Monday, December 12, 2011

Clearing for Expanded Awareness

Questions for me are once again welcome. Now that the consciousness of all has gone up a notch there are more of you able to accept the answers I give. Please do not ask about what has already been discussed many times. Instead of asking a question right away, take the time to look at all that has led up to the current message. An answer could be in the message given a few days before and an answer to that question could annoy those who are already aware of your question's answer. Make your questions about new directions or new material.

Comments about your own experiences are good. I can open new doors when one of you opens to the next octave in awareness. We do hope these messages are able to deepen the next group of ascension candidates into anointed consciousness.

Challenges of all kinds are unfolding for more dross to be cleared. When the dross is your negative memories we must activate deeply buried contractions to get you out of denial. When they appear, do nothing other than assist in their clearing as a chalice and courier. Accept our gift of grace to move the contraction and clear it. Many therapies do not delete contractions, they only suppress active feelings.

Welcome all the changes in the container you use. Are you able to glow as an anchor of divine light? Contractions are the energetics created by mind's attitudes and opinions about the memories trapped in your organs and glands. Are these attitudes and opinions needed now? No, and we are giving you the encouragement and contact that lets you move through the dross quickly. No need to cringe, this mode of clearing is not hard to do. Facing the fact that clearing is ongoing, there is no need to look for  negative causes or mental attitudes that attract. Just allow the movement that the dross takes to change to another form. Maybe it will delete itself as it goes—or it can dissolve after it is out of the body. Neither way is better than the other.

Finding a clear attitude is the next challenge to address. A clear attitude is "no opinion." Can you face all without opinions? Yes, being opinion free is a much more effective way to make a difference than holding onto an attitude "against." Masters are going towards the new day, never away from anything. And they do not delete any actions that are needed to get to their destination. Your destination is the complete clearing of dross. Aliveness and awareness expansion comes next.

We want more happiness in all of you. No more depression, no more "can't do" attitudes, and no more contractions. You are the divine awareness on this planet. All you need to do is to be free of dross. Surrender control. Manifestation with the mind is only a control mechanism. Control contains no divine awareness as there are no demands made by the divine. Ordinary lives are the way of the master. God created all to be doing what they do best - to compliment each other's contribution. One depends on all the others to be fully contributing as they intended. Wake up to the conscious awareness that all are one and no one is more divine than another. This is needed to deliver your contribution. What are you waiting for?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear St Germain, thank you for your messages. I am currently experiencing the void. Nothingness. Detachment from all-that-is. But also, little in the way of guidance from any source, telepathic or otherwise. Can you please elaborate on what this means.

  2. Yes in this planet the people always have problems with high music volume

  3. Oh Yeah, Thanks again SG fo your words, so needed at this time. Thanks to you as well Aruna.

  4. today i am unemployed. i quit my job and it was the most freeing feeling. each person who asks me What are you going to do? activates within me some dross that i need to clear. instead of being angry at them for doubting my ability to support myself and my family doing what i love, i am trying to have a clear attitude. did i do whats right? right before xmas, i wont have tons of presents under the tree, but of course i did whats right. i have time with my kids now. i am now facing myself, and i know what needs to be. "not deleting the actions that need to be taken" is my next challenge, and i am eager to face it.

    i am far from where i want to be in mastery, but today is what it is. how do i serve humanity? giving love and caring and deserting my mind's needs for divine awareness?

  5. did'nt understand the part about.....( One of the questions is about the next manifestation in the ascension delivery―what will it look like? No matter what is said about this, man will do nothing to control the next days. All who are awaiting a complete disappearance may die before it occurs. It doesn't matter now because an ascension of great magnitude has already occurred ).Can anyone give me more insight on this part of the paragraph ,please ? with Peace,Love&Unity to All .youtubeI AM THAT I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain - Aruna Byers 13 Dec 2011

  6. I want to die because i feel UNGUIDED

  7. The death is the neegative guidance
    for there is not positive

  8. Sezinist, Ascension in one way is to "move up" and can be defined as moving up our awareness to higher levels. Expansion of consciousness, and awareness of more than we are aware of now. In this sense, it is not an event so much as a process. It has no beginning and no ending. I think of it as simply a cup that can always get bigger, and we continue to fill the cup. So the goal is to get all of our cups to a certain size, this is what is being called for at this time... but our cups will always grow larger to hold more of our experience. Some may refuse to fill their cups further, or see their cup as being finite in size, they are happy with what they have now, and that is their choice. This is however only one facet of the process as we are multidimensional in nature. Namaste.

  9. St Germain, thank you for your thorough answer to my previous question. Several days of reading ahead of me, I see. We are honored by these many points of light.