Friday, March 25, 2011

Clearing Up Some Details

Your questions about the days of darkness are very good. My desire to answer them exists, but the Masters all agree they are not to be answered, because of the awakening in consciousness possibilities that "not knowing in advance" will provide. When an answer about a prediction gives you concepts about the future, this creates an energy towards that creation. We don't give a lot of details, and create no concrete expectations, because we must allow for changes of energy to mandate the actual creation. What now appears to be a forgone conclusion may not occur, and the new energy can create an opposite manifestation.

Now that this has been explained, that my content may act like a creation generator, my next step is to give you details that cannot be changed by advance notice. No concepts about how the changes to the Earth's crust are to be created will be contained here:
1. When the days of darkness begin, they will come without any advanced warning. No big drama will deliver this condition.
2. Complete darkness of all the land comes with one cause: no direct conduction of heat molecules from the sun. It is the sun that will be leaving the continents, not the opposite scenario.

No warning is possible due to the gasses that will be demarking whether contact with the sun will be made or not made will come out of the sun in one moment, almost like the flares now actively being driven out of the sun. More gasses than the flares give off will escape from the solar container now called "the sun". This sun will be greatly altered to make a more convexed diagram in the atmosphere.

Tectonic plates under the ground are now being affected by the catastrophic decomposition of this temperature component. Cold days will begin during the days of darkness because decreased light and heat will now be the norm. Sunshine as you now know it will decompose during the day, until none is available. Now, as this occurs, another creation that will give off gaseous glow will come to the fore and disseminate heat and light. Between these two major occurrences is no conveyance of heat or light. How long? Maybe three days, no more than one month.

Prepare. Can you go out and do everything as usual? No. Can the electric lights be on? Yes. Can generators keep man's companies going? Yes. Can we bring more lights to the houses in other ways? Yes. You won't be in complete darkness in your homes or offices, only the days will give you no heat or light.

Positive attitudes will be needed. Chelas who are aware can guide their neighbors to be calm and give no concern to this natural condition. False "controller delivered" explanations may give different reasons. When they don't understand change, there are many attempts to "make up" a cause. Confidence in the process will be what allows life to continue, as new challenges appear as "death's door". None of them need be, as the collective dramas about Armageddon are not to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Open hearts and a mind concentrating on the new days to come can deepen awareness.

After the days of darkness there will be a very different contact ability with our realm. Many of you will need to hear our lead moment to moment. No days of darkness concepts can be given here, other than what I've just written. When flames come out of the container, consider the changes to the most important conveyor of light to have begun its new construction on your domain. No light is only the beginning.

News of all the deaths that are occurring are going to increase. Many of the changes will destroy man's country of residence. Many countries cannot deliver any safety controls and deaths are eminent. But lets consider the fact that all of these humans are giving their deaths to these most challenging dramas as a completion by their own choice! No one dies by accident! It only appears that way!

There will be many deaths. And many delights are coming also. Clear the mind of concepts and gather together to be a community of light. When there are new choices to be made, listen very carefully to the inner voice and don't allow anyone to change your contract to be a divine, aware contributor to the entire dimensional alteration.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Saint Germain,
    I am anxious, not afraid, but anxious. It seems so unreal what you describe, very unreal, yet I feel somehow excited about it. I feel like it's about time we move on.
    After the days of darkness, there will be a new and different sun? That is very hard to magine, and do we have to start all over?
    Why would we have chosen to stay alive?
    If you consider answering my questions, I would be very much obliged. If not, i am sure there will be a good message for me anyway. Thank you and I am eager to meet you. Rolando.

  2. Miriam says...

    Well, it´s seems like all of this is foretold in the Mayan calender but it´s not until now one can be motivated to look at it more closely:
    A heaven it seems for mathematical freaks :) another messenger on the same theme is:

    Life is a wonder in it´s self and it gets even more wondrous when the Christ-self makes its shining entry into the human soul shaping an entirely new entity with confidence and trust in coming events.

  3. Does this change to our sun have anything to do with the second sun in our binary star system?

    Thank you for sharing your time and mesages with us :)

  4. Dear Saint Germain, I would like to ask you something. The violence in all its "mild" or brutal forms disturbs deeply my heart. Is it something I have to deal with? What is it? Thank you.