Friday, May 18, 2012

The Food Issue

My message for today will answer questions. First, gardening: No garden on the west coast of the United States is completely safe from cesium. It comes in the air from the material that arises from the ocean. Concern is being downplayed due to the food industry being against public notification. Gardens without covers are all contaminated. Are you in California? Consider these options:
1. Move to another area.
2. Only eat food grown in greenhouses.
3. Eat food that was frozen before coming to your area.
4. Only consume what comes in from other areas.
5. Only eat frozen or canned fruit and vegetables.

Yes, I told you to go away from these things, however, California and Oregon and other growing areas on this coast of the US must consider cesium more caustic than canned and frozen diets. Pray over the food being eaten. Cherish it as you do what is considered sacred. Bless all who grow food in these areas, because their entire lives are about to change in more ways than one. Appropriate action is to inform the vast number of news media outlets of this dilemma, asking them to warn all who consume California produced food to stop. Are you getting the picture?

This current situation is contaminating all who grow this food and all who will consume it. It cannot be detected by the nose or other content indicators, other than cesium testing. Safety checks are needed. California growers are the greatest number being contaminated right now, but all who have gardens within a 3-mile distance from the ocean are affected. People can die from what is contained in the next growth phase of contaminated crops intended for dissemination from these areas. Are other areas affected? Only the coastal states at this time. There is no cesium in Europe right now. There was when Chernobyl contaminated all of Europe. Consumers ate it then. It caused no major death epidemics, although immune systems were severely compromised. Concentrations in California are now greater than the Chernobyl contamination because it comes in on ocean currents, not only through the air that moves without concentrating it in the jet stream. Purification of the Chernobyl disaster has not been completed, so a new round of contaminates would seriously add to this cause of cancer and other health destroying manifestations.

Now, considering all the information that I've given you regarding the fresh food diet, nothing has changed in this instruction for most of those doing this new diet. Only those things grown in California are to be avoided—wine grapes included. This year's production is not safe. Olives, dates and avocados are not considered as dangerous as other diet matter from California because those you are eating now were canned or picked before this current week of food contamination. My words are current, so don't be concerned about what was consumed last week or before. Next week could bring more contamination to the area. It comes from the ocean, and as you are aware, ocean currents can make many changes in any given day.

Fish caught in the Pacific ocean in the areas near California, Oregon, Washington and Canada are all contaminated. Avoid them for a good amount of time - one or two months at least. Then we will take another look at them before you decide how to proceed. No fish is completely free of diet disturbance content in any area other than the north and south poles. All marine life is dealing with malnutrition and drugs and oil or caustic material. Nothing is naturally abundant in health nutrients today, except a variety of naturally grown, GMO free, mature fruits and vegetables that are being grown organically.

My dear ones. Do the fresh food diet where it makes sense. Give up the concept if you are in an area where good quality food is not available. What can you choose to eat in these contaminated areas? Not fish, not fowl, not cows or other live animals. Choose what comes from other areas as much as you can. Cesium cannot be detected in what you can acquire now, but it will become a major disease creator in the months to come.

Choose Alaskan salmon, other Alaskan consumables, or Northern Canada produce. Central and South American areas like Mexico and Chili are not contaminated now, but can be when the currents draw the cesium in their direction. What to do? Get accustomed to difficult choices and cause and effect dramas. Life is not going to be the same as it used to be in any countries.

Brazil needs demands made by the international community against chopping down your air generators. Please contact all of the caring organizations and politicians in your country, and use the social networking arena to call for this plan not to occur.

I Am That I Am is the call to angels who are waiting to assist wherever they can. Call on your own inner guides to learn what you can do NOW to change the climate of apathy. Condemn those who are killing the environment. Give up your own demands for great energy usage. Teach the children to be more demanding about what can be done for their future. Join groups that are aware of the death and destruction of Mother Earth and get group actions going. Lead more awareness to the current day's mass consciousness and learn how it can be changed with even more growth in awareness. Capture the moment in dance and song. Give the control to others and die or take it back and change the direction of control to dancing and singing as One.

P.S. Regarding cording release: I have previously channeled instructions on this blog. No need to do it again. Should this be an issue for you, seek a qualified counselor who can assist.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    Thank you very much for the information given which I find would be most timely and helpful.

    There is however one question which I would to ask regarding eating Kelp (seaweed), as kelp is good at removing radioactive particles, but given this particular time, would it still be OK to eat kelp harvest from the ocean? Would kelp be contaminated by pollutants and radioactive particles?

    There is also an indication that we have not heard on the last of the Fukushima disaster and there may be something bigger which could potentially contaminate the entire northern hemisphere later this year? Could St. Germain comment on that?

    Thank you very much. I look forward to hear more updates and news on the global social political front (e.g. monetary system collapses in Europe), we lives in very challenging and exciting times indeed.

  2. Hi all,

    St. Germain has covered various angles of what's to come later this year, e.g. Ascension, planetary split, The collapse of the monetary system around the world, environmental destruction, societal chaos, food shortage crisis, radioactive contamination in US and maybe the world, etc. I am curious to know if St. Germain sees a silver lining in any of dark clouds forming? Any shred of positive news which we can share with the people around us? Surely Divinity hasn't totally given up on Humanity and everything on earth.

    Thank you.

    1. Positive news? I'm looking at one now! ;-)

      The "positive news," in my view, is all of us. ♥

      As to clouds with silver linings: Athabantian, Tulya, Neptune, if you follow such things. That's a somewhat literal translation...

  3. Dear St.Germain, what about people who live in Europe (Holland), like me? I would love to switch to the fresh food diet, but I don't know if it is wise (for me) at this very moment, because I am being treated for a sleeping disorder... this already takes a lot of energy, so perhaps I should wait until my energy level has stabilized? Or will the fresh food diet contribute and even speed up my recovery? I would love to hear or read from you. Thank you very much. Love, S.

    1. The fresh food diet is the beginning of health. I personally recommend it for ALL maladies. Have ur health practitioners suggested meditation as a part of ur sleep disorder treatment? Most of the time what keeps us awake is our THINKING. meditation teaches quiet mind.

  4. Divinity doesnt choose whether or not to give up on humanity. Earth is a living breathing entity and humans CHOOSE the current conditions through collective consciousness. The only way to ensure a change on Earth is to BE the change in our microenvironment. By BEING the change, by disregarding all ur current habits and current ways of thinking, you can decree global change. You can NOT request it, pray for it, hope for it without doing any changes urself. So anonymous, unless u have given up on the changes u personally want to make for urself, there is no way divinity has given up on you and us.

  5. The Hawaiian islands were not mentioned, and considering it is logical to assume all the islands have been contaminated already, since being between Japan and the USA mainland, what advice would be given for those of us living in Hawaii?