Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Caring and Oneness Still Needed

Controlling the large number of challenges now facing man cannot be the answer. All of them are nearing the energized stage of drama that is needed to draw forth their one true reason for being—the awakening of consciousness. Truth is coming to bear on what man has done to deliver such dross to the continents, and what can change man's destiny must come out of his own doing, starting with a change in demeanor.

We want to see more clarity of intention directed towards happiness and compassion. We need more caring to close the gap between haves and have-nots. When man stops ignoring this contrast, we will be able to act on your desire for more caring from us, and help create more ways for you to express it.

When you choose to be against all that has been created, you are adding darkness to what already exists. Talk against anyone or anything is dark. Giving money to charities is not being generous, it is being caring. Thinking of yourself as generous is not caring; neither is treating those in need as less. No one is less. All contrasts come from one comment or another about coming out on top—competing against another draws on an attitude of control over others. Not controlling is the light. Not making dark comments is also light. Not thinking about others as less is not only caring, it is the Truth. This is one way to alter the conditions your mind is against. Cast good medicine on all things that are needing more attention: pray, decree, or make no comment. These are ways to make darkness disappear.

Self-love is the love of what already exists. It is not conditional, i.e. "I'll give my self acceptance with new clothes, or hairstyle or a nose change." No change to a body is needed. All are gorgeous as they are. See this beauty, and you will make a difference as the contrasts are delivered to you. See God in all the deviations you came into a body to enjoy. All are God.

None of you take on a body with total humility. You come as a mental dreamer who decides who is great and who is not. Consider this dreamer to be the one who is mirrored in the controllers of your  contract. All appear in your life to help you dissolve this dreamer (ego) by canceling its unloving way of thinking. Press on with this humbling experience to give yourself what you agreed to accomplish with your contract. Awaken to the open hearted, loving you that continues to be dragged into the dross whenever your mental controller decides to attack anything that comes into its awareness.

Welcome news of all open hearted actions, but don't dismantle your own heart's answers as a consequence. Always challenge negative comments about anyone. Ignore what cannot be altered. Don't attack the deliverer, only contrast the dark with your own light. An example of this is: welcoming the dark as a friend, opening your heart to an obstacle, not giving it a negative attitude.

No war means: no war against war. Want caring? Care. Care about all who are not being caring. Give them more caring and no disturbing, controlling thoughts. Welcome what appears dark with caring, and dramatize to the helpers of the world what true caring is.

We of the spiritual dimensions come into the darkest dimension of all with total acceptance and caring, no matter how dense the contact is. No appearance or negative attitude alters our caring ways. Now we need all of our chelas to do the same. Welcome the dark. Accept it as an opportunity for all to awaken. Care about what is happening, but douse your negative conversations.

Self-love also includes the enjoyment of inner silence and contact with your Higher Self. Once this Higher Self connection is made, always go with your heart's decisions, not your mind's distrust of these choices. Love the Higher Self and its divine guidance, always act on its advice.

Many of you are now disappointed that no ascension has occurred. Being against our messages as a result of this has damaged our ability to answer your conditions with new guidance. We would appreciate your acceptance of our news that came after the Dec. 21 date. We cancelled the ascension moment to allow more to awaken and complete their ascension. We do not control what God does. This was God's last minute decision. We were as surprised as you were. Now we are looking for others to assist who made contracts for ascension, but were unprepared for our December 2012 date. They still need to open up to what ascension means and what they can do to be part of it.

As for the three days of darkness that was predicted, it was also dismissed as an unneeded challenge for the human density at that time. All we did was contract our energy and wait for the next opportunity to come out of that contraction.

One more thing today. Make your own list of what needs to be changed in the world and then open your heart to this drama whenever you pray before dining or meditating. Give thanks for God's way of delivering more awareness to the masses. Welcome all, and as an ascension candidate collective, you will change the mass consciousness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank You for this message Ascended Master Saint Germain and Aruna

  2. Thank you Saint Germain. It would be nice to hear from you more often if possible, as this are uncertain times and we feel like in a limbo.

  3. Hello Saint Germain and Aruna,
    It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Much love to you and us all. Rolando.

  4. Beyond any doubt.

    My dear Master S.Germain.

    After the 11/11/11 Grid activation,You and the Other Ascended Masters,you ,ve

    been very glad,from the expansion of Light you ,ve seen from above.That,s was your message

    through Aruna,that time.

    Reading all your chanelled messages-through Aruna -afterwards,untill recently,it is very obvious that the Awakening Conciousness,and relatively,the Light Quodient issue,is getting worst for Earth.

    Without any hesitation,we can say that the calamities,distuction,and other prophesied events not happened so far,is because of Your Realm,and also other Light Beings,from Lower or Higher Dimensions.

    You stated also ,that Your Realm,in order to help,guide,and assist Humanity,motivated only by anconditional love,didn,t took into consideration the risks involved,within this specific 3D field of experiense.We are also here.Not near,but in the center of the darkest magnetic field in this universe.Most knows,that they are here by their own free will.

    What i am saying,is not either an opinion,nor an urgument.It is just an observation.We are slowly sinking into the darkest tense gravity, meaning,that we are entering collectively, the state of the dark night of the soul,as is been described by Dr,Tolle.

    How and how many of the collective,are going to make the passing,is unknown.Are there any concesions by The Father - Greator,in respect of the specific Ascension scenario,for making more possible the shifting of the collective or everybody has to follow the pathway to Ascension,as described in Your chanellings,or by Master Djwhal Khul in A.Baely books Rays - Initiations.

    In this case,we have a lomg way to go,as negativity is not an element which can be chifted in any way.

    The fact is, that this unigue experiment,is been contucted also in other Universess.But in a more concervative way,and under stright control.The revolutionary process followed by Christ Michael in Urantia,destine to prove that,inspite of loosing our identity and conciousness, we can return back to our devine destiny and destination,dosn,t matter how long ,ll takes.

    Evrybody is going back home.Nobody is to be left behind.It is just a matter

    of time.And that is beyond any doubt.

    Love and blessings.

  5. The sooner the better, those of us who have been caring for decades in spiritual, social justice and environmental causes find nothing but indifference here and to be honest this discourse reflects a cosmic aloofness to the current world crisis S.G. The global economy in its current parasite design is now becoming our collective tomb. Whatever we say, whatever experts recommend nothing happens for humanities and the earths relief. Does the Hierarchy understand the stress of living in these volatile times has reached the breaking point. In the past we were maintained by our faith in the future in tough times, the terrible stress of people even in developed societies is reaching levels of scream. The workplace has turned into a slave camp no relationships or spirit of goodwill and fellowship is hard to come by anymore. We are all just economic slaves in a global corporate plutocracy. All measurement is now economics, wisdom means nothing. There is nothing we can do we have spent decades caring with little or no response and it seems the Hierarchy is at a loss as well...

    As an example take a look at the Cyprus' decision to tax depositors. Now every time you deposit something in your Cyprus account it is taxed...that is INSANE....
    this is the world we are falling in...


    How can they do that?! A look at Cyprus' decision to tax depositors