Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's Manifesting in Asia

My Dear Ones.  My words are not to generate any misunderstandings, nor are they meant to detail what may occur.  The purpose of my last message was to leave you with a method to observe the natural death of your material matrix as an opening to what lies beyond. What is now about to occur MUST occur to allow the New Earth to make the world more habitable. What dies comes to its end by God's design, and lessons for humanity are found in death.

Now is the time to accept that "new and different" needs death to precede it. Having hope is not the same as accepting "what is" and making death a doorway to more life. All things have a life cycle, including all the changes that are needed to build your "new and different" communities. To build communities with your most compatible friends requires that you must end what is now in place. Are you doing this? Are those you are closest to willing to come to you? Yes? Then they are ending what is now part of their current way of living. When anything alters it is to make way for what is next.

So when I say that most of the European materialization is about to alter, why get negative about this? Continents alter themselves all the time. What occurs in nature cannot be deemed negative. It may appear to be a difficult change, as in death and destruction, and not represent any clear change that you are able to appreciate at the mental level. But, the fact is, all death is the doorway to a new world. Wake-up and you will comprehend what I am saying. Don't try to deter change. Flow with it. Make it a new opportunity.

Asia will be devastated in many ways. Typhoons, other weather changes, and collapsed economies are about to commence. Nowhere is there more density and less ability for self-sufficiency. China is an abundant continent. Many can come together and live communally there with no lack of consumer goods in the near future. But when the collapse of the US occurs, the challenge China will face is that their ability to lead is not going to occur because they need greater momentum to catapult them into control. Instead China will lose the momentum it has, due to the  negative attitudes it has created towards itself. The world is against this happening. Policies that dominate there will not be accepted.

North Korea will not dominate any other country, but may attack South Korea to take over when American influences are not available to stop them. South Korea will not be destroyed, as other countries will come to its aid against North Korea.

Japan will not agree to the new constitution that is being called for in its new mandate, and will decrease its influence in the days to come. Without the US in charge of its military, attacks on this country may also occur. In the next delivery of new government officials, many caring ideas can be developed. Solar and other new energy technologies can be the next contribution this country makes as a demonstration of consciousness. Solving its money and control issues must come before military activity— peace is the order of the day.  And no more deity worship of the Emperor is going to be deemed acceptable; denial of this attitude comes from the hearts of the people.

New developments in the areas of India and Pakistan and Afghanistan are deeply entwined with US interests. War may go forward in these countries. Saving them is not going to occur, as many are angry about the national dramas in their populations. Seven sects dominate these areas and they don't agree on anything. Not so good news in this region.

Arab countries demand all the attention now. What happens in Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen and Egypt may create a big opportunity for world terrorism. Not to invade is the key— let them douse their own fires. What is happening in Syria is not as the news media portrays. President Assad is in control and his military might will attack and destroy parties of opposition. Welcoming the opposition is a mistake—allowing them to attack with the delivered weapons constitutes drama of other countries, not so the actual atrocities being dealt by Assad military on itself for more attention to their cause. Chasing families out of the country will deter many deaths and overturn the drama in the country they came from. For now they add to the war news for sympathy.

Police drama is now one that needs attention. Marshall law will be enforced in many countries and many of those now called on to deliver traffic tickets will be arresting more than those traffic offenders. Give no resistance. Allow yourself to move into whatever occurs with grace. Allow them to take away your answer too, but they will not take your dignity. Give no attack on anyone. Give only caring and dream the dream of more caring in all. circumstances. Don't deliver dialog that will get you dealt a death or a control drama.

Infinite assistance is always available in the world of man's own inner guidance. Get it touch with it! Solve your own dos and don'ts when they come calling. Allow and care! Separation from your family and friends may be the thing that awakens the I AM within you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain,

Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank you. Love.

  2. Would these global changes and chaos take years and generations to complete before everything calms down?

    Given that there was just another 6.0 Magnitude earthquake which affected the same area where the damaged Fukushima nuclear power-plant is, one immediate question comes to mind: How would that damaged nuclear power-plant and the ongoing radioactive emissions coming out from it, going to play out in Japan and the rest of the world when everything is undergoing big chaos and changes? What does God has in store for this situation?

    This information would be most useful for us staying in Asia in the coming months and years ahead.

    Thank you very much.

  3. This does not sound like St. Germain (my guide). I am wondering who's she channeling

  4. Therefore it seems that i have fell onto trams because of believing that there are many ways to praise many ways to serve god so it seemed as if i believe in many gods when in truth i believed only in one god

  5. ununfortunately i had too much hate and i didnt worked on it on time

  6. Therefore it seems that the only way for me its happiness

  7. Thank you for the information, I wonder if St. Germain could also comment on what is the Divine's plan and outcome for the ongoing damaged nuclear-plant at Fukushima, Japan. How would this situation affect the Japanese population and the world as a whole in the coming years to come? Can we expect a resolution in the coming years?

