Sunday, July 15, 2012

All Who Can Ascend Must be Able

When we give you our messages, they convey all that is presently needed. Asking for additional information is your mind's way of negating our content as being "not good enough." In my latest message I was answering a question about what is happening regarding ascension. This question needed to be answered, because mental desire for new and different conditions is what controls the mass consciousness now. We will provide comments about what is being co-created that is new and different as soon as we are able to determine this.

When will ascension occur? There were already two waves which made many of the candidates Ascended Masters. The next wave will complete the ascensions of all qualified candidates who can conceptually shift into other dimensions, and  divine decree will then make the more advanced material decisions regarding the conscious deletion of matter. Can we give a more detailed call? Not yet. In the next days we can and will.

Please observe the content that your mind dishes out in response to my messages. Is it clear? Not really. Awakened? No. It is only your mind's ideas about what the message actually means. My meaning in the last one was not an advisory about the elimination of ascension candidates. Instead, it was telling you that the door will close for all who do not do their preparation before the next wave commences. This is not divisive, as anyone completing their personal drama can ascend. It is only those who are unable to conceive of ascension or cannot decide now that they want to awaken and ascend who will be left behind. The lack of that decision being made will mean that no angel will come to assist.

Dense bodies need to complete the dissoluton of their negative concepts in time to go through the ascension door. If you are dreaming of ascending and not clearing contractions, you will not be able to manage the energies that are coming to make the ascension occur. Not dreaming of ascension yet? No clearing? Then you will not be able to ascend.

Are we disappointed? No, only acting to accelerate those ready to ascend. It is our opening of the door that makes it occur, and we can only do that when the mass consciousness deletes active control of cause and effect. No dream cancels opportunities for the dreamer. In this case the dreamers are still getting ready.

Prayers will not create an ascension. No amount of mental choosing or calling in the Masters for assistance can do it either. Giving up control of any kind is the only mandate needed. Going into the mode of not caring is more causative than deciding and actively mismanaging your means of aligning with the divine light that comes to call you away from your dream.

Celebrate with us the new face of man's world, as it nears completion of the old answers to control and conquer games. Many of the controllers are on the way out of any new or ongoing dramas. New Masters can now advance other options. Are you one with some new creative Oneness ideas? The next days will find acceptance of these developments so you can change the dream with them.

Many of you can ascend, but not all will. So what is next for those not ascending? Opportunities to keep contracting or deleting contractions, giving unconditionally or not caring, making a difference or denying your greatness. All who learn to love and give in all circumstances can ascend at the moment of death.

When this generation of qualified ascension candidates are completely done with continuing their "me vs. others" lifetimes, no more ascensions will occur to give the one dream of many a final dissolution. Other dreamers will come and go until the next dominion of God is ready to complete their continuation cycle—in another 2000 years of your time. Peace may come as a result of these ascensions and give more of God's gifts to all who can make their lives on this continuous cycle worthwhile. For those ascending, there will be a time of rest, awaiting the changes of the land to complete, and then creating the New Earth as a divine collective consciousness.

Masters can create as they choose, and all they care to choose is something new and different from the current dynamics.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. i watched my grandmother ascend. I hope to see her soon.

  2. As I sit with these beautiful words and allow them to permeate, the precision of the Truth entrances! Thank you Saint Germain for your continued generosity....

  3. For those of us that are a little denser than the rest, do you mind explaining in 3d terms (not ethereal) what does clearing contractions mean????? And more importantly how (again in 3d terms) you accomplish this? Lastly, what is a contraction??? Might you make your language a little simpler please?

  4. kenny j

    Master, just to clarify for all, if
    "It is only those who are unable to conceive of ascension or cannot decide now that they want to awaken and ascend who will be left behind"
    Can we assume that, we, who ARE aware of the concept of Ascension and have decided that we are ready to leave behind all 3d earth attachments to awaken and ascend, WILL receive the call? Thank you

  5. Ascension is all such an enigma, and so is the debacle of this dimension of Maya...the Divine order is present in and is visible in nature and the universe but wisdom is not in the culture...and the constant exhaustion and vicissitudes and illusions of physical plane existence...make it very difficult to really live a Christed higher life and when you do and if you can... get ready to be pounced on by the staus quo egos in the consenus reality matrix that will defend itself. Anyone who appears to be different or at a higher level then the consenus reality matrix is a target...even the most strong and steadfast it is very depleting, it is very tiring...trying to live a life that might bring forth the new and higher when there is so much against it defending the lower status quo.

    l can and always have handled the attacks, psychic, physical, dimensional on and handle it and you call in the Light. Its the indifference of people that is so tiring. l have gathered over 200 people together over the years for the study of the principles of Ascension and the world crisis which l have applied and Ascended in the luminous body in 2007 completely awake.

    l would say from experience Ascension is the reuniting with the Light Body IAM that is always there for the lower incarnated self but requires work and practice to connect too. A level of work and time beyond what most have any understanding of. No matter what people say...that the Universe provides...this Universe is very hard and this world very cruel and hard hearted to the children of light evolution. What we are learning here we will not probably understand till we cross over from this dream. To believe that you can step outside and leap into a new hard to fathom and grasp but with the new cosmic energies on the planet it might be so now.

    l will say to all here in this unique community l have experienced trans dimensional Masters and yes they do disappear. What they do is move up into the higher frequencies where we cannnot see them because they are vibrating at a level of photonic light that we cannot see.

    l am torn to my duty too serve struggling humanity here
    or moving up into ascension...fundamentally if there is no help for this Aquarius Era work...then we might as well move up...l am tired.


  6. tonight l discovered ASCENSION....
    Ascension is...D A N C E..... : )