Friday, March 30, 2012

Changes You Can Have NOW

My message today cancels the dross the majority of dear ones are carrying. It means that they are ready to leave their desires behind. Many are clearing dross to be in alignment with heart led callings, and daring to do this has been courageous and dangerous in some situations. But today, we of the Great White Brotherhood are able to lead more clearing to you with only your agreement.

Before agreeing, this is what can be done: A great change in health by deleting cravings and diet needs being delivered by mental creation. Think about how this can clear your addictions for all of the deficient meals we cannot advise you to eat. When you ask to be delivered a meal, the body will receive all the food contained in a Master's diet in mega doses by channeling it and consuming it without moving any physical matter through the digestion system. Only the nutrients will be delivered, not the container of those nutrients. You will need to get used to this major alteration in your assimilation of nutrients, so begin this program without disturbing what you do now to consume the things you chew and swallow.  As the food we deliver is able to be accepted, less will be taken in by the current method. Chew your food very well to keep the movement of little mouthfuls going through the body. Your natural digestion will not be able to consume bulk once our alterations are made.

Next, we can create new frames for your clothes with this diet management method. All who desire to drop many pounds can do so without feeling deprived. Our new control of your diet can deliver you nutrients in abundance without any calories. Only those physically added by you will be of any consequence. 

As these changes in food choices are made, choose only organic and consider the consumption of grain fed animals to be a death creator. No chemicals are compatible with this new, dramatically different eating condition. What you decide to eat can densify the body or allow it to become free of food decay.

Present these new deliveries of nutrients to the cells as you would a "normal" meal. Act as though food is being consumed. Taste the contents as they are led to the mind's channel and chew them with slow and content delight. We will tell you what you are chewing and the flavor can be generated mentally. Then add what other foods you want to eat, but eat much less than previously consumed. What you add can give the body a good feeling by only moving the mouth a few times. Pretend our nutrients are the main course. 

You can begin this course of action when you tell us "I agree." Then go to the store and get the things you want to eat and make 1/3 of the current amount you are now consuming. First agree, then get the food. 

Next, your memory can be deleted. If there are old, negative feelings that cannot be removed by choosing to complete the dance with an attitude change, we can erase these memories. You must ask us to do this. Are you willing to let go of these disturbances? Can you be an Ascended Master as a consequence? No, but this can eliminate many of the dramas in your mind and clear the contractions caused by them.

And now, best of all: We can create a new answer to all of your negative concerns. Fears can be deleted, anger gone, and the managing control of your mental condition can also be deleted. Only open hearted attitudes can activate ascension, so letting go of negative chatter cannot be an option—it must go. Are you able to accept this offer?

When you are, tell us before going to another dream of the mind or another dream of the chooser of denial. Change is NOW. Are we on the controller's list by deleting anything you need? No, only giving you the ability to ascend. 

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Wow! cool! Thak You SG!

  2. I really needed this message. Thank you saint germain. Thank you Aruna. I AGREE! Amanda

  3. OMMmmmmmm yummy...
    in some of the old literature on Lemuria it is suggested that the most advanced spiritual families simply sat at the diner table now and again not all the time and visualized what they wanted for diner, nuts, seeds, mango's, oranges, greens, salads, beans etc and under the law of the mental plane as the plane of initial manifestation the equivalent etheric fruit or vegetable would then manifest from the subtle dimension to the table. Now this is not magic but the purity of the laws of spiritual science. Our thoughts and feelings have created
    lots of unpleasant things in our society as we can see but we have the power to bring forth these positive experiences and even instant manifestations, the IAM is the doer. Its harder in the frequencies of the stressed city life but possible to have some of these experiences once the subtle energy of the higher chakras are enabled through mediation and breath.

    l am sorry S.G. but l have always loved GOD's good healthy natural food. Just had a yummy salad of greens, nuts, seeds, cooked black beans, cucumber, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, sprouts, parsley, chopped broccoli a little tomato sauce, and l am sorry my devotion to Gods wonderful Sardines that could feed the world.

    Now S.G. you can't tell me your not feeling just a little hungry right now, : )

  4. Most grateful, dear Saint Germain and Aruna. Results without meditating in a cave for months and years or experiencing spontaneous fasting for long periods. How wonderful.

  5. It is extraordinary how this message could be assimilated entirely with just a detailed reading -- everything is there for us to learn and understand. With all my heart, thanks!