Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inner Awareness is the Only Way

The children of God need more awareness. Not about God's creation or about any of the things my messages address. More awareness is needed about the way they can discover the heart of their own new world. Truth must be disclosed. Nowhere in the world of channeling is the truth of man's inner sanctum being discussed. No man or living diety can describe it. Only a most ardent devotee to man's inner world has the ability to discover this non-describable truth.

The Masters of my realm are not the direct, non-verbal orientation that is needed. We only can talk of man's mental dimension, not his inner world. Many of you are unable to look towards the undescribable. When you do, you will make the leap to New Earth consciousness. When you do, we will no longer be student and teacher, as we will no longer be operating in different dimensions. Our Oneness will be clear.

As long as war continues in any way there is negative energy. In the depths of your inner monestary there needs to be only quiet and no attitudes against anything, no desires, no disturbance, and no choice; no individual concepts and no grasping for more of anything. Nothing is conceptualized in this inner world, only experienced.

Can you do this for me now? Go into mental awareness of your inner monastery. Walk through the door of conditions and directions until you find nothing of the mind's motivations to divert your attention. Be completely present with no thought. When the mental body gives way to the entry of man's higher consciousness what is the most significant thing you will discover? Oneness. Without this fact being part of your attitude, disturbances against another will always be generated. Without dismissal of negative attitudes, ascension candidates will be left behind.

Consider negativity against ANYTHING your density, whether it is against negativity in others, dramas of the controllers, what is in the air, desecration of humans in other countries, or mention of a political party. All dark attitudes do more for the future advancement of the thing you are against than anything you can actively create in an attempt to destroy it. Mandates against call to you what you want to destroy. This is always the case.

Being against man's controlled environment darkens this avenue of control. Meditating to drop most of our own negativity has the desired effect. Meditating to destroy your own control will be more powerful than attempting to control another's way of doing things. Against war? Give love to those creating war. Against negative people? Love them. Against falseness in others? Give them your love too. Be a crusader against anything and your anger causes more density than anyone's call to assist in creating their desires. Be FOR assistance, not against the cause. Awareness of what darkens and what lightens needs more discussion. Attacking what "doesn't resonate" makes your contribution to density a greater darkness than the thing you are judging.

Should conditions be difficult, the most direct way to go through them is with caring, compassion and gratitude to the one creating the difficulty. Gratitude? Yes, for giving you the opportunity to grow in acceptance of "what is" and giving instead of darkening. Walk away when you are not capable of confronting the situation with a content free mind. Give no thought to what appears. Face all with the heart first.

Attitudes about anything are your mind's attitudes, not your inner awareness. Waking up to the highest consciousness demands dismissal of those mental attitudes. First, ask yourself, "is this my Higher Self" before attacking anything. Nothing negative is your Higher Self.

When you can accept the drama in your life as nothing other than an attention getting device for developing more awareness, details can then be dramatized for more insight. Your negative attitudes are all controller attitudes, and eliminating them in yourself is the way to create a better world. Cognitive awareness is the way to have your decisions be the beginning of more expanded awareness. The time to do this is a matter of days, not years. Please give these words your attention.

Ascended Mater Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank you very much, I really appreciate this advice. It is the answer to a question I've been asking this week.

  2. Dear Saint Germain and Aruna, Thank you for this great message.

    Much love to you both.

  3. 5-31-12


    Greetings Violinio St. Germain:

    I write this message and question in sincerity in the Light of Father/Mother God, Creator of all things and One with The CREATION. Please hear my query and provide an answer if you will.

    I appreciate all the wisdom at your disposal that you have and continue to freely share with this third-dimensional world of human. And I thank Aruna for the special service she is providing as your receiver. I love, honor and respect you both and your service to mankind.

    I first recall reading your literary works through the wonderful Phoenix publications of the late 1980's and all of the 1990's, and later in the Spectrum publication, and the books, Wisdom of the Rays.

    My question is this: In most of those works you began each writing by identifying where your allegiance lies. For instance, you would state something like, "I come in Service unto only the Light of Creator Source". Why is it that you dropped this intent of identification from your current messages through Aruna?

    I ask this because it was pointed out early on in the Phoenix Journals by other Master Teachers, particularly Commander Hatonn and Sananda, that it was very important for the reader to ascertain a writer's intent and affiliation; in other words, who he serves--the Light or the Darkness. If the writer doesn't make this identification, the reader won't know for sure. Further, the written messages by the Masters on your side, in those publications named, have all been preceded with their writings with their own Lighted intent, identification and affiliation, as far as I can recall.

    I, as I am sure all your readers, want to be sure we are reading articles from One who "Serves only the Light of Creator Source". But how is that possible if you won't identify who you serve at the beginning of your writings? Thank you for hearing me.

    In Lighted Service and Fellowship,

    Rocky Montana

    1. Part of the process of awakening is an awareness of the energy of the speaker of the message. You may start to notice this when considering posts on many different blogs. They have a unique "feel" to them, or even a distinct "color". This is the core personality of the speaker, and every one is different. This ability is not limited to those who channel, but developing energy awareness can be achieved through many different methods. For example, Reiki is one such path. Along with this comes awareness of auras. Another method is to to look at the space beside your hand, or the space directly next to a friend, and unfocus your eyes slightly. The "visible" aura can be larger than you might think.

      So the introductory portion of St. Germain is not necessary for us to know intuitively that it is indeed St. Germain who is speaking, because the energy signature is available to those who are aware of it.

    2. Hello Rock Montana. In my view, those not able yet to detect the energetic signature of a speaker can also look at the whole. On this site Saint Germain indeed lets listeners know who he is in a clear way...on the right of the 1st page it says "About Me." Also in my personal experience, different guides, angels and masters have communicated who they are differently. Working on becoming clear ourselves also helps with discernment. And Saint Germain has given us suggestions on the subject. I am finally getting some help from others here who's skills include working with the Emotion Code and doing deeper clearing work. Turns out I'm not willing to do the work myself; at least not completely yet. Its all different for each of us, and as I see it now, different for each of Them as well. My view is constantly changing/opening. Love and all the best to you on YOUR journey. Fellow Traveler

  4. Thank you
    I have a question please about this experiencies,
    i feel any negative experience that ends with money earning is like buying an experience for in the multicolour future.
    So i want to keep buying more and more experiences.
    and so everything that is happening now is like earning more for the future and stays in the deep of the deep of the being. And will benefit me after ascensioN?

    2. in the Ashtar site it is written about the 7 steps of spiritual evolution
    you must want must care must dare must have a sign and a sense of touch

    so i perceive any little thing as a sign
    is this right?
    or how can i become more expansive and not to ¨jump" with any little sign ?

    Thank you