Sunday, January 16, 2011

Preparing Children for Ascension

Many chelas are denying their ability to ascend. In the next days, we will need their conscious choice, to be able to determine how to proceed. Children who are meant to ascend will do so. Should a child need the consciousness development that abandonment would give them, they will get that lesson. All children were able to write their own chosen destiny contract prior to this incarnation. No accidents are to occur. Children only needing to make one more gift to mankind can ascend, as this will fulfill their contract.

Parents must let go of their ownership attitude. Give children love and guidance, not overbearing protection. Allow them to make their own choices and call their own lessons to them. Pause before demanding they not take risks. Children need to control their own movement in consciousness. As a parent, give them the courage to do the things they must do to advance. Will they ascend with you? Most are already aware of this choice and are looking forward to its occurrence. Choose only for yourself.

Attachment is not as loving as detaching. Attachment means to others: dependency. It communicates that you have no ability to be happy without their connection - an unhealthy message.  Children are not chattel. Giving life to a child does not come with the obligation to control its choices. Life is a gift to them, and an opportunity for you to grow from the lessons they will offer you.

What does this have to do with ascension? Nothing, it is in the contracts made between a child and its two conceivers. Ascension, on the other hand, is a contract between one of these with Almighty God, the one who created each of them in the concept they chose.

Following the heart's call means looking only at your own contract to decide. If you still need to decide about this, you may be looking for someone else to decide for you. What could be any more important than the contract you made for ascension? Only an ego would even consider anything else. And that is because an ego is still in charge and an ego is not aware of what the true picture is. A full Awakening has not yet occurred for those still considering anything other than  ascension.

Make your decision, and don't be concerned about the choices of other members of your family. They all have a contract with God, and what is contained in that contract is what they need to choose. Whether or not their choice coincides with yours, matters not. They need to determine their own destiny. You are not responsible for choosing their destiny, only giving them the lessons they need to get in your care. Next, you must be detached enough to allow them choices you to be attached to you.

What would God want for them? Ask this of yourself when developing their childhood. God would want them to be confident, charged with life force, and able to care for themselves with an awareness of what is good for them and others. Can this be what you give them as a parent? Not just a name and choiceless management. Parenting calls for detachment.

When you truly love, attachment is not an element of love. Attachment means clinging. Love is giving, without any demands on them to be a certain way. Changing from attachment to genuine love must be done, as a lesson in caring and control. Control is not the same as caring!

Child therapists are attempting to empower the child to care about his choices. Negative reactions to a child's choices from its caregivers negates the therapist's direction. In most instances, parents need the therapy more than the children.
Courage is a quality to foster in a child. When a child doesn't want to take risks, it is more than likely afraid of upsetting its caregivers.

When ascension is an option, taking a risk must be done. It will be the risk of letting go all of this world's comforts and appearances, to discover a totally different new world. Are you and your children willing to go to that world? Are they courageous enough? Are they competent to go through the higher dimensions on their own? Encourage them to face their fears and be wiling to let go of their attachments, so they can succeed in their own chosen destiny. Free them, don't control them. Love them, don't attach yourself to them.

After ascension, those who remain on Mother Earth can ascend on the one final ascension wave. When this will happen depends on the conditions that occur after the first disappearances. Maybe those whom you adore, who did not ascend with you, can ascend on that wave. It may depend on the courage you can empower them with now.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Why do I have a strange and eerie feeling that something big and (potentially) negative is going to happen really, really soon? Say this coming week or so, perhaps... It's also scary to suddenly realize that many people would no longer be around.

    Reading the above, I feel that releasing attachments to everything is not going to be easy for many people who are still swamped with the drama and politics of daily living.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Dear St-Germain, Do the people of an ascension wave have to be physically together to ascend?

  3. @ Anonymous (jan.16, 1:18pm):
    Nothing NEGATIVE can happen!
    It is the MIND which polarises the appearance. Why don't your mind complain about death/year because of hunger??
    Why do you carry so much?!
    Nothing happens by chance!
    Surrender your ego & free yourself!
    Detach and accept!

  4. The awaken ones know that the big thing that is going to happen really, really soon or not so soon, is not negative. It is not scary to suddenly realize that many people are not around. They finally have made it, safe and sound with the Creator. Those who will be left around, better make a toast for the departed ones and wish themselves same good luck.

    The attachments are not going to be released if the essence of ascension is not grabbed. The ascension experience is not any of those hundreds simple deaths that each of us have went through. Although, none of us ever got scared of death. We have been back again for another and another experience and taste of pain.

    This time is different. It is that bright long waited flame of the ascension that will send the fortunate ones at a higher level of consciousness, where we, as a civilization belong, where we deserve to be, side by side with our brothers and sisters of other planets in higher dimensions.

    Get up folks, stop worrying about the death of the body, let stick together as a family, meditate as Saint Germain advises, do individual work to advance the understanding of what is happening, and sing the Hallelujah that God didn't let us to do it alone.

  5. Thank you, Saint Germain and Aruna. These messages bring an immense amount of "ascensional energy" along with them, and the ones who are open can learn lot (realize, actually).