Monday, May 21, 2012

What's Next? It's a Wait and See Game

Please continue to live your lives as masters of light. We do not deny that what we may forsee in future days may not turn out to be accurate. When we comment on things, it means this will occur when all continues as it is now. Should there be a dramatic alteration to that course of development, my context will be altered at that moment. Nothing cannot be changed by divine decree. However, what I am concerned about in your realm is very different than simply altering a cause and effect drama, as it includes all of your dreams and answers for the human continuum.

We want you to continue the ongoing development of human mastery and not be caught in the destruction of the land masses you are inhabiting. Once before we had this same dance to deal with, and most of you chose to come home and miss the next drama. Mass clearing of Atlantis was done by the Galactic Federation then—it happened in a few days of human time, before the changes to the land masses damaged your psyches. We don't have the same options now, because the Atlantians were confident that they were being given another opportunity to continue their claim to mastery. Now there are more obstacles to clearing your damaged continents then there was then, the main one being  the negative attitudes that would disqualify many from moving towards the Galactic Federation mobile devices. Most would deny their friendship and many would make war against them. So we have only ascension as your answer to continuing life in another dimension. When Mother Earth is newly created, the ascended beings will lead the way to another human continuum. All who do not ascend may incarnate again in other areas of the galaxy, one at a time in their new forms, but they will not move there en-mass from earth's atmosphere.

When the collapse of your modern world comes to you via the news media it will be too late to ascend. You need to give your answer before then. We need to know who is in and who is not. Are you able to go on without others you now call family? This may be necessary.

Most of you can only conceive of the future in ways that either continue your current existence or is like the dreams you have had and made into concepts that are not accurate. When ascension occurs, none of man's dreams about moving into light bodies are exactly as this will be experienced. It will not be like the dreams of your colleagues either. It will be a complete dismantling of your dream. Can it be described here? No. You will have to have the experience.

Some of you are asking about the more noticeable topics we have been discussing. Kelp is very good to eat now because none of the commercially available kelp was harvested after the tsunami. This kelp was also harvested in areas that contains no cesium. Chinese kelp is not guaranteed free of all contaminates, but it contains no cesium. Korean and Japanese kelp are worth the price you pay for them.

Those on the Hawaiian Islands do not need to be afraid of the food grown there. Water used on the areas of food growth was not destructive or contaminated. Mist does not come into the food growing areas of Hawaii as it does in Southern CA. It is not the land that contains cesium, it is the air. Cesium dust rises in the coastal mist of the Pacific ocean in these contaminated areas and overtly makes its way towards the not so protected areas where food is grown. Pure cesium is in the air and it gets into the food that way. It was not going ashore in Hawaii in the same way, so no damage was done. Hawaiian food is ok to eat.

Fukushima will be a news item for an indefinite amount of time. Should another big earthquake or tsunami happen in its vicinity there could be complete destruction on all the continents as a consequence. Can you understand that this absolutely can happen? Can you be ready to ascend if it does? We are waiting to gather you to ascend, but we will do it as soon as it appears that Fukushima will get damaged again. Get ready NOW!

In the months to come anything can happen. Neither this dimension nor the Galactic Federation can change these conditions. We can only lead you on to ascension or another lifetime. Are you afraid? Then do what it takes to become "ascension ready." Many light workers are available to assist.

Purification of diet can help. Purification of mind is most important. But purification of fear is the answer to all of the above.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. No fear is the answer -- thanks! We need to follow our hearts and go with the flow...

    1. too easy... but how to become fearles ? How do I purify my fears?

    2. Do not give attention to the negativity around you or negative thoughts. Try to replace a fearful imagery by a beautiful scenery, good memories in your life, a calm music -- Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, for instance. Have a positive mind and for any bad thought think that everything will be all right. If you believe in prayer, pray to the Angels to guide you, and assure you everyday: " I AM FEARLESS!"

    3. Dear Anonymous
      Perhaps you can start like this. What I do: Notice when that emotion comes up. Stay with it. Focus on where it is felt it in the body. No judging or naming it, continuing to put the mind there, breathing steadily. At some point there is an obvious release. That one is gone! This works for me with all emotions. It changed my auto response to situations without trying. There is always more to clear. As St. Germain has said, there are many here who can help us. At 75, I continue to find those angels among us. Love and Best to you. Fellow traveler.

  2. I live in Eastern Oregon, and I am not afraid to stay however, I dont want to disregard St Germain's advice. i am about 300 miles away from the coast, is that far enough away from the dust? I planted a 400 sq foot garden just this spring. I used the food4wealth plot, meaning i built the soil myself. I used newspaper first, alfalfa second, very very aged horse manure for fertilizer, straw hay and finally compost topsoil. I am not yet receiving msg from st germain, so I just wonder how urgently i should take the moving advice. I would much rather stay but I am open to moving if it benefits my friends and family and furthers the ascension process.

  3. You could purchase or just borrow some good measuring equipment and then check yourself the real caesium values of your soil. And then you know what to do.

  4. Hi Everyone...

    I feel that The Divine has not yet played Its hand of cards yet, there may yet be still an ace up the sleeves which is not revealed to all. For if the dark controllers on this planet are playing to such extremes of darkness, surely the Light also has to come up with similar extreme measures to counter what is currently happening on Earth, for such is the rule of Yin and Yang. I just wonder if St. Germain and other Light forces are privy to the plans of The Divine.

    Have a good week everyone!

  5. Aruna and St Germain, my thoughts today are wondering HOW to create the community st germain says is so important. Is it truly as simple as knockin on my neighbors door? Joining clubs, attending meetings etc? I recently joined an AA group to get a handle on my drinking and drug use and it has been the most amazingly spiritual experience. I read the book the 12th Insight, which is a sequel to the Celestine prophecies and i couldnt help but feel like that group could be a great commissioning. they all understand how important loving and caring is for each other, being totally free of judgement and giving from the heart. I want to put in WORK now! So ideas are coming to me about taking gifts of my garden spices to my neighbors to simply "open the door" to community. Much love.