Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When the Earth Changes

My dear ones. Fasten your seatbelts bcause "new and different" is NOW! Welcome to the close of the most non-aligned consciousness that man could deliver. It will be a great day when it actually disolves. More of this dismantling will go on for many of your generations, and then the New Earth will be born.

The New Earth comes after there are no more convoluting mental disruptions to clear. It will contain the most caring consciousness, with absolutely no disturbances in human dynamics, as One family of man. Mankind wil be living as light Masters.

When the continents are in their new locations, and the natural answers to life return, we of the Great White Brotherhood will be complete with our names and personalities, and can move on to the One designation that has no differences. There will be no more directors on other dimensions to guide you, as there will be no need for guidance. Your own awareness will guide you in all circumstances.

Fancy designations of galaxies and contracts wil not contain any meaning. All will be treated as man's destiny, no matter what God designs. After the destruction, the design of man's environment will give comfort to all, and no messages that reveal denied attitudes will be needed. Chief no-name and girl no-name are all of equal status. Police are not needed. Former criminals won't commit any crimes. Absolute delight in the helping of others will allow all to feel valued.

Broken hearts will not be a concern, as attachment is not the law of marriage - only mutual attitudes will bring divine beings together, not sexual desire or need for contact.

When we disappear, there will be no intermediary body to deal with. All of those living on Terra will have our consciousness. Multiple levels of consciousness will collapse, and only One will exist.

No contracts with other universes will need overseeing, as their mis-aligned awareness will also be gone. As the "dance of leela" was designed, no control of a man's body was designated to a living counterpart in another dimension. As man could not depend on his own decision making process to teach him his awareness lessons, other demonstrations of consciousness were developed on other dimensions that demanded his attention. As that control got more deceptive, man had an opportunity to fear it, make out it didn't occur, or give it the attention needed to learn of his own drama's needs. Next dimensional beings caused disturbances to learn about. Next dimensional actors in the movie that was made for man's graduation classes, did more on these realms than ever before, to lead man to different levels of awarness. All of these teachers have the opportunity to ascend now, along with their students. There will be no more dark and light on man's continents to be caught in.

Happiness is the only new delivery to be directed, and this will come from inside all of those who ascend, and are asked to live once again in human form. It will be a new experiment that the Creator has designed. Can you apply for this adventure? Only if you ascend.

Give ascension your attention. New and different adventures await.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear St. Germain,

    Thank you for this latest article and "warning" about new and different adventures which are about to start.

    Would I be correct to say that the energetics for the events which you have described in previous articles have now arrived and manifesting?

    Is it reasonable to expect more, frequent, major and minor upheavals and revolutions (in terms of social, spiritual, cultural, beliefs, etc.) in mankind until the emergence of the new earth?

    By the way, can St. Germain elaborate more on finding and living together in a community? How would these communities be revolved around?

    Thank you very much.

  2. "More of this dismantling will go on for many of your generations, and then the New Earth will be born."

    Saint Germain, could you please clarify the passage above ? It gives the impression that the New Earth will be born in a distant future.
    Previous messages dealing with this subject, from you and another sources link the Ascension Waves to the end of life in our present 3D Earth and the born of the 5D New Earth.

    If the New Earth will be born in a distant future, after many of our generations, why the hurry about mass Ascension ?

    Anselmo, Brazil

  3. Dear Saint Germain. Dear Aruna. I know that there are some people atacking these messages. But I want to say that I have never ever experienced anything so powerful like this, shifting my whole perception- it is like a revolution but instead of blood there are tears in my eyes of gratitude, relief, love and happiness. Your work, your service, your devotion helped me to return to the Truth and my true destiny. The ascension was not my issue for long time. And then something has happened, just one sentence from your messages and all has changed. Every cell of my body seems to bless you for what you have done. I hope all of us following your messages can acomplish what we came here for- for our souls, for Gaia and for all those Beings devoted so much to the evolution of humankind.

  4. Dear Saint Germain.Dear Aruna.

    What is "dance of leela"?

    Please tell easily about us.