Sunday, July 8, 2012

Get Ready to Ascend

Many of my chelas are able to ascend. Can they do so now? Yes. No more waiting for millions of others to accompany them. We may not get the media to notice what is about to occur, but there is no need to now. We of the Great White Brotherhood no longer care if those not ascending are activated because we did all that we could to draw them in. No more calls for ascension are coming. No more energy will be expended to awaken those who cannot make this their defining lifetime. Cause and effect now override any of our urgings. Only those committed to ascend can answer the call.

When it comes, we anticipate that there will be several ways to answer our call. Most will go outside immediately to be drawn into the new energies around them. Others will go out as they complete tasks they are doing. And some will doubt and begin asking questions about ascension because they aren't awake yet and still need more clarity. Opening to these new energies requires complete denial of non-aligned attitudes. Collective minds cannot do this, only free ones. So if you are not able to act on your own inner call, you may be left behind.

A Master chooses to follow his/her own inner call. Inner stillness is important to being a good listener. Meditation calms the nervous system and allows the call to be clear enough to be obvious. Being in contact with the Ascended Masters and Angels is another way to hear the call.

No call will come to those unable to act on it. A change of attitude can determine whether a call is made or not. Those who are able to accept the call  will act as though an angel came to their door and invited them to activate their ascension mode. Once this is done they will disappear—not to the more aware, but to those who are not capable of accepting man's immortality. In a matter of moments no clue about their ascension will be noticed by an active observer.

Pretending our message is not heard will only contain the disappearance momentarily, as it cannot be denied. Making a different choice about ascension would collapse awakened awareness instantly.

Be wise. Be masterful. Be an ascended one.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Together is very important

    Yes We Can !

  2. Thankyou St germain, clear and understood.
    I wait for an Angel ....


  3. Yes we can and yes we will. With great love and light,

  4. With ALL THAT I AM I thank you St. Germain. I await the Angel.All my love and light,


  5. Why so serious?

  6. Dear St Germain,

    How very exciting (I hope it is ok to be excited), and at the same time so sad for those who have not yet chosen or even glimpsed this awesome adventure!

    I hope though that you may clarify a couple of your points as i wasn't quite sure what you meant:

    "Others will go out as they complete tasks they are doing." - does this mean after they finish important duties or projects, they will ascend - i.e. what if this means weeks or months, or are you talking in more immediate terms such as mere minutes or hours? i have work commitments over the next few months, for example, where i feel that my involvement can really help deliver beneficial outcomes for the environment and people. God willing, i would like to fulfill these commitments and not cause undue suffering to those left behind to pick up the pieces. But if the ascension call comes (and i accept it may not), should i just not worry about these commitments, and accept the call more or less straight away?? i accept that my departure may well give others the opportunity to shine and that would surely be a good thing...

    ... and ...

    "In a matter of moments no clue about their ascension will be noticed by an active observer." Could you please explain what this means?

    Love and gratitude,

    1. Alright, now you're talking Saint Germain. Here we go!

  7. Attitude is everything. Discernment and proper choice of attitude is an act of daily discipline.
    Grateful to the masters for continued guidance in these amazing times of transformation and change.
    Cindy Morris, Priestess Astrologer

  8. Thanks S.G. got some serious cleaning up to do this
    weekend will do it to get ready for lift off...going to
    do a multi media pow wow on Ascension and the Dimensional Shift for some nice a last wake up..most of the time l get some interest but not much...its hard breaking through the monetized matrix even with spiritual people.

    OH one last item...S.G.
    Can l still check my email..after Ascension..

    l promise l won't send anything... ; )

    IAM race awakening.

  9. Deep gratitude for the Masters light and Aruna for her help. Love and peace for all.

  10. Hi Everyone...

    In the Masters and Mankind blog, what did Archangel Michael meant by "Can money and clothing be given away? Not until you get the call, and then, not until the call has been completed."? Would the Ascension Call last a while and one would still be around even after Ascension to do the paperwork?

    Thank you very much...

  11. Getting ready. At first there were questions. Then reminded myself that its all good. If I ascend and stay or ascend and leave, its all okay. Love and light to all.

    Been vibrating, sleeping, happy. Body isn't the same; feels strange at times. Mind is absolutely quiet at times outside of meditation.

    In Love, Respect and Gratitude, thank you Saint Germain and Aruna.

  12. Dear Saint Germain, is there any specific time frame designed for the ascension process at all?.....Thanks.