Friday, March 11, 2011

Open the Mind

Personalities are all developed as human beings grow. All of the ego's qualities are adopted by the healthy divine being that has to advance to ascension. When an attitude has been accepted as the truth, human characteristics are determined. From mother's womb these attitudes take on a mental design that finds its answers to all things in mental appearances. Posturing on an attitude does the rest. Humans become what they dislike. All of their negative thoughts  develop into "against attitudes", contracting that matter into a challenge they must face to grow.

Pass judgment on darkness and darkness appears in your life. Advocate against topics like maternity of the unwed or gay rights, and guess what will appear in your experience? Claim to be a nice person and dictate your mind's attitudes to others, only brings dictators in daily life for you to be grateful to.

Making daily consciousness adjustments is now common. More and more of you are getting the realization that your mind creates the conditions you are contained in, and mind must concede all of its disturbed attitudes for new conditions to appear.

Being ok with "all that is apparent" makes this development fast and easy. Mind dislikes what it doesn't understand, yet only confused minds are open enough to disburse the attitudes that are causing suffering. Being unsure about things is easier to communicate to than maintaining an absolute attitude about what is believed.

Are the new contents of the mind more accurate than the old? No. Nothing the mind believes can be completely accurate. All content a mind depends on to base its decisions upon comes out of inaccurate calculations based on the amount of information currently available. Inaccurate, because change is constant, and one change makes an energy shift that causes everything to change.

At the moment one new "ah-ha" appears, another will appear in a different area, and this idea will continue to get attention throughout antiquity unless there is an inquiry made about the actual content of the "ah-ha". Man's tendency is to believe this kind of new information. It becomes his golden rule. No more does he remain open to the next "ah ha" to be even more accurate. No, this is not accepted. All the "discernment" about messages is not giving new material any consideration. Many details from our open channels are new, as alterations have been made since those channelings that were done in former activations of "home companion" channeling. This attempt to communicate is not uncommon now, and can be led to more dear ones than we could have contacted during the early days of Seth, Madam Blavatsky, Annie Besant and Guy Ballard. Great delight came when Mark Prophet disbursed our decrees when we needed that energy on the planet. Now we are not as formal or as controlling to the large number of chelas we attract. This is because we are not as controlled by THEIR attitudes. Now we can be completely open and answer their questions as equals. We are all equal, but our ability to be accepted as non-commanding can be a new development for anyone assuming that no change to our ability to communicate has occurred.

Home companion channeling has been over valued. Now we must do the most important work of all - close the gap between mind and heart. Chelas, my domain is to call you home, not to dictate decrees for you to call on me. You have advanced in awareness and are no longer acting as needy children. Now we can meet more equally and you can deliver your mastery too.

Polite acceptance of new things works more for good news than bad. When we give you news you delight in hearing, you agree with this. When we deliver news of future disasters the mind calls for new material. Why? Because the mind does not want to accept that its days of being in control are numbered.

False dictations are being given in my name. Why are they accepted? Because they deceive by design. They give a little good news and make a not so accurate claim. Are you being taken in by these claims? You are not able to "discern" what channeling is mine by your comparing the different dictations. Only an ability to ask, "Are these from Christ consciousness?" and get a clear answer, can give you the most decisive conclusion. My days of coaxing you to accept my words are over. Give me your attention if you want to ascend. Otherwise, make more mental materializations that cannot be delivered to this goal.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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