Monday, March 12, 2012

Choosing Your Attitude

Waking up to what happens behind the scenes just means that there are more concepts to dissolve. Now that the depth of control has been revealed, there is still another mystery to solve. This mystery is the life challenge that all ascension candidates are now facing: how to stay in the light in the cloud of current circumstances. It is very easy to make the call that dark forces are controlling man's future quality of life, but this is not the lesson that needs to be learned to ascend, it is merely more awareness.

Ascension requires an open heart and a mind with no concerns. Now this may not appear aligned with current circumstances where massive deaths and corrupt dramas continue to be revealed. However, the answer to all of this is NOT more deaths. Making a clear decision to NOT mentally engage does not mean that no action will be taken in the way of  caring contributions. There are now many new opportunities to act on heart led callings. Man can become great in love instead of going to battle with the controllers. Most of the controllers do not make direct contact with the masses, they only contact those who are country coordinators and the major directors of legal control mechanisms. What you are observing is their manipulated pawns, not them. So who would you oppose? Only the pawns. No game can be won against deceptive directors, but their next move can be changed by your decision to become less manipulatable. How you do this is the key to the future being created.

Peace and caring actions make their efforts to continue to generate fear less manageable. Caring about all of humanity, not only one's own close relationships, can deter them. They want resistance. They desire anger. What fuels them is control by disturbance. Making war is their goal, but war needs two opposing courses, and when "no concern" is the mass consciousness, there can be no war. Does this mean that no action is to be taken to oppose their management? Only action "against" can give them the ability to close their net. When you only do things that are caring, no "reason" to close the net has been delivered. For example: all the fear created by the 9-11 attacks enabled them to create the new agencies now overseeing most of your activities. Had there been a much smaller fear reaction, taking the lives of your most wanted terrorists would not have become their mission at your expense. Opposing the dictator in Iraq could have been done differently, and not as many lives would have been destroyed. Getting out of that mess has distracted you from the more urgent challenges that are so needed on the continents—improving the environment and human dis-ease conditions, both needing more attention than making a dictator give up his control. Choosing your approach is the answer.

Attacks against anyone are destructive. All can be changed when there is more caring about another's destiny. Delivering anyone out of their current conditions should never be done for personal gain or at such an extreme disregard for their welfare. There is now another control dynamic occurring in Syria. Are you able to contribute any caring here? Yes—meditate. Ask to be an anchor of light.

Making yourself empty of hate and other dis-ease creating attitudes can co-create a different answer to all of your world challenges. Choosing to be quiet, instead of doing something "against" the control that is being revealed, will give these controllers (who are now focused on your demise) a very different response. "Why destroy what can be easily taken?" would become their new approach. But will they take? Not when we are able to bring them to their knees with love. Allow them to be in control, totally devoid of anyone they can control. This would demean their current approach by dramatically diffusing their effectiveness. The 100 monkey syndrome WILL work. Make the most of your life and give them no cause to attack.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Very good Sir...the Way of the Peaceful Noble Spiritual Activist.

  2. Dear Masters Aruna & Saint Germain i want to use this opportunity to ask you how to decord
    dont listen to the negative ones think about your beloved ones and this will create your reality but how do i decord in the past messages you have spoken about it and i still cant do this

    Thank you !