Friday, May 4, 2012

Frightening? Yes. Deceptive? No.

What has been taught in these messages remains the light's answer to the deceptions leading most of mankind to a most dramatic end of their continents. Considerable care has been given to create the messages as information, rather than advice for advancing a moratorium on the energy of love that keeps the New Age movement uplifted instead of fearful. My channel has been carefully chosen. When we began to share these messages many decided they were not authentic because they did what most channeling does not: clearly declared the current conditions and how they must be countered at once. Can the Masters change the course of those life draining details which are making the land collapse into another contaminated container of death? No, we cannot, only the men, women and children who are alive today have an ability to change anything in the countries where they live. Are the Ascended Masters doing all we can? No, we can do a lot more, but only with human counterparts who can declare their desire to assist.

Noise has been made, man has been told what is needed, and no great change has occurred. Why? No details have made an impact on the dream of all who can assist. Prayers have come and determined actions have not. Man needs to comprehend an important fact: No correction to these dilemmas can appear and change the direction of the drama overnight. Time is a part of your consciousness for a reason: to allow you to get a message to become the director of the changes that are necessary.

Four of your years were needed to delete most of the damage caused by your moon missions alone. How does one moon mission compare to one entire collapse of an eco-system? How many days do you expect our decision to give advice will last if no action is taken? Are we negative? Yes, about the lack of human desire to alter things that will finalize the human condition. Can we turn things around now? No, we cannot. Can you? I doubt it.

Meditation, mental concepts and the change of direction needed can be denied and considered negative, or be considered logical and cause an active move to make things different. My chelas have been negative about what they are learning and unable to be catalysts for growth by acting like leaders. Self awareness needs more active choosers. Control of the change is now in the hands of those declaring: "close the door" to changing the energy. This is the dominant decree of their making.

False conditions on the light workers sites are the controllers in action. Be their sheep and die in their captivity. Weapons of mass destruction are not the death threat that you have named in your soul contracts as a condition of death. It is the collapse of your water and current food channels that will destroy your world. Your food supply is contaminated. What can contain man's contentment does not contain good nutrition. Man's good nature will collapse when there is no food to consume and no clean water to drink. In the next months you will see these things in the news more and more.

When the time for ascension comes many of those not prepared will wish they were. Food shortages are to close the book on Mother Earth's food chain when the diet for humans cancels the other consumable species. Are you able to consider my diet? If you can, you will be in the great minority for having a full belly.

Change of diet must happen before the complete change in the current laws about deleting organic farming are made. Are they coming? Yes. Not only in the US, but anywhere the GMOs are available. No GMOs and life on earth will continue. GMOs are a death sentence for all.

Negative? Yes, because my effort to aid in making this next cause and effect condition disappear was not able to turn things around. Are we angry about this? Anger is not in our nature—but we are quite disappointed.

Children are my biggest concern, as they are not able to grow without good nutritious food. Stunted growth will cause them great suffering. We want them all to ascend. Can they? No, only those that are able to leave their attachments. Most children do not understand, and boys and girls with no parents do not have any guidance to lead them to ascension. My feelings are dread and concern about their fate. What can we do about this? Community, join one and invite in any you can convince. Give to one another the love that all need. Give up your dramas and walk your talk. Be the love that you call for in your days of death. Give up your negative attitudes and face the things you fear, so you can overcome your fear of death. This way, when death comes you can gladly accept it.

Now, those who are on the ascension awareness track, we want you to be available when the call comes. It will come.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    I'm confused at the fact that there are not many channeled articles which touch on the split of Earth into Planet A and B (and according to Cosmic Awareness, now Planet AB). I wonder if St. Germain could once again give us a brief update on the developments with regards to the "days of darkness" and major land movements...

    Thank you.

    1. My understanding of this model is that it is a construct of understanding created by Georgi Stankov to provide one facet of information regarding the multiple timelines that exist and are available to those who are aware of them. It seems limiting to suggest there are only 2 (or 3...), but is helpful to understanding that there is more than 1. It is your choice whether you wish to see none, one, two, or many. So to answer the question about the lack of sources regarding "planet AB", you may wish to broaden the scope of your search. Messages that foretell doom and gloom may simply be averting disaster through manifestation.

    2. Hi Dreamwalker,

      I can understand your perspective, but I am guessing that St. Germain is talking about a timeline of what the most if not all of us would be facing and experiencing in the very near future to come, before the timeline splits.

      But we won't know when that would be, before 21st Dec 2012 or after...

