Thursday, January 17, 2013

About Walk-Ins

What is a walk-in? A new birth that happens when one body, already in an animated state with a death wish, can become the mature body for another animator to continue its life. In almost all of these dramas the new change agent has an agreement to do this before it is done. In all cases it was agreed upon when the first inhabitant became incarnate, and not finalized until one's choice to be done with living actually occurs. As this is not a "take-over," one must decree the death wish before the new incarnation can dive in.

When this occurs, both souls are in the body for awhile until the original one has the control of its ability to leave. As this can take many years, both need to be on the same page when choices are made. When they don't agree, the original occupant takes the lead. Only when the first occupant does actually leave does the new one take over.

Can this happen without the mind of the body in question being aware of it? Yes. It is unusual for the mind to notica a change of consciousness in the body in any of these actions, because the mind does not appear aware of its own development. What does become evident is changes in the body's choices, and answers to the original occupant's disturbances are quickly found. When the new life begins, another decision is made about what needs to be completed on behalf of the original occupant. Many are distanced from the dramas once taken very seriously, and choose to eject themselves from choices made previously that won't continue from then on. Are all aware of these choices? No, only the new consciousness is aware enough to choose a different mode of living. Most continue to live according to the first occupant's established lifestyle. Some do not.

Preparing for an exchange is not done. Settling in needs time. Once complete, the changes in the body's way of doing things may alter completely, as a new aspect of the One is now in place. Many walk-ins are ascended masters coming in to aid the creation of a new world.

Will you be different as a walk-in? Yes. Can you tell if this has happened? Only if you can access contact to higher awareness. Many never even accept this total change as a new soul incarnation. Others are aware of it, but not secure in talking about it. Some announce it to all.

Can it occur and you not be aware that it did? Yes, most love to enact new choices and don't care who or what chose them. Few admit they had a walk-in occurrence.

Self-awareness is the key to more understanding about all things human. When this completes, you are able to have awareness beyond the mind. Walk-in occurrences are often accepted when this level of awareness is available.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. death wish occurs AUTOMATICALLY when one cant fullfill its twinflame twinsoul purpose

    life is a miracle anyway

  2. What spiritual sensitive awake person really would want to continue in this kind of world and bring precious children into this miasma. We are forced too.

    The global economy has become a miasma and our tomb. But we are forced too cope with a hopeless scenario even though solutions are everywhere which are constantly blocked by the controllers from getting into the world. Free energy, electric cars, guaranteed incomes, debt forgiveness, low cost education. Most of the work we do is mindless life destroying work. We now have 1000 people with a greater net worth than 3 billion. And 60% of people over 40 in North America will never be able to retire. The social stress is now beginning to eclipse the environmental which is out of control.

    How do we build the new Aquarius era, SG with what economic system for Aquarius. Every time you fill up your car a cubic foot of ice melts. Its sick, we are a conquered people living in a global plutocracy whose interest is enslaving humanity and destroying a planet for personal power and money and junk. &^$#@!@#^%*(

    As it is there are 80 million people on welfare in the US, 50 million on food stamps, 8 million homes foreclosed, hundreds of thousands of families on the street, 47 states bankrupt, trillions in debt and a 10 trillion buyout of pirates on wall street. With no consequences. No rule of law. Its medieval plutocracy...the nation state is dead now.

    Austerity is killing the world, get rid of it.
    MIT says the planet is moving into extinction in 95 years with a 6 degree temperature change that is a desert world at the equator. Agriculture collapse. The top arctic scientist says 7 years from now the arctic is water in the summer and now the methane is starting to come out which is 2-3 times worse than C02. And we now know that black carbon which is soot from tailpipes, coal stacks, chimneys etc it drops on the ice and causes melting. And all the governments want to do is extract more oil from the Arctic... its insane, its medieval. We have no say in any of it.

    We are one stupid asleep planet too allow the economic overlords to act like the Greek God ZEUS. That's what we have done. The World System of Empires has to be dismantled.

    We are transferring enormous problems, unsolvable problems to youth and our children that will be impossible to turn around unless we do it now.... THIS GENERATION and get the selfish and the crooks out of power.

    Redesign the world economy NOW you government corporate laggards before it is too late. They do not give a S*&^%.
    about the future of humanity and the earth. It is a cosmic issue..we have no say in. Get the job done or get out of this galaxy.

    We luminaries of the world know what to do but we are not in charge. We had more power 1500 years ago than we have now SG. We could gather the tribe and move on....that's what we need to do is a Mass Exodus by the millions out of this prison of madness and into self reliant natural spiritual Eco villages and communities.

    Whats a walk in going to do we have not tried to do S.G.?
    What cosmic budget will they have?
    We try and stay positive and do what we can. Its tough.
    Ascension to the new earth is maybe what we can do, l am working on it....having many experiences. l need a vacation from this lost planet and millions do. l love the common good people and the good earth but feel hopeless and overwhelmed with the task at hand and the lack of help from here and from on High and l have done more than most.

    l am throwing in the cosmic towel..l am tired of caring.

  3. Diamond Light. I can feel your suffering over the condition of the world, and cannot resist commenting on this. Because there are no obvious solutions for what is happening around us, we are being asked to turn within to find peace and happiness. Instead of thinking about things we dispair over, we must get quiet, and find solace in the silence of our own being. This is what it takes to recognize the truth of who we are. Even though it appears we are being victimized, we are not victims of the controllers or anyone else. We designed this entire scenario to help wake up as many as possible to create a mass ascension.

    Your True Nature is love, and when you are fully present to each moment, being grateful for what you have instead of thinking about what you don't like, you are helping to raise the mass consciousness. Walk-ins are not embodying to do anything in particular. They have come to add their love vibration to yours so together we can raise the (vibration) of the entire planet. Please focus on what you are grateful for, rather than what you are upset about, and make peace with what is. This will bring forth your light, and the planet needs as much light as we can generate right now.

    1. Therefore it seems that everything has been reversed

  4. When the collective designed the storyline it was set up so that free will would determine the outcome of every situation, not the Masters or the Galactic Federation. Our lessons have always been about choosing love over fear based attitudes. When we choose love for all that is the mass consciousness shifts in that direction and vice versa. Too many of us have chosen fear over love, hate and anger over love, control and manipulation over love, etc. If we cannot love our environment and each other the only thing that will change things is for more people to choose love. That's why the walk-ins have come, to bring more loving consciousness to the planet so the collective becomes loving instead of warring. We created the mess we are in and only increasing the love quotient will improve things.

  5. Thank you for posting this; it more closely describes my experience of the process than any other description I've read.

  6. Yes Aruna the vibrations are indeed raising after the solstice and even the Doves now surround the Hawks in Israel thats a vibrational break through l would say.

    So many decades many of us have worked for social justice, environmental justice and the spiritual awakening of a
    materialistic complusive world with little to show for it. We have to accept the world we want too see as stated in the Great Invocation of Love Wisdom and Divine Power is the not the world others want. Maybe in the future a balance
    is possible.

    Somewhere over the Cosmic Rainbow the dreams we dare to dream for a new future for humanity and the earth may
    come true.