamoring to be in bodies. In this coming year more and more will choose their next body, and it will most likely be one that is already in costume. Walk-ins will be the answer to many of those souls needing an opportunity for ascension. Twenty million chose to be embodied in these days leading up to the greatest disasters of the human experience as part of their quest for mastery. Only two million are currently able to delete their mind's control so they can answer the ascension call. All the others need more ascension consciousness.

When we decided to delay the mass ascension, it was to give these dreamers another chance. Change the dream and commit to ascend. When this has been done, the only other thing needed for planetary ascension is the deletion of negativity about all of God's creations. Are you able to consider these negative attitudes nonsense? Why not?

Caring for some and not all does not negate negativity, it does, however, make the carer more loving and more able to delete their unconscious contractions in present time. The Angels are allowing for more changes to occur before ascension. We must  make this possibility obvious to those who are not yet able to consider ascension a growth in awareness, the step that comes after a quest for divine guidance. Many of my chelas ask me to guide them to God's help, none ask me to take them to ascension. Why? To understand mass ascension one needs more light on this topic in the great books about higher consciousness. Most don't even mention it.

Celebrating a New Year is one's choice, celebrating ascension is not an option for those only entertaining it because of its mystique. There is courage needed to agree to it. More are afraid than can be counted on. Celebrating the mass ascension will be a big first. We will do it, only the date and time are still in question.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

*Note from Aruna: This site was receiving mal-ware messages that needed to be eliminated before this message could be published. This has now been taken care of, and we do not anticipate any future delays in posting. Thanks to those who brought this to my attention, and to Steve who eliminated the problem.


  1. At the moments of confusion some thought there will come a master or jesus to physically teach and it didnt happened yet
    and therer were not any intelligent teaching to follow through the confuaion what has lead us into failure of our spiritual mission together

    1. After Jesus ascended 2,000 years ago he never left. He's always been here working to create masters from behind the veil as he did for thousands of years BEFORE his Earthly ascension. Rest assured he will appear for all to see when the time comes...

  2. Happy Golden Age New Year S.G.

    l am surprised SG its not your way to rattle a Cosmic Party. Everyone l know who is practiced in meditation agrees that we have jumped into a 4th Dimensional
    vibration on the solstice amidst all outer appearances.

    It was even at work coming back. People in the groove with each other wanting to keep the harmony, respect and humour good feelings and feeling the love inside that is all
    4th Dimensional.

    We are in a new vibrational era and when Emmanuel returns and he will..he is not returning alone....but with many a Master and the Star Nations of Light...lectures and the Light available in all community centres of the world.

    Its a new dawn its As we continue we redesign the world and our consciouness.


  3. I think that what SG and many others are saying, DiamondLight, is that matters did not proceed to Ascension at the winter solstice. Many are upset about this, but at least they are not kidding themselves! Ascension when it happens, will not be a matter of debate or a matter of blink and you miss it!

  4. Sadly, All the love for humanity have been lost
    dark forces have interfered and now the human love has been lost
    Only the faith of the 144 masters can be saved
    We hoped for the new age to begin but now we can see how the past was full of love and grace and we couldnt see it
    We thank to Saint Germain and to all those who send their help on these very hard times

  5. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    Happy Golden Era! Thank you for this channeling.

    How would one know if there is a 'walk-in' situation? Would a person feel differently? Any other signs?

    Love & Light to all....

    1. What is a walk in and how can this situation end?
      thank you