Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ascension Will Occur

When the directors of human affairs completely drain God's creation of its ability to nurture life, we will all be stepping into a new dream. It will not be a material dream, but a "next world" one.

Next world, you ask? Yes, a world where I Am That I Am brings forth new and different mastery challenges now that the "control vs. caring" dramas are drawing to a close.  The dreamers are no longer capable of continuing their lives with them. As this dream dissolves in its own dramatic way, will the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood do anything? Yes, we will ask all who can accept our call to go out of their domiciles and ascend.

I've not mentioned ascension as a goal on this blog, because we don't consider it to be one. It is the next level of Mastery, not a new dream or a continuation of this one. As long as you consider any dream to be reality you are not yet a Master, just a dreamer of one drama after another. Masters are not dreamers—as they know what is real and what is not.  

Slowly but surely the doorway to heaven has been opening. Those who complete their awakening and are no longer dreaming will leave this dream full of happiness. Divine grace will lead them to the 5th, or a higher dimension. There will not be another collective attempt at a mass ascension, but to the ones still identified with the drama, still unable to accept ascension, those ascending will seem to disappear.

My dear ones, your world will become more difficult. No one can add enough caring to today's dross to completely reverse its  condition.  One consciousness created this dross; it was not the controllers and. beings of light appearing to oppose one another. I AM THAT I AM composed the entire script for your ability to love, to gain strength of its own accord. When dross appeared there was a choice made to either clear it with love, or not. In many control driven actions the choice to go away from dross was available, but dross was chosen instead. Corporate greed has become the controller of all dramas, and caring about the choices of dreamers has come to an end.

Can another choice be made now? Not by the ones in control, they don't care—only by those who care and can accept God as the ONE choice that ever was theirs to make. Can this choice do anything to alter the ascension call? Yes, all called can answer with an action that declares their mastery.

Controllers may appear to have destroyed the world, but in truth, their role in the big picture has always been to lead more masters to ascension. Are you a master? If you are not sure, go to an awakened teacher to complete your ascension qualifications NOW. When the dross is too dense to clear, nothing but ascension can be next. Get ready. This has to happen as a consequence of God's choice and the choice of all who go as God.

I Am That I Am
Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Aruna


  1. What the heck does "When the directors of human affairs completely drain God's creation of its ability to nurture life" mean?

  2. Thanks for the message dear Saint Germain and Aruna. Is there a time frame for ascension?

  3. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    Can St. Germain talk about the upcoming sun's poles flip? How it would affect Earth and everyone on it?

    Also, does that mean the Chinese boy which St. Germain talked a while back about guiding him, didn't turn out the way it was hoped?

    Thank you very much.

  4. Since there won't be another mass Ascension Call, this call to Ascension would be on an individual level? Could St. Germain comment further?

    I wonder if the Galactic Federation would be taking part in whatever role in the final stages? Would St. Germain care to comment?

    Thank you very much.

  5. Bruce, "the directors of human affairs completely drain God's creation of its ability to nurture life, we will all be stepping into a new dream"...this essentially means the elite of this world the 1,500 people who have a greater net worth than 3 billion.

    The ones who control the governments, banking finance, create endless conflicts, measure all things as economic and marginalize everything to the chink of the coins and power for themselves. The quest for endless domination and power over nature and humanity, economic wars, the extraction of all life and substances from the earth.
    The scarcity of everything for humanity and gain domination and control for themselves without end with little or no solutions and ingenuity for global problems, the suffering of the earth and humanity and the future of precious children, and the evolution of a new earth.

    But we are 7 billion and we are awakening on mass inspiring a new planetary collective reality to serve God's plan of Love Wisdom and Power and restore the plan on earth...yes indeed Ascension is coming but do not expect it to be handed to anyone...the Ascension is within you to develop through meditation and inner disciplines...through inner metaphysical tenacity then you need to you move up...and beyond to your freedom.... or are you ready to be an active Christ being in the world and become a Physical Trans Dimensional Angel and bring forth the Ascension of billions and the Ascension of a new planetary higher evolutionary order of civilization....and UNSLAVE HUMANITY and the Elite from themselves with forgiveness, love and relationship.