  2. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    Someone once asked me, if the dark cabals are the ones behind this whole mess, why can't someone from the other dimensions just drop in and get rid of these people? Wouldn't that just solve a big part of the problem?

    It was something that I couldn't really answer the person who asked this question..

    Thank you.

    1. If you look at the yin yang symbol you will notice there is one part light and one part dark. Inside of light is dark, inside of dark is light. It is a circle. This is the universe. This same model can be applied within you and without you. Nothing that is internal is external. All that is external is internal. So the process of removing "them" is the process of removing "that" which you no longer need. Being one with the universe literally means that we and the universe are one and the same.

  3. Good Day...

    How can we turn the tables around and right the wrongs on this matter?

    But more importantly, I would appreciate it if St. Germain could suggest ways on spreading the news and waking the people around us to what's going on.


  4. i think most are doing what they can. naturally we could all do more, but this world is riddled in belief systems and illusions of all sorts as you know. so when i step into my local health food store and i see individuals making the first steps to a "fresh food diet" or when my mother decides to turn off the television and instead relax and read a book while her wind chimes sing in the wind--i think to myself "yes. i love you. i love you all for trying. i love you all for taking the first steps. i know there is much against you--much against us--but i love you for loving yourself in this moment" now, i am one who believes it is impossible to completely understand the laws of the universe/god/source at any level because it is forever changing. however, i do not see how many of us would NOT be supported during this time. perhaps not by you st. germain, perhaps not by any ascended masters, but we are being loved by THE UNIVERSE and GOD SOURCE. which, might i remind you--you are simply a part of--like us--and not the whole :)

    i thank you for your negativity. i love you so much for loving us, but in my reality i see effort and i will proudly face death knowing I AM TRYING and those around me are too! this is not easy, if we miss YOUR ascension deadline, then perhaps this story will have many twists and curve balls for everyone ;) including the ascended masters! no one knows how this will turn out. there are many brushes painting this picture. perhaps you know the future and can say otherwise, either way--our spirit and souls will not end up "deleted" in any way, so if my planet continues to disappoint you, then perhaps this is the lesson we need.

    i feel love in the air. it is gasping for breath but it IS NOT DEAD YET. goodbye. i have work to do.

    i suggest anyone reading this to turn off your computers and do the same.

    godspeed everyone <3

    thank you st. germain. thank you aruna.

  5. Hello Master S.Germain and Aruna.
    In one of your messages last year You said..
    - We have determined that 1,500,000 are now at this awareness level. We are very happy with this. It means a massive alteration in mass consciousness has occurred. What's next? A full disappearance of bodies will come as the mental disappearance of personal identity continues. A major change can occur in an instant, but not all of the 1,500,000 can levitate from full transcendent frequencies yet. Next is the lessening of dense matter by conduit status. Being a full conduit, without any distortions, deletes material density.-
    What really happened,or didn,t happened from then sinse now
    my dear master S.Germain?Because if YOU,and the other Masters, realise that their efforts have positive results,
    and you are happy with that,this also is encaraging all your chellas,to try and do the best they can.
    Without saying,that all of us we are doing our best,there
    are also here,and i,m not stating this as an excuse,limits and limitations,within the mist of chaos,we found ourselves
    nowdays.We don,t thing,that this chaos is created because of our Apathy,or lack of action,considering the Agendas of
    the other side-Cabal,to enslave,or to eliminate Humanity from this planet.
    If people,within this chaotic situation,feels abondoned,unprodected,and dispared,and their participation on this drama,is only apathy,it is better to look for excuses,instaid of looking for reasons to blaim only the collective.
    We realise,that the majority of the people is steel sleeping
    in a deep dormand,because of the deception,the so-called amnesia,and the lost identity on incarnation on Earth,and
    no chance for recall of memories,either for contracts signed,or what we are doing here.
    Compasion means that we try our best to find excuses for one,s actions or behauviour,instaid of lookink reasons to blaim.This comes from caring obout others,and also from
    unconditional love,or Christ conciousness.
    This is one of the major lessons we ,ve got from Your teachings my Beloved Master.
    Love and blessings to ALL.

  6. yes, the word, "disappointed" was a surprise. Generally meaning there were expectations.

  7. In my "circuit boarding" as my loving partner enjoys calling it, I stumbled across this site. I find through my circuit boarding, that I come to find the exact answers I need in that moment to acknowledge and remind myself to make the choice.

