Friday, January 28, 2011

When Freedom Rings

My dear ones. Questions about the ascension are the ones I will answer now, as most of the things being asked about geological changes and economic conditions have already been answered in great detail. My desire to lead many to ascension will not end until every one who contracted to ascend is able to. What this means is that a global movement to ascend can go forward. We still need millions who are not yet ready. What do we do? Keep pushing.

Freedom of consciousness is the goal, not ascension. Awareness that affords freedom of the inner Master does not demand as many of the continued denial mechanisms as ascension does, so let's talk about what this means.

When a child is born, it has a Master's consciousness: pure awareness, empty of the nonsense that comes with a life of maturing as a man or woman. As this maturing occurs, many concepts about "who" and "what" are delegated out of this Master's domain and given to the ego to use for control. God's divine awareness gets moved to an underground cave outside of the man or woman's attention. Pure consciousness is always present, but is not acknowledged by the mind's attention. As the body grows, concepts continue to be added, until mind believes it is aware and wise. Not an accurate conclusion, but what many are now giving complete confidence in.

Habits become concrete after they are constantly repeated, so most of the human population is living this lie. It makes no difference whether they consider themselves "spiritual" or not, control by the mind is not Mastery.

Closing this gap is needed for Mastering the human condition. Choosing the guidance that comes as man's inner voice, over any input of human conveyance, is needed. No truth of anyone's mind is the TRUTH. Only decoding an open minded controlling device can do the things needed to create more awareness. Meditation gives the mind an opening. Change comes when the decoding occurs.

How can one decode? By applying a few basic concepts that can help do so.
First concept: None of the things I think, see, observe or mentally accept are TRUTH.
Second concept: What mind desires is not a very important creation to be manifested.
Third concept: Allowing the mind to make my decisions creates more difficulties  than changes of the most important kind.

When these three concepts are completely accepted, another opportunity to let go of denial has appeared. Choosing the concepts that mind decides, about anything, can diminish awareness. Awareness is all consuming. Nothing comes close to this act of knowing as a method for decision making, because God's will has no access to man's conscious mind through any other means. What needs deciphering can give clues, but knowing needs no content determined by the mind figuring out clues.

Creating with the mind has many caveats that are not being considered necessary to apply in the current game of making mind's desires manifest. No dear ones, this game must end! What you don't accept about the creation game is that creating mind's desires can cause many disruptions to the flow of God's design, and these disruptions cause disasterous effects.

For example, choosing a new car over giving aid to charity can delete an important opportunity to become a Master in life's movie. Giving to a good cause can advance the degree of Mastery ten fold over choosing a new car to drive. Not that this applies to all car acquisitions, a new car can be chosen as an option to a crash destroyed one, or an aging one that needs more attention than it deserves. My designation here applies to the cash needed to be extravagant instead of caring. Big, fancy vehicles are not the Master's choice, giving assistance to those in need is.

Another method of decodiing the mind's arrogance is to say, "I don't know". Whenever this is the approach, another possibility can be revealed. Answers to all questions can be "I don't know", because the mind doesn't actually have any concept to offer that comes from accurate "knowing". Appearing to "know" what divine will is, comes only from an arrogant mind, unless God's will has been determined on the question needing an answer.

Freedom needs more answers of the Master within. Only this guidance matters. Mental determinations are only a guess at the best choice. Changing this way of decision making is how a Master comes out of hiding. A content life has this Master in the role of decision maker.

Masters are the ones who will be choosing ascension. They choose as a Master chooses, "Thy will be done", not "I want to ascend because . . ." No "because" reason can make a chela a Master. Are there many Masters ready to ascend? All who can give a "Yes" answer as absolute knowing are "Masters in waiting", no decision needed.

Any day of the week a Master can appear as an Avatar or a loving Presence. Will you accept this Master's concepts to be True over the Master within yourself? I hope not. You are a "Master in waiting", awaiting to be FREE.

Consider today's message the next step to Ascension for the many who haven't done what is necessary to access the wisdom of the Master within.

**Answer to Ansalmo's question re the last blog: My comments about future generations are accurate, because most of this continuium will leave Earth and come to the New Earth as more conscious beings in a future generation. Those who ascend can wait until the Earth has cleansed before they create the New Earth. Time cannot be determined for that moment, as all will occur outside of your time consciousness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear St. Germain,
    I understand that we must be detached from everything and that children will be able to ascend, but what about if a spouse does not believe in the ascension? Would being married to someone who does not choose ascension prevent me from ascending if I choose ascension?
    Thank you

    Jessica Kansas, USA

  2. Dear Saint Germain. Is the situation in Egypt and Tunisia and other Arabic countries linked in any way to an activation of Egyptian pyramids?
    What is the role of places like the pyramids, Titicaca Lake, Mount Shasta or/and other in the planetary acsension? Thank you.

  3. Dear Saint Germain, l have practiced the higher yoga's for 3 decades and have had out of body experiences and even an experience with the wonderful luminous light body. Is there more details on the process of physical ascension you are discussing the physics of this and what preparations that are required and how the event actually happens.
    Great Light Blog: from: civilsociety