Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not So Good News

My message today is to not go into fear, no matter what happens. Many dramas are coming. Nothing can deter what has already been activated, and we are not making any crazy calls about what will come of its own accord. Be able to calm yourself and mention to those around you to calm themselves, because mental activity can create chaos.

Break free of your attachments if you can. Stay away from men and women who aim to destroy. Stay only with those who have opened their hearts. Community consciousness will need to be the calming dose of sanity while you are in the midst of difficult, non-aligned activities.

News of mass destruction must be drawn out of your consciousness. Your mind can destroy more than you want destroyed while it chatters about this or that death and destruction calamity. Face all, and do not let fear defeat your health or the health of others. Carry on the best you can without complaint. Press on with any details needing your attention.

I'm not calling in the darkness when I tell you it is now moving to your area. We want all to be happy by dismissing darkness as it appears. Collect the answers that you need, only from credible methods. Go within yourself and ask to be guided. Delete any attitude you have about the "negative controllers" and gather no more action based, dense, negative thoughts about the conditions created by these controllers. Contain what you say about what is happening, because there are no credible concepts that you can share. The only thing that matters now is the caring you will be called upon to do.

The controllers will cease their attacks when they claim their full control of those countries in which they have gained a close network of cronies. Only one of these countries is the US. It is not only the US, but most of Europe and Australia as well. Russia is not in their control, as it has a different network. Most of Europe will soon be deposed of its union as areas of destruction are coming fast. In the next months you will hear of many disturbances in Europe, particularly those countries in the southern region where money is already in a controlled, managed authority camp.

Pass along the news that caring must begin in the native way: all of Mother Earth's children are equal and are not to be dominated by the aristocrats or criminals. Shave the continent of Europe by 1/4 and then see how many controllers there are in the contained mainland that remains—none. What will be left will not include any of the controlling parties. NE Europe will be the next area to move to.

More and more countries in South America are going into "no-comment" mode about what is about to occur in the continents of Europe and North America, Canada included. A great movement of Mother Earth will occur that energetically effects all, not only those in those vicinities. My message to you is not to go away, but accept and be non-concerned about what can happen.

No deaths are about to occur that have not been deemed ok on a soul level. Practice this mantra: No matter what happens we are all in good hands. "Don't go into blame against any cosmic deity or nature spirit. All have their load to administer. Make believe is just more content. Share your actual news and ignore what master con men are about to tell the masses. Wake-up and be assured that none of the things you will hear about are the real deal. All will be fictionalized.

Yes, people will die, not all that is claimed, however, and those who die will not be affected like those who live. Being one of those who live will be the difficult way. Graduation from Earth School depends on how you are about to greet the most complex configuration of events ever to happen on your continents. No place can be a safe haven, only the heart of awareness can be that. I AM THAT I AM is the heart of awareness.

Be masters in the confrontation of your dream and you can continue your awareness in the consciousness of reality.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Aruna


  1. Well its good to have the “heads up”advice, it will help one prepare the mind to stay in equilibrium when the dramas come to pass.

    Whats coming has been long anticipated and will be what will be. Even with a whirlwind there can be places of calm.

  2. For those of us who are staying in Asia and China, does St. Germain have anything new to share with us on what's coming and what to expect?

  3. Thank you but if you say not so good news then you are exactly what is called a dark one

  4. What do you mean by "Shave the continent of Europe by 1/4 and then see how many controllers there are in the contained mainland that remains" ?

    1. Indeed it is most enigmatic.

      It is too easy to speculate, but that would not be helpful. I too hope to find out, eventually.

    2. Yes, I would also appreciate an explanation to that.

  5. Does St. Germain has anything new information to share with us from Asian countries and China with regards to what's coming?

  6. Therefore it seems that i was must to say it
    and i will read it
    or the opposite

  7. This message is very different than Ashtar's, Sheldan Nidle, & others say!

  8. Please remember that at this time chaos is a critical part of any process. You can transform the chaos in every case by applying the formula: Chaos -> Love -> Light (this is my version of it). You may also experience void-points which are the "winter" part of the cycle. The opportunity is there for those who wish to use it. Both at the "Micro" and "Macro" level. The templates are intertwined. Namaste.

  9. I have always felt that a shake down was going to happen, but was not sure as to when. We need to fasten our seatbelts and prepare for a bumpy ride. Hope that it this ride will not last long. And, I am sure that our off planet brothers and sisters will help us. We need to call on them.