Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Credible Channeling and What's Next

Channeling the Ascended Masters is an honor. Those who do this, do so as a gift to those able to receive what is said without dismissing it if it does not agree with what they currently believe. Most of you can do this, but many cannot. I was not able to convince a great number of my chelas that this blog is actually mine, as too many were already conned and deluded into believing other dictations that falsly use my name. What is the most credible thing I can do to convince you that masquerading is being done, other than the appearance of an actual materialization? When I asked to lead as Maha Chohan, I decided there would be no more materializations, and no more dictations for only the masses, but I would go into details about the ascension. What has been delivered on this blog, and through the other clear channels who do get messages directly from me, is necessary, as the dream being uncovered before ascension is non-negotiable.

As a conduit's commitment to non-collusion with deceivers, every source must be challenged, or they will not be able to advance in awareness. What most deceivers do is find a non-aware one who cannot tell the difference between an act of deception, and an actual Ascended Master coming for a moment to gift all with a message. All who channel must decree their non-acceptance of deceivers at every contact for channeling. When this is done, a clearer continuity in all that comes through as channeling can assist those needing guidance. What we have now is mass confusion.

Let me again identify what has been deceptively announced by others in my name:

1. Changes in attitude for those now in darkness.
2. Change in the attitudes of those controlling.
3. Galactic assistance in delivering chelas to another galaxy.
4. Money coming to lightworkers due to NESARA claims.
5. Changes in pending natural disasters.
6. Money lost will be restored.
7. Chelas going to ascend with less than awakened consciousness.

What has been channeled in other material that does not concur with this blog must be challenged. Instead of challenging this blog only, do yourself the favor of canceling your attitudes against anything, and then ask to be led to the most loving and caring vibration. Then use your dowsing ability to choose. When heart discernment is not done, the mind does not know how to distance my actual channeling from deceiver channeling.

Twenty active channels are not channeling me when they are getting messages with my name. Most of these are caring, loving beings, and do not do this to make a mess with their contributions. But by not asking each time they channel, "are you Christ consciousness?", they are being deceived at that moment. Only this question can guarantee access to the Master level of consciousness. It doesn't matter who channels what, but here's a clue about Ascended Master quality: its accessibility is determined by the level of consciousness of the channel.

My next words are for all who are now wondering what's next. Caring is the most important. Love all as they are, and give up any negative attitudes about those who do things not congruent with man's highest good. Accept their deeds and do the only thing that you can do to negate the effects: make your light stronger. Go within and notice that quality you are disturbed by and delete it. Work on yourselves. What causes you to dislike something is in you. Welcome this new detail when it is revealed, because once you have this awareness, no more dramas of this nature will need to be created in your energy domain.

Basking only in delight does not necessarily delete what is in the mental body. More awareness about what has been denied must be acquired. Freedom can be yours when you are done with the negative ego and can align all your answers to your own Christ consciousness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Indeed S.G. it seems we are being challenged as Workers of Light to actually integrate and anchor 5D energies in our being, bodies and the earth.

    And in doing so we actually lift up and help transform all vibrations here from 3D duality to 4D emotional polarity and create in our own lives a field impervious to lower energies by not allowing the lower frequencies to pass through our growing 5D field. In doing this we are Ascending while in 3D and at times manifesting
    in new ways of synchronicity. We can observe the dialectics and the conflicts of apposing forces in our world but not be of it. We can also be 5D activists as l do now and again, in 3D to transform a polarity here that needs to shift
    but if you get caught in the dialectic as the controllers always want us to do you sustain a never ending polarity field of dialectics going you drop down out of 5D to emotional 4D polarity/duality which probably won't solve a problem as Einstein said: You can't solve a problem with an energy or model that created
    the problem in the first place. Its seems we are all part of this sift all vibrations.

  2. = work on yourself and take full responsibility for your awakening....(if a Master does it for you.... you would not become a Master yourself!)
    thank You very much !

  3. All channelers have distortion due to the noise pollution in our earth magnetic field - you are being effected by the astral realm which is emotionally charged with earth collective consciousness - this type of negating talk from a master of love like Saint Germain (saying what is not him) is NEVER anything a true master would focus upon. They do not negate energy but radiate and highlight their love and wisdom..