Tuesday, December 27, 2011

China's Cards are About to be Played

Are you able to live with conflict in an area that does not cancel any daily activities and accepts no delays? Can you make energy out of nothing? Can you give when nothing comes in for you to use to create another way of living?

Facing the collapse of your currency gives you many consciousness developing opportunities. Are any of them giving you more awareness? My continued love of all that is causes me to make these comments now, before your currencies do collapse. This is my way of getting the attention of those who can give me their agreement to establish another mode of living and a higher level of awareness because they both are needed. Face the collapse as divine consciousness, without fear, and you will be adequately cared for. Please make yourself capable of doing this.

China is now contemplating the devaluation of the dollar as a means of changing the reserve currency  to yuan.  No condition has caused them more disturbance than the way the global game is coming to a climax now without them having dominance in the currency markets. They can control all money with a new currency approach. What they decide will effect the currency of all countries, and a complete collapse is a clear option due to the analysts ability to mask what is actually happening.

China wants world dominance in all areas. Making their currency less contained to their own circles means they will have more chances to control delivery to their business associates when deals are made in their country's money. Ways to control the global collapse are within their ability also. Are major allies of the US going to accept China's demands? Absolutely, allowing major currencies like the dollar and the euro to go down the drain quickly. Change money now before it happens is the first thought that you may have. But to what? All currencies other than the yuan are going to collapse. The yuan can make an absolute currency control bid at any moment, and if they do, no other currency can compete. How this unfolds can mean the loss of the dollar as the world reserve currency which will cause a most disturbing change for many countries. The collapse of their currency will be a consequence of this change.

What can alter this? More anger, about anything, will cause another major eruption of negativity within mass consciousness. Another coinciding energy drop will come when there is no ability to grow food during the cold months. Consider also the inability of corn and other GMO foods to provide good health conditions because the manufacturers of corn and wheat products are doing nothing to heed health concerns about these two most significant contributors to the world food supply. Gardens are not going to be able to receive adequate protection against airborn contact with GMO contaminants, and naming the culprits can only lead to growth of compliance with the Monsanto agenda. Consider them the biggest consumer destroyer on the globe. They destroy and dominate all food coming out of the human domain. Are you able to accept this with quiet minds? Will you do anything to answer this attack on your health and everyone else's health as well? No? Than get prepared to go to a camp where you will  be observed and managed, eating death creating nutrients at all times.

Are you able to fight Monsanto and win? Only with collective court cases and new hearings about the control of this food cooperative. Nutrition has been damaged, and core foods without major contamination are scarce and in many cases, too costly to buy. Will you freak out to get Monsanto to alter their agenda? Are you willing to be locked up? Can you conceive of different actions you can take as one man or woman? Making a difference with this cause of disease needs more decision makers with the ability to alter man's destiny by moving dross out of an entire social system.

History has given you no cause to believe in the change ability you now possess. Once Awakened,  applying your new awareness to the situation can make a difference. It can also give other God driven situations new latitude. Mental desire is not the way to accomplish what is in this message. You are at the consciousness level of a master. You can make all of this disappear. Just connect with divine consciousness, decree what you want to happen, and then allow the results to unfold.

Pure consciousness will give the drug companies and Monsanto new deterrents to their governing abilities. Action is how this has always been done. Making choices that support man's thriving and being conscious about the human domination gestures you observe can lead to a new collective attitude against Monsanto without demanding it.

Please accept what is being said here without any anger about it. Give it your light with a cooperative attitude. Ask your Higher Self to aid those who will need aid. Give more attention to living without anger and negative thinking. Be a "Peaceful Warrior," without attacks and without causing a  disturbance.  Believe me, you are already doing more than the mind can understand. Mind is not the "doer," only an observer. I Am That I Am is not without control. It only appears that that way to open the door to more awareness for all. Be God-like in your actions and you will be giving God aid for creating life giving conditions and a future without deception and greed. Feed the fire of non-violence to generate a different concept about how this approach can aid this moment. Make caring your only choice.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Remember this is not a material or physical plane - You can create your own experience. There is much fear or dross in this posting... Much love to you Aruna to rise above whatever you are going through..

  2. There is no fear or dross in this message. It is neutral information. The only fear and dross you are referring to is in those who are triggered by it, because there is still fear within that needs to be cleared. Masters do not react to what they read or experience.

  3. Gold & Silver are the only real money on earth. No paper currency will survive this collapse. I'm surprised CSG made no suggestion to buy gold & silver. The Chinese people are the biggest buyers of gold & silver on earth, encouraged by their government. The yuan becoming the reserve currency is ridiculous. ALL paper is fiat now and soon to be worthless.

  4. You would probably get many more comments, if the process were made easier. I've commented other times, and lost my comments in the process of having to go to wordpress, log in, then come back to this page, and log in again. Even when I've copied my comments before logging in at wordpress, I return here and my 'paste' feature doesn't work, so I have to re-type my comments. This is the MOST tedious method to comment I've come across anywhere on the web! Please make it more user-friendly.

  5. Hi Aruna and St. Germain,

    In St. Germain's previous article about the Occupy protest movement, if anyone joins in this movement, they would at risk of being put in some sort of prison camp but in this update, if we don't make ourselves heard against the likes of Mosanto, we may also end up in a prison camp, eating diseased food.

    So what is St. Germain comment on this? I'm a bit confused on this part of the update.

  6. Thank you for this update.

    Let's try to get Monsanto trending on Twitter, eh?

    Keep our vibrations high and let's not end up on a timeline with Monsanto's control.

    Does St. Germain have comments on any upcoming Earth changes? A pending catalyst such as a pole shift sounds like a good time to ascend as I suspect. If this is the case, then I shall make preparations for my family, as I expect on ascending at that time.