Friday, March 1, 2013

Mastery Urgently Needed

When the 'love of others' has no meaning in the changes that are being made to the human conditions, man is dooming the entire learning experience on your planet. Not caring about those who are not able to care for themselves negates a New Earth collective consciousness. What can draw this to the attention of those decreeing a disaster? Nothing; as they are blind to other's concerns. Never in the history of Earth, has the negative been as strong as it is now. Only in Atlantis was there a civilization that came close.

We want to overturn these non-caring attitudes so we can complete a love circuit amongst those who can accept this challenge. Are you open to distancing your mind from the non-caring control that is causing Earth's destruction? What it will take is more caring in you. How this looks is: not being 'against" the decrees of others; no anger; no disturbance in your own make-up; and no delight in competing. We want to always be able to track you as an open heart, which cannot be done while you are maintaining the cause and effect dream. When the heart opens you don't think of anything against, only what can be done in the way of caring.

Solving the current dilemma in your local, national and international affairs takes more than an opinion. It will take action and doing what the heart calls on the body to do. Fear cancels all the caring actions that are done in the fear condition, so make it an act of courage to open up to love.

Masters are not apathetic. They give on many levels by the love they manifest in their hearts. Being still is not ok for many, but for some it is. There is no one way that is the only way. Caring is not an emotion, or merely an act. It is a genuine quality that comes through an open heart. What it can look like from one source to another is as different as what comes as inspiration through an open channel. Those in the love vibration get told to do something and this call needs to be acted upon as one's individual love challenge—in concert with the non-loving actions around them. Calling on one to act and another to be alone in meditation depends on the dross level they carry. Those called to act are in the most "doing" mode, but those meditating only are the most dramatic, in a cause and effect way. They absorb the dross of others while aligning their own collective group mind. Self has no individual contribution, only the collective can change what now needs changing.

I AM THAT I AM will light up with caring when more giving is needed, and this is now the case. Give in your own way. Care and dream love into your world. It desperately needs new, conscious caring developments. There will be many more disasters if this need is not met. Believe in the light within you, don't give us a call and ask to have it done for you. You are the light of the world, we only draw it forth.

A Master guides, not directs. When we ask you to do something your choice always comes into play. Open hearts will act out the call that they are led by. The Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation are not the ones in charge of your destiny, you are. Choose their guidance because it comes with love, not because you see it as an order. You need to learn to discern what is coming from a true inner call and what comes from non-loving sources of drama. Both come to awaken you from the dream so you will choose the way of the heart.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. What ever happened to ascension?

  2. Judgmend and Justice.

    Cosmic Love and Grace of God is compasion,sympathy and undersdanding of Human beings.You my Lord,stated many times,that Love of God is endless and buundless.

    We accept the fact,that the majority of the collective is still sleeping.In the meantime,the Others,are closing all doors and access to light,and try to open,all pathways to the darkness,though conditions

    of dispare,misery,poverty,no-safty,no-hope.

    Although in the misd of chaos,we see the people,caring about others,and try by al means - under the

    circumstansess - to help those in suffering..

    People has always choices.Unfortunatly is left without alternatives..and i do

    not believe,that when you are used to live with the Monster,then you become one and the like.

    -There is no hope,when someone,under conditions of dispare,is surrending himself to the laws of the thiefs and the criminals .....and mercy of God - Varnalis (Greec philosopher).

    The fact,that the people,is left for calling the same individuals,who are creating the conditions of misery,and poverty,for solving these.....

    They controll all the media and the flow of information,and they tell the people,what They wand to be puplicly known,and sometimes what people wands to listen....

    But instead of shooting the guilty ones,to shoot the innocet oness....i don,t know if it is the right way

    for awakening the sleeping oness.!!

    You stated also my Lord,that :

    Light +plus dark : Oneness

    I think also that :

    Light - less dark = Light plus


    Dark - less Light =Dark + plus

    Love and Blessings to You and All the Ascended Masters for the Assistanse to Us All.

  3. This is Ascension brother...the way of the Diamond Heart
    the way of the Solar Luminous Heart of Love. The way of the Christ transmutation of human consciousness, society and civilization. It is our duty. In this way we can |
    end and transform this grey age and bring all the streams and the Hierarchies together in this wonderful transmutation. This is how you weave and earn your luminous ascension. There is plenty of time to play in the galaxy as a beam of Light. I have....and yet l am still here doing this heart service. This is the great and heroic work.


  4. The three days of darkness predicted in 2012 did not materialize. Please explain.