Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Message

Welcome to the year 2011, the year of the changes you've been made aware of since 1970. Are you ready? Are you Awake? Can we count on you to hold light when things get difficult?

Many were called, and many offered to come, to live through the next consciousness shift that man must go through to create a New Earth. Some have forgotten their chosen destiny, but many have gotten through a very dense awareness to find their own truth. Practices to take you into the inner world have been good, and now, that world is going to become your outer world.

Major change is about to begin, and no change is bad. Welcome it, and be grateful for all that is available to take away the dis-ease that has been contracting Mother Earth. Failure to care for her needs must be cancelled, and a new delivery, of honor and respect, conveyed by all. As the changes occur, be willing to give her that respect.

Make this the year of Awakening. Put aside all the dreaming, and get to the truth about all that has been taught by non-enlightened beings. None of it has any truth to it at all. Only an Awakened being has clarity about what is truth and what has mental deception included.

Much consideration has gone into how these changes could be made, and we can now tell you this: your world will be completely altered by the day that follows the next New Years celebration. One more year of change is ahead.

Twenty-million can ascend if they are ready. Only about five-million are ready at this moment. How can all the others get to their chosen destiny? Meditation, cancelling their negativity, and asking for help to transcend their ego. Once this help has been asked for, we can deliver the dream movements needed for more awareness.

Meditation is not light sleep, and dreams are only more of the mind's drama. Awakening the Master within requires breath awareness during meditation, so the mind can get quiet, or be observed as an object. All that the mind delivers to awareness is not the truth. Only mindlessness can provide access to truth, but awareness must also be present. Awareness is the consciousness of I AM that remains when the mind gets quiet. This awareness is the truth of who you are!

Meditate and delete all of the contractions caused by mental and emotional disturbances. These are the tools mind can use to lead you to an Awakening. All the rest is in the control of the inner Master.

Should you be afraid of the future, get quiet about that with deep breathing, whenever the feeling of fear arises. Fear is not an answer to change that has any positive value. Healing the cause of that fear is congruent with the goal of Awakening. Pause, gather your awareness to the cause, and ask the Master within to help you let go of the fear. Mastery is fearlessness. Your inner Mster has all the answers you need. Get that relationship going!

Welcome change. Welcome "new and different". Greet each day as the most wonderful experience. Pay attention to your thoughts as an observer of them, not as their creator. You are not your thoughts! Nor are they more aware than the Master within!

Change is inevitable. How it will appear can be difficult to experience, but it is all for the good of mankind and Mother Earth. Many days of darkness can result. Have candles to do necessary activities. Computers may be down. Get used to not being able to use them. Use of cell phones can be disconnected. Get in touch with those who live nearby. Give assistance as you can. Need assistance? Ask to be a contributor to another's need. As you give, you shall receive.

When you dream: you are reviewing other lives that are occurring as you observe them. No lives are actually linear. All occur NOW. One soul does all of their "lives" at the same time, it just appears to be in linear time to allow man to accept it. Nothing actually exists in time, this is mind's conclusion.

What does the Master within do when an active mind always leads the body? Nothing. It waits. Waits for the mind to begin looking for Truth. When this occurs, there is great excitement on other dimensions, as the divine call has come for all.

When the call came to you, did you immediately agree to go within to get more aware? Are these calls always answered in this way? No, but we will keep calling as long as there is one more left to Awaken.

Open to the light within your own heart, and allow it to become fully radiating so it touches others. This can take a bit of your time, so the sooner you begin, the better. Our realm is awaiting the lights to all be glowing, because they will light the dimensions in between.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    I read with much curiosity about what is going to happen with regards to the sentence "your world will be completely altered by the day that follows the next New Years celebration". May I ask if you are referring to some planet or geographical earth events manifesting? Or is it some sort social political event happening? Is it going to affect people around the world or localized within a country?

    Much appreciated and looking forward to hear more from you soon.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Thanks for the lovely message.

  3. Our Beloved Christ Conscious Ascended Master, Thank You so much for The En-Lightenment,

    Unconditional Love To All Always
    Muhammad Habib

  4. Dear Master St. Germain. I hear your words and thank you for reminding me of my purpose. Love & Light Always.