  8. Dear Saint Germain, could you please give us a glimpse about what's manifesting in South America?

    Thank You

  9. The ET Contact is very dangerous
    i was not able to be conscious of this until this moment that i have died in another time

  10. All of us must use our own faculty of discernment. If this information doesn't feel right within you, move on and leave it. Find something you feel good about, and you will most likely find that it is ONLY within yourself. If you place trust in anyone or anything outside yourself, be prepared to be deceived. Ask questions like, 'who ultimately benefits by providing whatever information you are receiving'? Delve deep to find the truth.

    One must ask many questions and see if any answers are forthcoming, that you then wish to proceed with. Many wolves lie within the sheeps clothing. Who knows if SG is real or not? He hasn't popped in to say to me lately.

    This blog is just words on a screen, as are so many forms of so called 'spiritual' information. Trust yourself, your true self. Not that ego voice in your head, feel within your own heart. Ask the questions within yourself. Is the information for my good? Allow yourself to be your own guide, not outside information that you have no possible way of confirming.

    Something that doesn't make any sense to me, is this. If by decree, and ordained of God, this creation here and now is right and correct and on track in every way, why does anyone need any information from a 3rd party? If there is a law of no interference, anyone channeling information, is being interfered with aren't they? Who has the right to provide information from so-called 'ascended masters' that would indeed influence and interfere with the way humans think? I don't just mean this blog either.

    Just as the 2nd poster above has stated, they live in one of the so called affected areas by this blog detail. So now they want to know how to survive. Isn't it only natural for that to occur?

  11. If this is indeed St Germain, his soul has had human incarnations. It would know exactly what happens when any information is provided to humans. We will take that information and most likely act on it and most likely from a fear based survival instinct.

    Providing information on more caring and sharing and loving, is a wonderful thing to do. Mentioning the other 'stuff' leaves me feeling like it is just another round of false prophecy, to influence the way we think. Fear controls, so by stating various things 'may' happen, it is really going to have those who act from fear based survival instincts acting from a place other than love. We all want to survive right? I know I do. Would you move from a coastal paradise, to the hills, if you knew a tsumani was coming?

    Any source can say all the pretty and 'right' words under the sun, and if they think or state it won't affect those reading it, to the point of it having the readers act, I consider they are not ascended in my opinion, but abusing their privilege and providing fear based information instead.

    If us humans only consider love everyday, what a different world we would live in. Our actions and words and deeds would come from our hearts. Those same actions, words and deeds would be unity conscious based, all for one and one for all.

    This world is currently no where near unity consciousness, take a look around, read the news, watch the TV, whatever. What do you see? I don't have a TV, I hardly ever read the web news sites, as the whole deal is a world I don't want to live in.

    So, I have a dilemma don't I? How to create my world? The world I wish to experience? Can it be created when mass consciousness survives in fear? I can live in a remote pocket somewhere, do my thing, but the craziness will still occur. The planet as a whole must rise in consciousness for my dream to become reality. As soon as I leave my remote paradise, I am not in the space I wish to be in.

    So, all those who have touted 'ascension' and are still on the planet in a 3D world, have been duped and deceived. IF any ascension has happened to anyone, they won't exist in the same space as we do. They can't. It is like oil and water, they don't mix.

    All we can do is be responsible for our own thoughts, deeds and actions and not allow those operating from their survival instincts to affect us.

    Good luck, share the love.

  12. By the way dear Saint Germain, what ever happened to ascension?

    Thank you.

  13. I cant be 100% responsible for my thoughts or place thoughts only on myself as i am on a plane that humans still my will by claiming it is theirs

  14. i want to thank very much
    for all those who work for us from the higher dimensions

  15. Dear Ones,

    When ego/mind is in charge and not ignored by you the true natural self, you will experience TRUST issues, mind always want to know what happens next, how / why /who, recalling the past referencing always realities / concepts to find a stable comfortable state.
    When the mind is ignored, the now moment becomes your home, peace, joy happiness and the most important aspect is knowing from the heart that all is ok, everything is fine, there is nothing wrong, everything is always ok and in good hands.
    We are all just playing, we are all consciousness, and expressions of consciousness. The ego/mind has created the world we live in, ego does not know unconditional love from the heart.
    This is SG talking through Aruna, if you are awake what he says will not matter to you, because you will have your own truth, and does not have to rely on your ego to be updated all of the time.
    SG gave this again at the end of his message, if you need to write exam this is your answer!n The ego will focus on the rest of the message and not the last part! Awaken that is all you need to do and the rest will not bother you!

    Awaken and let consciousness lead you to where you must go, everything outside the eyes is a dream, awaken and let the dream be!

    I am that I am

  16. I am not sure i understand what someones galactics or not are teacging about past lives
    but what is sure
    is that in this life i just SIMPLY HATE SADNESS

  17. Therefore it seems that the mayans are still manipulating the human mind and making crimes everyday