Monday, July 2, 2012

A New Twist

Conditions are good in all countries for changing the direction of negative attitudes into more caring, delight and awareness. Why? An astrological configuration is going to assist. When an impending drama is about to occur, no man has the ability to change this by mind's design. But with what is now the new ascension commitment, the next dense cosmic node is about to dismantle its negative mode of influence and do what all negative materializations are about to do: detonate at the branch of creation coming directly from divine conception. Core level density management is about to occur. Are you going to be free of disasters in the world? No, but freedom is not about being in a particular physical condition, its more about your mental attitude.

Are you able to deny the gross desecration man has made to his habitat? No, well God doesn't deny that this has occurred either, but will care for all, no matter how they need to be cared for. When negative attitudes about anything are desroying God's creation, the way to deliver love is to name the darkness as a gift that helps you become more aware of your own dark thoughts. Safe and active consideration towards any dark thoughts will nullify them.

Can you do this in all situations? Yes. Ask for a new awareness about the dark object of your attention. Is it a dark drama in your own area of existance or in a different area? It may not be a drama now, but will be in the days to come. Can you recognize the fear in your negative attitudes? Are the most negative people  afraid of what they mandate against? Yes, in almost every case. Against war? Afraid of it. Against control? Afraid of it. Being against anything means being afraid it will damage one's current level of comfort.

What do you care about in life? Will it be affected? If not, do you give forth any negative attitudes? No, only against conditions confronting your fears. Against child abuse? Against drugs? Against malnutrition in other people's lives? Are you negative about these things? Consider all your causes of negativity to be a fear based distrust of what can occur in your world of influence. Cherish these confronting appearances, because they deliver another detail in the nature of man's mental delusion to your awareness. These discoveries become your gifts from divine light as an opening to another level of consciousness.

Preparing for ascension includes this new detail. When we describe conditions of darkness it is always to deliver more awareness to how your mind reacts to an obtuse comment or direct declaration of one thing or another. Are you afraid of what the controllers are doing? Then you are adding dense energy to their claim on your life. Can you change them or their actions? Not directly, but by not assigning negative thoughts to their actions, you lead more caring energy to others than those thoughts would bring. After an event that appears destructive, give only love, not blame. When missing pieces of the deception emerge, allow divine grace to flow through you. Bless your adversaries, for they bring you a gift of great magnitude.

Positive thinking is not the same in character or active manifestation. Positive cause and effect depends on how heartfelt the thoughts are. Saying affirmations as a repetitious game to change creation does nothing. Adding an active dream with a vision does nothing either, unless desire for the thing envisioned comes along with the mental construct. Being caring about what is affirmed or visioned brings it one step closer to being an active creation. BUT, caring without a creative thought is the most active energy that you can bring towards giving more light to the current consciousness. Asking only for what is in the highest good of all delivers God's will, and this makes a better contribution than anything your mind can conceive of.

Beliefs about creating your own reality are really about creating an illusionary concept that actually appears as your dream. Giving up your dream is what ascension is about. Can you give away all that mind delivers to be an Ascended Master? Beliefs are not active in our realm, only an assessment of what comes to this realm as your dreams. Bring us no dreams and we can assess things quite differently. Bless the world, its differences and its dramas, with love. This is what will get you out of the negative dream that causes money and countries to disappear. Believe nothing about danger or control in life and no danger or control can exist. Let go of your fear—it doen't make things better. Give more gratitude and celebrate new breakthroughs in truth and consciousness—in yours and also in others.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna    


  1. I have found that being aware of these fears do help "control" the outcome in an indirect way. For example, if I am aware of my fear of strangers, identifying the issue and then sending that fear love generates a "response" that those strangers are now quite delightful, and greet me warmly. The "control" is not me saying, why do they hate me, it is tapping in to the root of the problem, because in truth they desire to receive love and be loved, rather than being feared. If they fear me, they can see my example, and understand there is no reason to fear. Maybe "fear" is too strong a term here but it is useful for illustrating the point. In fact the original state that we desire to "move into" has existed all along. At a quantum level we are simply bringing that potential state into being. Now if only we could get the popular media off the apocalypse treadmill!

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I think it would be also most helpful if St. Germain could kindly let us know more about this new turn of event, as in what is the nature of this event (e.g. financial/economical collapse, geographical disaster, social outcome, revelation of some truths about the dark controllers)?

    As it is known that the dark controllers are already planning a total collapse of the financial-economic system to bring about their NWO agenda, so how would this new turn of event bring about more caring, delight and awareness?

    Maybe St. Germain would also elaborate on how to be caring without any active thoughts?

    Thank you very much.

  3. Anonymous I feel like much of what you are asking has already been laid out in past posts by St. Germain as well as the arch angels. It's hard not to think about things as we objectively offer love light and care but it gets easier. There was once a post that said many things concerning the rate at which information flows through the channels it does to get to us. That one was a good read. Last look to your heart for the answers and they will make themselves apparent to you. Love graciously.

  4. A recent storm here in DC showed me what this might look like, and I am frankly quite impressed by the decorum and civility that everyone has shown. This is a different "event" from what you describe but the same kinds of socio-economic factors are at work. There were roughly 2 million people without power. Yet people still went to work, they found alternative shelter when needed, and things were otherwise pretty quiet. Traffic lights were out but people respected each other, and life went on. I believe we'll see the same thing from now on, with more and more people recognizing that they are being given the opportunity to help others, and whatever difficulty we might face, is just another easily-overcome challenge.

    Relating this back to St. Germain's post, it is your choice to focus on the disaster, or on the outflowing of love and support that results from the situation. Both exist, but which is more real and personal to us? Clearly, for me, the disaster is less important than the resulting love and support that is given and received. And I am tremendously grateful for that. It makes my corner of the world a better place to live. :-)

  5. thinking about Saint Germain's posts on awareness also brings light to your concerns. becoming masters takes care of it all.