Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dark Plus Light = Oneness

When the destiny card is played we will know who was the dark and who was light, but until then our drama of the environment must get more attention. None of my chelas are living without consciousness about anchoring light, but now the drama must be clarified in a new way.

My chelas do not understand how the 50/50 light/dark balance cannot be changed. When more of one comes into play, the other becomes more overt. Once the light gets "Oneness Now" as a concept about all that is, the all that is becomes One, and Christ consciousness then determines the density of the character one must continue to manifest in this new condition. Oneness consciousness is not One, as in only one human—it means One same consciousness that is contained in all. The measure of dark and light co-exist in 50/50 in all the qualities that manage the game the One consciousness continues to play. All of God's creations carry all that can be conceived of, not only one or the other of these opposites. So, for making up a drama in 3D we need to decide on more factors than who will deliver one or the other in every decision that pits them against one another. 

Bodies do not decide these details, only the natural Oneness does. One God, one man's choice, and one condition to make a new world—only that condition makes the new world; consciousness becomes your only choice maker. And as this occurs, Oneness can be chosen by those wanting more clarity in their mental container.

Peace in One means negativity in another. Your opposite always continues to change as you change. Add more dark and the opposite appears in another.  What this means is that duality will continue to thrive, not diminish, and, dramas will always be a matter to be dealt with. Can anyone be the light only—say, an enlightened one? Only when there are no choices being made; Oneness doesn't take sides.

When the heart can accept that there are no differences between those who contribute more and more dark and those who contribute more and more light, we can open the door to another future. When white and black are not considered opposites they have become the love of all that is—another dimension construct. Which do you aspire to: being light or One with all that is? Better consider this as also being one with darkness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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