    This is the new evolution. As mankind awakens to the realization that there is only ONE--LIFE, one mind, one consciousness, one reality, one law, the source of duality and separation will have no substance and can no longer exist. This is what is happening now...the emergence of the ONE LIFE, THE ONE MIND, THE ONE DIVINE HEART. There is a new synthesis and faith emerging that will transform all things. Behold we make all things a new. Have Faith...the problems and Dross of Human Creation are real but the power of humanity working with God now is unlimited and galactic in scope. Be of good cheer for a new earth evolution is coming on all levels.
    Adoration and Praise to ALMIGHTY GOD THE IAM.

    ICKE on unslaving Humanity in a New Era Evolution.


    ~ From the point of Light within the Mind of God
    Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
    Let Light descend on Earth.

    From the point of Love within the Heart of God
    Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
    May Christ return to Earth.

    From the centre where the Will of God is known
    Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

    From the centre which we call the race of men
    Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

  6. If we just keep our eyes on...THE FINGER...we will miss all the new Heavenly Glory now emerging.

  7. Dear Ones,

    As the drama unfold, the heart will only feel love, joy and peace. The mind will call on you to follow the drama and take part in it, this will bring the real you , natural self only suffering. Awaken to what reside in the heart, your home, find I AM THAT I AM, complete the awakening and the next step will be without effort. The drama comes as a test of your mastery, accept it and you will not know peace, joy and love. There is absolutely no purpose accept to find the self and let mind/ego go. AWAKEN dear ones! Make the choice and AWAKEN!


  8. therefore it seems that there has not been et contact yet
    it is still a conversation about the Lemuria and Atlantis

  9. So What does Saint Germain says ?
    how do we fight this negativity?

  10. It is ok to think that everybody represent a personality of one
    but i thought that every one each one could be free to himself

  11. Saint Germain what would you think about how being friends
    in true relationships of fire can be is not possible

  12. nobody is pure evil or pure angel

  13. Incredible Ascension Message from Galactic Master...

    ~ Your bodies have been changing a while back from Carbon to Crystalline when you and your new four or five chakra's were starting to develop - activated. What is happening now is the process that will be completed in the next Three Days ... with your help, of course! ~

    Remember, you have agreed for your bodies to change to go through your Ascension! We all agreed to the "Divine PLAN" with Prime Creator. Nothing is happening without our free will choice! Your bodies will then be complete LIGHT BODIES to go through the frequency vibration to withstand the pure Light that the full Ascension requires!!!

    This has already happened to some Lightworkers!!
    l have been going through incredible flashes of Inner Light
    and my dreams are visions lately....something is happening...and for a long time now...

    l have never been an arm chair activist Light Worker.
    l am always trying to see the positive side to see that the plan of Love Wisdom and Divine Power could restore the plan on earth...but it is so hard to bring forward the good will and new resources that this world needs the world has become a carnal poker little love for the sacred earth, the future of children, the beloved creatures and kingdoms of the little community, life is just the struggle to survive each day..l have ascended before in the luminous body but always returned maybe its time to get ready...when can mankind live in peace and brotherhood and community....when is life not so hard and tiring and filled with constant little worries....When is Love the ruling power with Wisdom, when will the powerful care about humanity, families, children and their future and the earth, when will there be a time when money does not control all things...not with the people in power now...
    we may be entering into the Separation of Souls and the Separation of Worlds..and Dimensions...make sure you work for Ascension, it is your divine right but you must make the calls for assistance.

    Do not be worried if the inner visions of light in the sleep state take over your consciousness go with it
    Let Go and..Let God....Angels are everywhere now...let it lift you beyond the body...


  14. how does one open a new universe or as i have understood it is possible only with the twin soul soul not twin flame soul