Monday, March 21, 2011

Comments on the Comments

My dear ones. As I've given the message many times, channeling can happen to anyone. It is not necessary to condone my channel about her call to love or my asking that a growth course be taken. My words are not her words. My call for the course has the intention to give an extremely clear message to all who do not channel and deliver an option to do so. It is not a demand.

Channeling can be attained by numerous alternative means. Purchasing the course I am connected to is not the point here, it is being committed to learning the art of channeling. Can you learn on your own? Yes, my channel had no course.

An attitude about anothers method of creating money cancels your ability to attract it. An attitude against anything attracts that thing to you. My dear ones, anything that comes to you is a gift, not a right. When the gift comes without a price tag, can you be grateful? When it comes with a price tag, can you be grateful?

Channeling gives the message to all that another realm can assist them. Nothing contracted anywhere claims that all channeled material must be without cost. Many channels ask a lot of money for their channeling. Condemning this has more to do with the one casting stones than the channel.

Casting stones against anything casts one against yourself. Be clear, my channel gives tirelessly to this blog without any compensation at all demanded of those who are benefiting from it. No donations have been received from most of those accepting these gifts. No charge is a choice, not a requirement. My decision to ask a charge on her material is also for the clear advancement of her destiny, which is to be in service. Make no mistake, the call to love is the content of this guide, not an attitude of control. Anyone who wants the channeling course can collect money and create a group to learn together. No price can contain them. Buying courses and doing therapies that heal and advance consciousness has always been the way. Channeling is no different.

Now, let me answer questions about the nuclear condition in Japan. May the good consciousness of the heart of humanity come forth to light the way out of fear. No more nuclear disasters are going to add to this crisis. Calm has been containing the disaster. Calm continues to assist as man attempts to overcome chaos. Choose the light of caring, not fear!

Many more catastrophes will come to humanity now because of the land being moved on a grid that has to make its way naturally. When the days of darkness occur, this will be due to a collapse of the matrix of materialization. It means that closing the door on the current lifestyle will occur. The days of darkness are a doorway to light. Oneness will be the way. But getting to Oneness will be through difficult circumstances. Collective changes will be occurring during the next months, acting to gather those who love and those who fear. Collecting these two groups will mean they divide themselves to the light and dark. When this occurs, the dark will cease to determine the way of the light. A complex diagram is needed to clarify this most significant change, but this is not available to a written format. By collecting the dense and the light together there will be two realms on this planet: one that carries the 3rd dimensional consciousness and one that carries the 5th dimension consciousness. Will they co-exist? No.

When this occurs, the 5th dimension will disappear to those in 3rd dimension. Continuing their lives on another dimension will not be another galaxy or another continent. When this occurs the 3rd dimension will be moved to another planet to continue their lessons. A New Earth on Gaia will be created by a consciousness that has the light this planet needs.

No more nuclear containment will be done on Gaia then. Only life sustaining technologies will be used. Good food and water will be developed naturally. All health conditions created by the controller's mechanisms will be deleted. Clear mental ability will return. Dousing the human race with chemtrails has damaged the mental container of all who are near them.

Peace will reign forever in this dimension and it will be the land of demonstration for other galaxies to be taught from. The Galactic Federation can be a contact point to teach of this contract that brought home all of those who chose this gift. Ascension to 5th dimension will occur. Are you going to be one who does the things necessary to come along? Are these things difficult? No, they are the most loving things that are the deciding factors. How loving are you? Caring, giving, allowing, helping, de-coding the mental attitudes of density in your mind, and giving up attitudes about what you and others "should" and "should not" do. Free yourself from dense attitudes.

Now my dears, the darkness will only be the doorway. Getting to the other side of the door will require courage and love.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Just as a tip, for those that are able, during these days of darkness, I would suggest breeding rabbits, they breed fast, they are one meal at a worries about butchering them and trying to store the meat...they survive on grass clippings and what not...there are plenty of ways to start a fire if you search the net...9 volt batteries and steel wool...and there are many flint or steel fire starters for pennies on the dollar.

    love and light

  2. Thanks master saint germain and Aruna mam

    Will focus on channeling.This message is really resonating with my heart . i am able to open my heart to you all

  3. I wish I had the money to purchase the course. I think it would be very valuable to me. Until then I remain happy and flow with the will of the divine. It is what it is and I am that I am. My love to you all and may we remain united forever.

  4. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    After taking a hard look on the part which touched upon the separation of human beings and other beings into two distinct groups, the 3rd and 5th Dimensions, I would like to ask does it mean that people or beings (which are to be in 3rd Dimension) currently on this planet would be removed from this planet, and rematerialized again on a new planet in the 3rd Dimension? I guess that there is a parallel planet similar to earth and that the 3rd Dimension group would be "beamed" to this planet.

    Would we suddenly wake up and find out one day during "the days of darkness" period that we are in a new place or some people in our lives went missing from the face of this planet? Or would those who are moving on to the 5th Dimension just simply be tuned to a higher frequency and no longer see others in the 3rd Dimension? Some clarification would be most welcomed and appreciated.

    It is a very fascinating insight which St. Germain has given to us, for me it's still a bit hard to believe, but nevertheless, being prepared during this time would be most appropriate, both spirituality and physically.

    Thank you very much and looking forward to the next article.

  5. Dear Aruna: you don't need to use pseudo-channeling to say whatever your mind wants to say. I won't bother you anymore, because opening people's eyes (including yours) is certainly not a role I feel I'm "enlightened" enough to play. But there's one last thing that keeps coming into my mind, can't help it (maybe I'm already channeling!): You may have decided to delude yourself, but you certainly cannot delude your higher consciousness. If all the experience you claim to have was of any use... I wouldn't even be here saying words other than "Thank you".

    By the way, thank you for all the good channeling I had access through you, but my heart cannot accept this other kind of communication anymore.

    Please leave Saint Germain out of this... He's got so many important things to care about!

  6. Ezekiel has commented on this conversation in today's March 22 post at