Friday, December 16, 2011

Answers to Some of Your Questions

When the masters observe how man contaminates the land, most of us are incredulous about the desire to continue to live and the number and magnitude of death creating devices that continue to be constructed. Good health is complicated by the controllers concept of one controlled world, so death's door is wide open. Why do most humans accept death's creations? Answers are many. Are you deciding daily which choices made will create good health or are you accepting concentrated aggravations to health because of convenience and the convincing of doctors and tech developers? Neither choice is only made once. Every day another choice opportunity appears. Every moment another good health decision can be made. Good health needs an attitude of caring about God's creation more than convenience.

Cancel the materials being used to destroy health and good health would be more available. Are airplanes an attack on your good health? No. Are the meals given on airplanes an attack on good health? Yes. Nothing food related is clear of chemicals on an airplane. Can the chemicals in the food do as much harm as the radiation the altitude and atmosphere combined contribute to man's cellular construct? Yes. What you eat takes more out of the human condition than airline atmosphere. Free radicals created by the food does more harm than any condition the airplane creates. Cancer cells are not only created from food, chemicals in the bottles of alcohol and other drinks are also negatively affecting health. Most humans do not consider how they accept anything they are given to be good nutrition and do not make any attempt to cancel diet additives or other non-healthy, cancer producing contents from their daily ingestion. So why care about airplane contributions to man's deterioration when an airplane trip has almost no contaminating effects when only accessed occasionally. Cancer is also caused mentally, so eliminating your negative thinking would erase a lot of cancer creation.

Will the sun and solar energies have any connection to man's ability to complete ascension? No, what happens in a man's life only determines the caring level maintained during a crisis, no ascension candidate gets cancer unless it is in their contract. Cells are not conditioned only by the body's absorption of chemicals or other change agents. Mental attitudes about man's circumstances grow into cancer also. You cannot continue to ignore all the other things that cause dis-ease. One is not the only misalignment contributor. Always denying the obvious is making an impact on disease—making it more difficult to cure.

As far as radiation is concerned, more of it will add to current disease creating deaths. Movement of already released cesium will act as the cause of many deaths not already charted. All of human, animal and plant life will be effected. Identifying with human attributes makes death difficult to accept. Acting as a divine conduit is the cure of all dis-ease. Awakening answers many contaminates with great antithesis to their effects. Change to dis-ease comes from within. Cause is only an energiser of human awareness opportunities. More nuclear cesium is coming to negate good health. This is why attention to health is needed.

The next wave of ascension can occur with all who are able. No change is considered an option. No change to our original plan will be made due because of the changes to land masses about to occur. Awaken and ascend is the next teaching to those now aware of this need and possibility. Act from fear and miss the opportunity. Give us your open desire and we will give you our assistance.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. What do you what from us
    when will the nuclear war occur
    There are a lot of negative souls that must be cleaned from is planet

  2. The problems of health are for desmotivation that these negative souls create
    Now the galactic federation says for excuse that they have helped us with the grey ones but is not enough

  3. a "negative" soul will need to choose another way. there IS a cleaning but not or ever by deleting them. for those who may be considered "a negative soul" their heart simply needs to grow five times like the grinch and the best way i believe for us or anyone not choosing self-defeating attitudes, is to SHOW them the caring needed to ascend.

    my current "issue" is being passive. not agressively pursuing the habit changes.

  4. question: i am a 24 y/o woman who works everyday to delete my negativity and its a slow going process but i feel the amazing effects. problem is i am single and still wanting a fulfilling partnership. my question is, should i drop the desire? will i end up happy and ALONE once im ascended or can i rest assured knowing my ascension will lead me to the right person?

    im in the world but i dont want to be of it. I had a psychic reading done a couple years ago by silvia brownes son and a lot of opinion swirls about it. i was told my main theme is harmony and secondary theme is experiencer. i resonate the truth of that. i was told my option line is romance and i resonate the truth of that too. but these mental questions hold me back daily. i know the answer is within me. i will continue to seek the quiet, but perhaps my question will help others.

  5. Unknown, love yourself first. Know too that you are loved! Your higher self will lead you to your twin flame, among other things. Allow, trust, and believe. It is closer than you think. Namaste.

  6. Dear Aruna & St. Germain,

    There is failed launch of a Russian space probe which was supposedly to go to Mars, it is estimated that it would fall back into Earth and possibly cause a wide debris field, on board the space probe is 11 tons of rocket fuel and 10kg (!) of radioactive cobalt. I would like to know what would the crash of this space probe back to Earth means for us, its implications, and is it a sign of things to come for 2012 (e.g. Humanity harmful and unfettered use of technologies, etc). I wonder if we can request for Galactic Federation forces to mitigate and push this space probe away into deep space?

    How about some politic and country affairs? As there are claims that the Illuminati cabal now are in their end of their ropes (e.g., according to David Wilcock, there are Asian Elders claiming to have 200 million tons of gold, etc.) and how can we help to make things progress smoothly and disrupt the plans of the dark cabal in practical means?

    Thank you very much.

  7. Sorry but in this planet the only guidance is darkness