Saturday, March 19, 2011

Days of Darkness Part II

When the days of darkness begin there will be no light from the sun. Nor will there be any days and nights to live through, only nights. Being able to light candles or have lamps that need no electric power can aid this condition. Without any candles there will be no light unless electricity is available. In many areas this will continue to act as artificial light. In other areas there will be only night. I'm not asking that these days be given any other attention than gathering light sources.

Clear the mind of disasters. No disasters are being predicted with this call to get yourself some answers for these days. No oil lamps around? Get other things that can be used if no electricity is working. If you have solar electric there will be no option but to have a back up solution. Many days without sun means the darkness can cause depression and anger. Instead, get calm and act like another day of darkness is no big deal. Wealth will be of no benefit, only acts of courage will matter. About one month of this will come to all of the continents. Can this be a time for deep inner attention?

Chaos may add an act of need for many. Are you able to remain calm? No additional call for this time beside getting lights in the homes and businesses that will need them. Grocery stores need light. Most have back-up generators. Are they the only businesses that do? If so, more need to get them. When will this occur? In one year and a bit more, not next week. But you can begin getting yourself ready to deal with the details.

When the contact of the news media is disrupted, or the Internet is not available, can you be courageous and decisive from your inner guidance? Are you able to determine your own decisions by the director inside? Calm will be the key to this ability. Panic will delete it.

A change of lifestyle for this time can also assist. Can you remain in your home or do you need outside activities to be happy? Not used to being at home? Get your home to be a place to love. And get all of your dreams about being completely taken care of out of your mind. No Galactic Federation craft will come to "do it for you". Self-contained attitudes are an asset for a challenging condition.

Conduits of all the Ascended Masters are delivering an answer to an audience that can accept that they exist. No one will come to be on the ground that you can  look at. Only those who can activate their own light and pass it to another can assist. Meditation can lead you to the answers needed during these nights of darkness that are coming. Only an open heart can deliver courage during the collapse of your daily life. Are these things causing you fear? Good, get the answers that can help you release it. During difficult times you need to be aware and courageous.

I AM THAT I AM is always available to move the more aware of this group of humans. What do we have to do to be more available to you during these dark days? Can we be available to all of you? Of course we can. Are all of you able to communicate with this realm? No. Can this dictation give you adequate cause to open up this more than necessary ability? No one should be without the Channeling Course I created. It is necessary to have the information it contains, as being an open channel to the Master inside yourself is all the contact that will be continued, and it will only come direct to those who can hear it.

Channeling is not a guessing game about your dreams or intuitive contact or audio telepathy. It is a most controlled dictation that offers direction and comments that can deliver grace and clarity. Are these dramas on the continents convincing you of the need to learn about channeling? Our course is priced for less than it is worth. Consider this a gift from the Great White Brotherhood, as our channel only charges what we ask her to. Pay for this alone or with a group, but get it to open and clear out the dross that keeps you from divine direction.
Champion others to do the same.

Many of you are dreamers that have been disturbed and are grief stricken because there is nuclear activity in Japan. Believe me, this is not dangerous to most of the globe and it won't be. But it will destroy the land and the atmosphere as a consequence of being delivered by man to those he cares nothing about. No more nukes needs to be the next campaign promise of anyone seeking public office.

Crash the time barrier with channeling!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
Saint Germain's Course In Channeling can be purchased here.


  1. Dear Saint Germain, is mother Earth becoming a star as part of her ascencion process?

    Thank You.

  2. Thank you Saint Germain, but why is so important surviving physically? If it is not something that has to do only with the individual, how much “not caring” harms the interest of All. The departed in advance, let say those who fail to survive physically the dramas happening on continents, do they miss the opportunity of this lifetime?

    You say “Many days without sun means the darkness can cause depression and anger.” I haven't tested myself yet, but I think that if the soul gets down in depression and anger, it is not ready to move on. The depression and anger cannot be where an awakened awareness of Light is.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that channeling I Am That I Am is the best thing I've ever done. Thank you Saint Germain.

  4. OK, let me see if I got it right: Saint Germain wants us to BUY channeled content? Shouldn't it be avaiable for free? If people have no money, then no channeling for them, is that right?

  5. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Thank you very much for this article and I feel that it would no doubt would help inform and warn people to start preparing for what could be a very interesting and defining moment in the history of human civilization.

    For those who are curious, I would like to ask if St. Germain could elaborate in a future article of how this can happen to this planet? Is it because of a cosmic event that would happen in outer space or would there be another new planet that would appear in the solar system that cause this to happen? Or are we about to enter the photon belt of the Greater Central Sun?

    Lastly, would this be the moment for those who are going to ascend?

    Looking forward to the next interesting article soon. Thank you very much.

  6. In response to David: the course that is being charged for is a 5 week program that I co- facilitated with Saint Germain. In addition to his input it incorporates my many years of experience as a channel and the content of a book I co-authored about channeling in 1993. A complete transcript is included. Your idea that people who spend their time channeling for the benefit of humanity should live on air is a bit off the mark. We have expenses just like you do.

  7. Miriam says...
    This foretelling by Saint Germain speaks to me directly, I also happened to come upon another similar telling on another blog pointing in the same direction.
    Now things can only get better...everything has a light in it...

  8. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    With regards to the "Days of Darkness" which you have mentioned, I would like to ask what are the signs, changes and situations that would appear before us on Earth before the actual event happens? Would the scientists be able to tell us what is going to happen? Or would this event suddenly just happen within a short time without prior warning, catching everyone by surprise?

    Thank you very much.

  9. I didn't say anything about living on air... I just can't accept the relation between these messages for the benefit of all humanity and your way of making a living, which are totally separate things and should not be mixed together.

    Channeling is not a sellable product. It is something one receives for free and should give for free. If Saint Germain is telling you something else... well, all I can assume is that you must be mishearing.

    I don't mean to offend - I really love your channeling and my intention is to continue like this -, but is not heart-touching at all to see Saint Germain acting like an adboy, as if your bills were his business...

  10. It's Aruna’s commitment to God to put her gifts in service to those folks who don't have them, and to Saint Germain, the spiritual Guide for many on Earth. It's the choice of her heart to accept for herself a life filled with love, compassion and true meaning, instead of another one based in selfishness, ignorance, lack of everything good, as we see now these days so easily around us and between us. It's not Aruna asking us to buy the channeling book of Saint Germain. It's the Ascended Master asking us to have that teaching about how to reach and communicate with our Angel Guide and I AM THAT I AM Presence. As I now understand the process of the ascension, there is no any ascension happening if we don't bring together, integrated as One: all aspects of us, the Christ Self, and I AM THAT I AM PRESENCE. There is no any shift in consciousness, if this trio doesn't come together as One. This is the essence of the channeling book teaching, how to reach the God Self and how to do it safely (this is the help I have found personally in the book).

    Aruna has made her choice long ago, and she is dedicated to go on, no matter how much appreciation she gets in return. It is us who have to make our choices.