Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advanced Comments

Beginning these next lessons for masters comes from a desire for all who ascended to live a greed free, manipulation free life. When desires appear in a newly ascended one they are a manipulation of the mind that does all it can to continue its attitude of control. As these mental desires come into conscious awareness, the ability to answer the mind's quiet seduction without giving any attention to it makes the divine more active. Getting seduced, as an attention getting device, will continue until no action of any kind is generated by it. When humans are not free of mind and desire (or anything not aligned to the heart's guidance), the deep aware light in the core of man, his True Nature, is not completely available. True Nature is now appearing but is not always full present. What can be done to complete an ascended deliverance? Claim the new awareness each time the mind attempts a coercion.

Should one attempt actually succeed in canceling awareness, another temptation will come. Many attempts to divert your attention from divine consciousness will be given until you achieve complete mastery. Only when these temptation cease claiming your attention will the bright light inside you be completely available at all times.

What will the mind do as other teachings now? Many things. It will continue talking about the dark incessantly, and make comments about anything and everything, regardless of the amount of hyper vigilance present at most of its diversion tactics. Can this delete an ascension? Absolutely not, but it will attempt to dominate ascended consciousness as long as the body/mind's attention can be diverted to its management.

Clear, empty conduits of divine grace can become negative towards their own mind. Careful! When this happens, complete ascent into the core of divine consciousness is not possible and hearts can still be broken until this is overcome with heart led decisions.

Practice being caring without giving away your own energy to the other. Alive drama will continue for all who are not clear about themselves as divine conduits. Keep this awareness active:
1. You are not the body.
2. All of the needs of the body will be cared for.
3. No discontinuation of mental thoughts will occur unless mind is dismissed on every occasion.
4. Welcome feelings. All feelings. It is good to get them out during the active drama before they become dormant and cause unconscious reactions.

Change only your attention to these details to be the example of an Ascended Master.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. I am very very grateful for this information- much much love to you Aruna and SG. I have been feeling so off balance - like a real internal battle is taking place between trying to follow and trust my inner guidance above my mind and then swinging to feeling down. This post has helped explain what is actually happening. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for all your help and guidance i am very grateful xxxxx helen xxxxx

  2. how much x can there be?

  3. I agree with Helen. Thanks, especially, for pointing out that we should be welcoming feelings. They're particularly strong for me today. I'm very clearly making progress, on the right track, but it still feels off-balance, sometimes I want to feel sorry for myself (even though I understand and I know it's all ok).
    These back and forth feelings are to be expected, right? All part of the process? I'm letting go of the over-thinking, over-analyzing, I know that is happening. So much of everything feels like a paradox.
    Actually, just feels good to vent a little :)

  4. I also thank you very much! I was doing well in ascended consciousness when an active drama began. My boss was SOOO angry with me and i broke down in tears. Then my mind kicked in with all these commentations. My heart knows that what is happening now is necessary on all levels. My mind is still trying to convince me of the best route to take. But i am listening to my heart on this one. It will all work out. Maybe a career change is on the horizon. Maybe not.

  5. I have found that the same lesson keeps presenting itself. At first I don;t realize it....then, when I do, each time it comes up, I get more "practice" and eventually, I handle the situation calmly and without emotion/drama. I had a series of situations this summer, where people who didn't even know me, were attacking my character. At first it really upset me, then when I realized what the lesson (or "attack") was, the next time it happened, it almost made me laugh. I have other lessons that I am still working on, and aren't so easy to handle, believe me!
    I figure, if we are facing these kinds of situations and are aware of them, that is an indication that we are on the right track! Hang in are on track!

  6. The best tool to face the mind's attempts to avert your attention from Divine Conciousness is the Self Inquiry process (Who AM I?)


  7. Thank you Saint Germain for your great and enduring love. And thank you dear Aruna. Comments mirror a lot of my experiences.

  8. Am i right then to believe that just staying centered and focused on calling in divine awareness will assist in mastery? Because almost all day everyday, THAT is my focus. And yet, doubt arises.