    I have had these answers all along. You do as well. But negativity, self-doubt, fear and lack of self-love plays a large role in all of our innate ability to guide ourselves. We are incredible. We have this knowledge. If you disregard the subtle questions that you begin to ask yourself in doubting the answer, and instead feel in your heart, you will surrender to the Will of Creation. This Will, in truth is your own, for Divine Creation is within each of us. Transcendence by definition is to step beyond these attachments. When we see children fighting and bickering over the sharing of a toy, and one begins to cry in hysterics, do we not look on with a partial smile and an "awe, doggonit sweetheart" in knowing that in the long run it will be forgotten through the resilience of youth? We cradle them, because we understand their pain and frustration, but seeing from a perspective of an adult, with different priorities, we don't see the toys of our youth with the same importance. We have new toys, such as drugs, food, boats, cars, etc... From a detached, loving and light driven perspective, we are children crying over a stolen toy. It's just as painful now as it was when we were children, but with awareness, we can move beyond this. In these attachments, we continually CHOOSE to give up our own power, find ourselves unsatisfied and more so depressed in our choosing to continue this attachment. Not to mention following this cycle up with this concept of 'blame' as if it can relieve us of our own guilt.

    I have given my power away to bulimia for 9 almost 10 years now. Finding my own inner power and strength to give up food is going to be one of my greatest and at the same time easiest challenges. It is an addiction that has been on the surface and available to see for it's whole duration. The challenges that I find to be most difficult, and that everyone will face in their own time, are the ones that are rooted deep in the black of denial, and take some effort to fully see and accept. They will come, if you let them. And they will be devastating.

    BUT they will also bring you the most light, love and joy you can comprehend at this time. Experience and feel that pain. And then let it go. It will be gone, and that life drama will no longer ensnare you.

    continued in next comment...

  8. Most, if not all of you are already well aware of what I have just written. For me, the last year of my life has been completely turned upside down in the most beautiful and unexpected way. I may be new to this shift and process, but I have faith that if I am able to find the light and love needed to be a strength to those around me, then there are others out there that are on the right track, a many number of them that are willing to take action in the leadership roles of example. Thank you all for letting me write this, for your light, your love, your humanness, for it is all beautiful. Awareness to the ascension can cause some slight panic and the need for answers. This blog, is extremely helpful in giving major answers that are relevant in understanding the general course needed to take. After that, these details and technicalities that we focus on are a way to sidestep the truth of what must be done. I am very good at this, and try very hard to make sure that I don't let my details, definitions and technicalities ensnare me and lose sight of the bigger picture. Take this time to be inside yourselves. KNOW what is right within. BE the light that you already are. Whether people know it or not, they are drawn to your light if you let that baby shine on full blast! That is where leading by silent example rings sincere truth.

    I love you all and send my light and love for each of you and your struggles. You don't know me. But, you really do. I say this because I am you, just as you are me, and we are Divine.

    Thank you, St. Germain.
    Thank you, Aruna.

    But seriously, i'll end this now.

    Email me if you'd like.

  9. I have read all the previous comments and I was touched deeply by saint germains message. Do not take offense, anyone, but take heed and take it to heart. I was disappointed in myself. I had the knowledge, I resonated with truth and yet i excused my own lack of commitment. NO LONGER. Right around three days ago i committed to the fresh food diet internally AND to all my friends and family. They DO judge, they DO sneer, and they DO project negativity. And THEY are my favorite teachers of how to stay true to MY truth. IT IS HARD. I take on the fresh food diet with enthusiam and i let everyone know how HAPPY i am to be making these choices. I LET the universe talk to me by opening up to messages in anything I cant personally control. For example, i listen to the radio and allow my essence to accept what i hear as a message from the divine. I look through tons of books, pick one, and let the message from the book touch me in some way. When my friend said something highly disturbing, i laughed on the inside, glad that i was above that emotion and mandating the same for all. I feel ur truth saint germain. I wish ur message was more positive but I accept the tone as the truth and I am even more determined than ever to connect with the source and CO CREATE the new earth, as intended and inevitable. As u experience ur life, ask if it the same emotional, spiritual and mental experience you hope for your children. If not, consciously alter it. That is your god-given birthright.

  10. p.s. I meant "plays a large role in our CHOSEN inability to guide ourselves." Hah.


  11. It is so inspiring to read these comments in reference to the great message from SG. Wondering about a detail is human. Not judging and waiting, answers usually come; if not, I find their importance in the big picture doesn't exist. Thank you all for your input/comments.

  12. So, what's comming next after our failure to acomplish what was expected of us Ascended Master Saint Germain? Are you guys up there giving up on us? or there is a plan B? Please let us know.


  13. How do we know when the call for Ascension will come, so we can be available? Thanks, Saint Germain and Aruna.