Friday, December 2, 2011

After Ascension—Contentment

My dear ones. Asking for a complete detailed prediction of the future is not ascended consciousness. The new dream will continue to be created "in" all who are now ascended, along with those who are not. I use the word "in" rather than "by" because the next dream will reflect inner dynamics more than active management.

After ascension many of those newly ascended are not yet activating their most dramatic abilities because they are not desiring different conditions. Desire does not lead them any more. All they are thinking now is blessings.

When discontent is the attitude being demonstrated, that means more disturbance will come out of the conduit of that discontented message. Give the game time to evolve. Make a goal to be content with what is. More disturbance only continues a drama that will destroy this entire manifestation. Bask in the love of the ascended consciousness that has brought a new dawn. Grace is in your life now even if you cannot recognize it. Celebrate the beginning of a new era.

Are you able to see love in all that happens? No? Then you need to have more awareness. No desires and more awareness will cancel the controllers dream. Being content is the opposite of fear. Peace is the opposite of disturbance. When you are content and peaceful there is no disturbance generated in mass consciousness. Can you get that inner answers are what is needed to generate outer changes? Answers to the goals of the occupiers lie in their consciousness. Can they be direct in claiming their choices and also quiet in their demeanor? Can the world bring to light the controllers destruction without causing forceful revenge? Change is needed in a big way.

Parents of children who are dramatizing gifts they create from direct contact with the divine do not understand that they themselves have talents they are not expressing. When the expression of a gift is contributed to life there are those who consider another's contribution more able and more fantastic than their own. This is not so. What these people need to recognize is that the other is more divinely connected.

Healthy children all have an advantage over adults. They can access more grace and deliver their gifts early because they have not been discouraged by non-aware attitudes. Most adults are discouraged by self-defeating attitudes and negative thinking. Please allow the genius in you to come forth. Traces of genius are in everyone, not just a few. Are you willing to allow your newly ascended consciousness to come out? Only change in you will give the ok to change in the controllers inner attitudes— these attitudes are not going to be destroyed by daily media contributions to negativity. You can make this dream more conducive to free energy production, inner awareness of genius, and the delivery of  change for all humans who can accept divine grace.

Be the change. Alight from your desire to know the future so you can make the future into a dream you prefer. Channeling the I AM Presence will deliver the quality of guidance needed daily. Are you able to do this? Please learn how.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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