Friday, March 23, 2012

Update on Ascension

The most beautiful dream of being alive and well can only be created when the energy of man's thinking has negated control. The predominant dynamic in this moment is death of the aliveness needed to create the New Earth. When the ascension occurs, an awareness of the number of choices man actually has can correct this dilemma. We do not anticipate any dramatic alterations happening in the next days that will stop ascension from being the catalyst for aligning to divine will. 

We need a mass ascension to alter consciousness, not just in those already aware and advanced to this degree. Many of those ready to complete their incarnation cycle are answering the ascension call in death (instead of ascending in a group) due to the delay we have enacted anticipating more to join. Conduits are prepared and waiting to be available as guides when new directions are given. 

My dear ones, I have made no comments on ascension in recent messages as a delay was called awaiting new candidates to awaken and be able to ascend. Now it appears that more are awake, but few of them are agreeing to ascend. Are they going to create the New Earth now? Can they? No. Its not the time—another dramatic change is coming first: the continental contractions that will create a different continent configuration and the land mass that will become the New Earth. 

When is this to occur? After the ascension. We are not in charge. Mother Earth will determine these details. We can only offer our advice: Get ready to ascend so you do not have to live through these changes. Anyone who can accept the concept of ascension can be part of it. We want as many as possible. 

Are the Ashtar Command and other Galactic aliens able to aid those who are awake to leave? Yes, but they can only support those who will accept their aid. Ascension is not delivery to another location. It will deliver a gross body to a light body condition. Can you accept this now? Are you doing the deleting of fear I asked you to do? If not, do it now. Face the fear with no agenda, including escape. Be willing to accept all. When this fear comes out of your body the Ashtar command may act to assist you in the ascension.

Are we clear that no deliveries to other planets will occur? Good!

Back up arrangements are these: Communities are to move together and make group actions for living in chaos. Nothing in the news has been guiding anyone in this direction. Only those with mediumship ability seem to be moving to communities. One day they will be the only ones able to get assistance when it is needed. Others who have no close friends will become adrift in the chaos. My disaster warnings are just as I originally delivered them in the Master Messages. Nothing has altered these. What they have called a major collapse of your current mode of living has even become more obvious.

If you are wondering whether we can do an ascension and if so, when will you be notified, my answer is: when you are able to give away your worldly attachments and come out of your homes when called we will arrange the ascension. My guess about the timing is after the collapse of the dollar and the other currency drama occurs. Then more of those ascending will be able to give their energy to those being faced with the option to leave or remain. One day, maybe in the next two or three months, this collapse will be the signal that ascension can happen very soon. No dates can be given yet. Be detached and aware—as no decree can change these events.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. what about the artists? what about the musicians? what about the dreamers! will we be able to create after this "ascension"? does creation in physical form exist in a 5th dimension new earth?

    all of the artists on this planet have tools. we are expressionists! our "worldly attachments" include paint supplies, canvass, found materials, old books and literature, musical instruments, tapes, cds, records, photography cameras, old film collections, sewing machines, clothing, inspiration photos, and the list will forever go on and on. yet no one seems to be addressing our roles in this ascension process!

    i for one am not ready to give up physical experience!

    do i want to live in a world of LOVE and UNITY? yes! do i want to stop discovering music, art, film, and creativity in all mediums? no. do i want to stop adventure? no! i want to see the world! i want to explore! i want to make love! i want to scrape my knee skateboarding! i want to sleep in an open field! i want to surf in oceans! i want to travel with my friends! i want to collaborate on projects! I WANT TO LOVE AND RESPECT MY MOTHER EARTH AND ALL HER INHABITANTS but i do not want to live in the clouds meditating all day living off prana. how boring!

    i want to see new cities, meet new beings, dance til sunset! explore and grow, explore and grow! so what is being asked of the artist now? TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING THAT FUELS OUR SOUL AND IMAGINATION?

    to sit down and wait? wait for what? the ascension that does not have a time or date?

    WHY CAN'T WE JUST CONTINUE TO CREATE? using any "earthly possession" or "tool" that resonates with us? please explain.

    i want to ascend, but i do not want to stop creating art! i do not want to stop feeling emotions! and i do not want to feel GUILT for doing so.

  2. We will not live in clouds and meditate all day. The best artists ever are ascended masters. Emotions will never be seperate from your existance. Pain anger and fear, yes THOSE emotions vibrate too slow to be experienced after ascension. You will still have a physical form, do not fear! Your new light body will feel even more real than this slow, gravity-impacted body. Trust me when I say that all those things you want to do will not be halted by ascension, they will be granted to you! imagine your light body wisked to any location you think of! give up being attached to the third dimension. Christ consciousness is NOT in the clouds and it is NOT meditating all day! In fact, if you put urself into a deep meditative state u can activate all ur senses and astro travel to any where ud like! REMEMBER: this dimension is just a dream and its time for us to wake up to the beautiful truth of christ consciousness. Nothing will ever stop u from creating art.

  3. Read this article about art in 4th density.

    There was one channelled message that said that there are all kind of arts in higher dimensions. But i cant find it now.

  4. Saint Germain, I'm still finding it hard to detach fully from things that I am experiencing emotionally for example, I feel fear and anxiety about new exclusive relationship, i allow myself to feel these feelings to release them and search for the past event to trigger them. I know I am making progress clearing, but detaching from these circumstances is difficult. I have a spiritual purpose of calmness, but ending the emotional release to begin detachment is problematic.

  5. Hi Germain. I've done the cleansing of attachment and karma and I want ascend - but I'm still here. Thanks for the help on Monday - Is this Christ Consciousness I've experienced since then? Does one ascend to 4D before 5D - or do you just go all at once? Are people ascending without dying and without a group? Can you speak to the details of ascending? Any other considerations in ascending not covered in your posts from October/Novemeber? SO much Aloha for you and Aruna! Joshua