Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Being a Light in the Dark

When my words come to an attitude of mind, my ability to convey truth has been diminished. Only an open mind can accept what might differ from other beliefs. When my messages come to a channel, they come without their choice of what my message will be. Concepts about how channeling is controlled by a channel are not accurate. In cases where mind is not out of the way, there can be donations of an attitude from the channel's mind, but that only occurs when a channel does not have accuracy in moving out of the dynamic. Once this is learned, no more interference can occur. Most channels do not ask, "Is this message of Christ consciousness?" No advanced consciousness can deceive when this is asked.

When the days of darkness come, all who have direct communication with Christ consciousness will be more comfortable than those who don't. It is for this reason my channeling course was created. I am not advertising anything, only claiming the existence of my creation. Call this "not the words of an Ascended Master", but this made-up concept about what Ascended Masters are about has no direct relationship to any of us and how we are communicating to our channels. When an Ascended Master delivers content to a chela (in any way) they are asking for confident decisions to be made by the one getting the message. Today's message is: Don't accept the mind's idea about guidance coming from other realms. Mind conceives without any basis in actual fact.

Please don't attack anyone. To do this is a direct attack on yourself.

Now, my friends, I'd like to discuss your questions about the days of darkness. Post American economic collapse there will be many difficult days to deal with. Anticipate the lack of money to buy anything at all. Any currency other than the dollar will also be affected, as all are linked together. Currencies not tied to the US dollar will also collapse. One world currency is the goal of those controlling this collapse. No money means there will be nothing to use to acquire basic needs. Are you able to accept another way to live? Are you able to claim sovereignty? Most of you cannot. I want you to be ready for these days. Get the things needed before this occurs. Buy what you can. Come together with others and decide what each will provide the group. Giving to each other will assist the demonstration of Oneness. Bring to the group the things you have to offer. Are there items you can trade? Can the Masters give some advice?

Give away your things of great value and live at peace with less. Why? What you now value cannot feed you when money does not exist. Cancel any concern of being robbed by having nothing to be stolen. When life is very detached from material acquisitions there is more flexibility to deal with new developments.

Change in all things is a jolt to the mind's concepts. My direct communication about these matters may disturb, but when this occurs without warning, more disturbance will grow when there are no preparations made now. When the dollar collapses the money markets will collapse. Remember the Great Depression? When they found out about this it was too late to prepare. Can you conceive of this happening now? No? Conceive and get ready! People will be crazy. Money won't buy food. Are you able to live without money? Can you be free of fear? My words are not to frighten, rather, to give you an alternative to fear.

When the consciousness of the entire world is afraid, how can you deliver an alternative? By being committed to being a vehicle for light. Miracles can happen through beings of light. Remember how Jeshua ben Joseph delivered food? Some of you will also do this. Cancel your fears and get ready to live as Jeshua did. Walk your talk. Give without choosing with your mind. Open the door to that divine love within your own heart to bring the light into darkness.

False concepts abound about future events. No truth comes from the many controller guided dictations prevelant today. My words are Christ consciousness. You are the only deliverer of your own fate!

Now, the days of darkness will come after the dollar crashes. While determining how to live without all the things money now buys, you will be doused with darkness. No way to detail all the ramifications of this now, as the concepts we might convey may create distress in the mind when none need be conjured up now. When the days of darkness begin, a community group will be the best way to live. Gather together in one area. Five or six can be a commuunity. Give the group all your things and all your attention. When one needs aid, all be there for that one. Face the fact that candles and flashlights with extra batteries are to be needed. Oil lamps are great also. When darkness arrives, be quiet. Get comfortable being by yourself in silence. Give me the decision to be calm, and be open about the healing you need to be calm. Ask me to assist and my cohorts on this side of the veil will do what we can. I'm not able to manifest drinks and food, but we can tell you how to do it!

Positive attitudes are necessary. All who call themselves "Lightworkers" are to give their light to this condition. When the darkness comes, will you be grounded, capable and confident or will you be afraid? What is your commitment to light?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Miriam says...

    Can´t help whising I already had that house in southern Europe now were peaches and tomatoes grows generously a great deal of the year;)
    Takes such a little to be happy seeing the holiness in all living things creating beauty and wonder every day...

  2. Dear Master St. Germain, dear Aruna,

    Can you please explain what causes the days of darkness. You told us about chemtrails. Did they cause these dark days and what actions will the governments take?

    Thank you for explanations!

  3. Should we buy property so that we can farm to grow our own food? Will renting be an issue? I am a renter and I wonder if I should focus on buying property, however I dont want to contribute to debt. Thanks, MUCH LOVE Aruna!

  4. Why can't an ascended master manifest drinks and food? Or, why can't an ascended master describe how it can be done in sufficient detail? And I don't mean planting a garden. That's silly in days of darkness. Real manifesting or more games?

  5. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    May I clarify with you that the US Dollar and the Global Economy would totally collapse later this year and subsequently the "Days of Darkness" period would follow after some time?

    Thank you very much.