Monday, May 7, 2012

All is One—Including the Negative

Purification is the next wave's opportunity to advance their awakened condition. Most of those now aware enough for ascension are not clear of their non-aligned contractions. How can they be cleared? Give them no energy—demonstrate absolutely nothing but delight when a contracted emotion acts up. Feel what comes up so it can  be dissolved by awareness. Once the light is turned on, it will burn out the dis-ease. Give no thought to the task ahead, or to the naming or  deleting of these contractions. This is what the life of an adept is all about, no matter what answers are anchored into the mental body. No answers, no decisions, and no control will deliver an acceptance message to the anger, fear or drama generator enabling you to be finished with all of your non-aligned dramas. Then, no more anger, fear or games will be added to the energy coming from you.

What we in the other dimensions are looking at in your realm cannot be reversed as an act of divine change. What can be altered is the mass consciousness. It is for the advancement of all that make up mass consciousness that you are being given the divine call to ascend. As more of humanity becomes open to ascension by the awareness of  current conditions, many can be advanced to dimensions beyond the one that continues to be destroyed.

I am not chastising anyone for the decisions they have made. I am very delighted that many are asking for advice about ascension. In the next days we want as many as possible to gather as One to ascend darkness. Can you give this your attention? Giving attention to destruction will do nothing but add to the disturbance. This was not my intention when I made the decision to give you the facts. I want all of you to ascend. Are you able to be free of your fear? Are you able to accept the fact that your dis-ease is about to be energized again by physical disturbances?

In the next continuum many will leave their body through the death door. Death can be a great ascension. This death can be a non-death. By this I mean that the body drops while the divine guides the soul to another dimension. No death is negative, it only appears so to those attached to the belief that physical death is the death of the divine light within.

Closing one's mind to the possibility of a beautiful death does not allow the fear to dissipate when death is about to occur. I mention death as a matter-of-fact detail because many can ascend as they die. It can be their method of ascension. Not going through the death experience can be one way to ascend, but it is not the only way. All who die can ascend at the moment they leave the body—it needs an angel's assistance and an actual decision to leave the human anchors of attachment. My goal in discussing this is to add another ascension possibility to the concepts now held.

Plan B is to go through density with an open heart that is full of love in every moment, giving what you can contribute to those who are able to accept what you can give. No matter what happens, this is the only thing that matters. When the time comes to ascend, no matter how this occurs, we want you to be able to CHOOSE ascension.

In our realm there is no difference between being in a body or not. In our realm nothing that occurs is dense—all is seen as the drama each soul needs to advance in consciousness. When you view human experience as the only way to contain the divine you are mistaken. In divine awareness you do not see anything as negative because nothing is negative. In man's opinion there is good and bad, dark and light, and death and destruction are considered negative. Not so in our view, ALL is the divine in action. Negating anything is man's negative attitude, not ours. We love what is being delivered, no matter what it is, because it becomes another way to dissolve the dream that most of you declare to be the reality.

Becoming aware of what the dream contains without being dense in your attitude about this will be a great growth step for you. Blessings on the details are needed, not denials and attacking comments towards our messenger. Are you able to accept that it is the negative attitude of the one doing the  blaming that is the negativity that needs more awareness?

When you negate a channel's clarity due to the mention of details and content that the mind does not agree with, you do not gain the benefit of checking your own attitudes that are negating these messages. We are not destroying Mother Earth with our details, only delivering a clear response to the news media's deception. All of the end of days comments in these messages were clearly described long before my colleagues and I began to inform about them through this channel. The days of darkness have been denied and denied, over and over again, because most of those who channel the light of divine consciousness do not have the ability to BE the light when details they consider negative are mentioned. 

Another message today is about love. Love is the absolute acceptance of all that is. It is not the classification of what is good and what is not. We give you all and you classify it as good and bad. This is not the truth! Self love is the complete acceptance of all that is with compassion and delight—and this includes all that can occur. Face this, and nothing can dim your light.

When a channeled entity claims "one channel only is my conduit," this means that entity is NOT the consciousness of an Ascended Master. All who channel can channel any Ascended Master. No one is an exclusive channel of my energy. Many deceivers claim to be me. Become more aware of the beings you are accepting as guides, Awakened awareness knows the difference.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. [video][/video]
    GROUNDING is essential.
    Excellent post.
    Thank you SG & Aruna

  2. My regret for any destruction to humans and natural life associated with dramatic changes of Nature on our Earth is a dominant concern along with shame on behalf of our humanity that we were unable to help the great Plan to succeed as You and the Great White Brotherhood wished.
    Some of us will still be thinking of what more we can do but try to adopt a vital attitude knowing that All life is One , All Will be Well and that Love is the only Reality, come what may.
    However I for one, still hope to contribute to the good of all and help in some way bring heaven to earth.
    I thank your channel Aruna with great appreciation for the Messages and advice given.
    With my deepest regard,
    From the soul of Sally

  3. Positive happenings and negative occurences in our life add experience to our evolution and path to ascension. Go with the flow... Happiness and LOVE, today and always! Thank you, Saint Germain, for all the light and awareness in your messages, and thanks to Aruna, too.

  4. From the higher dimensions all is the processing of consciousness and all is One...but does a polarity of service too the self as apposed to the service to the whole of life exist here in this dimension..indeed...and it needs to be fixed, straightened out and balanced...the sharp straight arrows of Arjuna need to fly..because lawlessness, unbounded, corruption and the destruction of a sacred living planet primarily by elites and their minions is the rule of the day...humanity has decreed it a hundred million have marched for it...WE HAVE COMMANDED IT..but we are not organized for this SHIFT of BALANCE and CORRECTION neither it seems is the beloved higher realms on this young planet...fear not friends of CAMELOT and Gaia all planets are connected in a great divine orchestration of evolution and there is a GALACTIC Spiritual evolution and interdiction that can assist us, they are called the GALACTIC FEDERATION and we need to give them our permission to help....then the games begin...

    "Dear members of the Galactic Federation, and all higher beings who would like to help us, but cannot do so because of certain universal laws. Please help us. We are INVITING you to. On behalf of myself as a sovereign human being, living on planet Earth, I ask you to come down and help us. We know you have been monitoring and visiting us for ages. We know you have technology that could solve our biggest problems, like hunger, pollution and wars, almost in the blink of an eye. But you felt restricted to help us openly, because of universal laws and our "official" representatives, our corrupt governments, not cooperating with you any time you offered your help. Today, we call it ENOUGH. These corrupt governments are NOT representing us. We are representing ourselves and we're asking you to help us. There has been enough suffering on this planet, we want it to end. Please come down and help us. We will welcome you with open arms, and a loving heart."

    Right now...That's all you need to do.
    Maybe Lord M should read this...

  5. is there an easy way to end ego's ongoing return? awakening moments seems to tease my consciousness

  6. Hello,

    Thank you for your guidance. On the subject of radiation's, does it affect the seas. Should we refrain from pacific or Alaskan fish as well?

    Thank you