Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dross, Drugs and Politics

Dross: Caring for the master (you) is urgently needed. Change nothing about the dross and develop new diseases. Clear the dross and be able to choose the next answer to New Earth energies that are coming to a climax this year. What is the way to clear dross? Meditate!

Before your meditation ask to have assistance during this time for healing and clearing dross. Meditate 20 minutes daily and ask for nothing but this, before, during or after. Talk to the guides you chose to have available. When able, do the coning of *MAP, the Medical Assistance Program of the Great White Brotherhood. Get the book and do what the contents direct. After your first calibration session we can assist you in many ways. Give yourself this great gift. My channel will give the ordering information at the close of this message.

Drugs: Answers to all the drugs being given must be established as optional, or death by vaccine will destroy great numbers of masters prior to ascension. Change your diet now. Begin to decree that no drugs are to make their way into your community. Notice that my word was community, not the one making the decree. In the days to come more will need community affiliation by necessity. Group discussion about drugs must be done. When drugs are a doctor's correction for nervous disorders they must be discontinued. All mood changing drugs are very harmful. Consider them an energy destroyer. Take good food instead. Peel away the layers of your disturbance with techniques that are effective. Many aids to using these tools are in your community. Answers to dross are abundant. Give them your attention.

Masks are now being removed, and drama is already confronting those who are being the antagonists in this confusing anthology of world events. When doctors and the medical controllers are not able to force their dance of death, we will be celebrating. Change here is absolutely needed. Giving medication to children without their guardian's agreement is negating their ability to choose. Cases are being brought against these actions. Be on the side of those asking to be made aware of these violations of their children's rights. Togetherness in these causes is the only way to approach the dictators of these actions. Sign petitions. Ask to be called by the administrator of the program in which your child is enrolled. Cancel attendance in programs requiring inoculations. Drop the doctor who recommends that drugs come before natural choices like diet adjustment, and other more careful answers than masking symptoms. A child's body is not to be drugged. Find ways to make it drug free.

Politics: Politics will gain more and more attention now that an arrogant man has unmercifully attacked those who have faced their misguided directors, and given them no choice but to die at the hands of murderers. What is happening in Syria is not happening only in that country. All who oppose criminal behavior are getting death options by controllers who have no concern for human dignity. Before another world war begins, do what you can to move to the awakened condition. Making this consciousness change will not defer the call to war, but can destroy the much controlled charge towards it. Meditate now and give the call to war no energy other than divine light. Purify your own mind and body to be a conduit that can change the direction now being led by the two countries that want war. Syria and Russia are only distractions from what is happening in Iran and the United States. Choices about this war were made in the years of the Bush administration and can dramatize the loss of man's enjoyment of nature in all countries. What this could do is accelerate the lost control of the US into its complete demise. Wanting the country of Iran to be overturned is not a cause worth destroying the US for. But the light is not yet able to deter this from beginning. More meditators are needed! Can the light be more available through you?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

* The book MAP, The Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program by Machaelle Small Wright is available from or


  1. what if your 23 month old lil girl is being treated for ALL Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia... what then?

    1. please research raw foods and healing. check out the book 'the detox miracle sourcebook' by dr. robert morse and dan mcdonald on youtube. his channel is called liferegenerator. there are other ways to heal. <3